Chapter 251 - God’s Wrath
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 251 - God’s Wrath

Roselia was shocked at the thought that the dragon in front of her was so close to godhood, but as a paladin, her faith remained firm even in face of that terror. In fact, even if she stood in front of Shae, the Goddess of Darkness, in her current state, she would likely manage to keep her wits about her.

This was the first time Roselia encountered a situation where she couldn’t use [Detect Evil], leaving her confused about what to do.

Paladins would only strike out against evil. They could join wars, but those were rare occasions. If they were fighting against good people, then they would gradually lose their power. This was why [Detect Evil] was a standard spell for them. It was thanks to this spell that they could tell where evil was.

Everyone knew about a paladin’s restrictions, but when these were circumvented, they could be extremely powerful. They had strong attack power and stronger resistance to physical and magical attacks. They could dominate those of other professions within the same rank, and when it came to evil creatures, paladins could slay most of them in seconds.

This was a give and take. By following the ultimate goodness and order, they could gain unparalleled power!

Roselia was at a loss. She hesitated as she could not tell how evil the dragon was. But in the next instant, she decided to use her own instincts to judge his evil.

Even if she knew that she was like a firefly, like a mantis trying to block a car, she had already resolved herself when she came to Dragon City.

“Evil Dragon, return the holy relic and have your sins judged!”

The holy maiden’s body shone with sacred light. This light was so dazzling that the imperial nobles not far away let out terrified screams as black gas emerged from their bodies. This was their inner evil being illuminated by the light of the paladin.

In fact, Roselia had long known that the nobles were criminals, but the reason she did not take action was that a paladin was a defender of the law. This meant that even if the other party was evil, these nobles could only be

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