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RSSGSS - Chapter 148 - Snow Goddess Appears

Misty Canyon, Abyssal Star City:

As players could only purchase the Teleportation Scrolls for Abyssal Star City on the first day of the city's opening, the number of players in the city had fallen dramatically. The only combat players that remained in the city were the various first-rate powers' and superpowers' peak experts. These were the only combat players capable of grinding in the Level 110 maps near the Misty Canyon, albeit just barely.

Aside from combat players, the various powers' merchant players also chose to remain in the city to complete the daily material collection quests and reputation quests the Asura Mercenary Alliance issued. They relied on these quests to accumulate the mercenary alliance's Contribution Points and try to become a Bronze member as soon as possible.

One could say that aside from Zero Wing's and Witch's Sin's members, none of the players present in Abyssal Star City was an ordinary individual.

Even so, Abyssal Star City's player population still exceeded one million. It was no exaggeration to say that Abyssal Star City was already the number one city in the Miniature Ancient World.

"Can we really participate in this Guild activity, Boss Blade?" Stone, who was only a Level 100 Shield Warrior, asked Rampant Blade after arriving at Zero Wing's Residence using a Guild Transfer Scroll.

Currently, nearly 200 players were gathered in the courtyard of Zero Wing's Residence. Aside from them, ex-members of Shadow, everyone else was either at Level 103 or Level 104. Moreover, most of these players looked like they were only 20 years old, and every one of them was either at the Half-step Refinement Realm or Refinement Realm already.

This situation was unnerving for the ex-members of Shadows.

"I think so," Rampant Blade said hesitantly. He similarly felt stressed when he looked at the youngsters around him.

In Shadow, a Refinement Realm would be regarded as one of the Guild's top combatants without question. Even first-rate Guilds would treat their Refinement Realm experts as mid-level mainstays. After all, in the average first-rate Guild, there would only be several hundred Refinement Realm experts out of the several million members in the Guild.

However, despite being a Refinement Realm expert, Rampant Blade felt that he was nothing but an insignificant existence in the current Zero Wing. It was even worse for the other ex-members of Shadow.

While Rampant Blade and the others were feeling stressed over their situation, a group of a dozen or so players walked out of the Guild Hall. Rampant Blade spotted two familiar faces among these players—Blackie and Su Qianliu.

However, when Rampant Blade saw Blackie and Su Qianliu, he couldn't help but feel a sense of distance. Specifically, the massive distance in strength and levels between them.

Currently, both Blackie and Su Qianliu had already reached an astonishing level of 107. Upon seeing their levels, Rampant Blade couldn't help but lose the will to live.

It should be known that even the various superpowers' peak experts were only at Level 104, and they'd still need at least two days to reach Level 105. Yet, Blackie and Su Qianliu had already surpassed those peak experts by three levels. What kind of leveling speed was this?

"Alright, since everyone's gathered, get ready to move out. Make sure not to fall behind. If you break away from the team, you'll have no choice but to wait until the next group training," Shi Feng cautioned as he swept his gaze across the gathered crowd.

After two days of research, Shi Feng had already found the ideal grinding spot in the Burning Land. The monsters in that grinding spot consisted of only Level 112 Blackstone Orcs. Moreover, their numbers were quite concentrated, and most of them were only at the High Lord rank, with some at the Great Lord rank. Any random group they lured there would also have at least a thousand Blackstone Orcs.

With the suppression of Shi Feng's Mana Domain and Su Qianliu and Blackie's Tier 3 AOE Spells, grinding these Blackstone Orcs would be quick and easy. Even without Shi Feng's Mana Domain, Su Qianliu and Blackie could still handle the monsters by themselves since they had already reached Level 107.

The only problem was getting to the grinding spot. The journey there involved traveling through the Misty Canyon, which was infested with monsters around Level 117. Even a High Lord of this level could effortlessly slaughter Level 104 Refinement Realm experts.

Fortunately, Shi Feng was Abyssal Star City's administrator, so he could assign some of the city's NPC guards to escort Zero Wing's members out of the Misty Canyon.

After Shi Feng gave his command, Su Qianliu took charge of the team and followed the NPC guards to the Burning Land.

During their journey across the Misty Canyon, Rampant Blade and the other ex-members of Shadow couldn't help but be shocked when they saw many of the team's members nearly getting insta-killed by the monsters that abruptly appeared from the sides. Rather than a grinding activity, it felt more like they were going on a perilous journey instead.

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After advancing for around five hours, the team finally arrived at the Blackstone tribe's campsite in the Burning Land.

"I'll go and lure the monsters. You guys get ready to cast your Spells," Shi Feng said as he looked at Su Qianliu and Blackie. Then, after saying so, he promptly charged toward the nearest group of Blackstone Orcs.

When Rampant Blade and the others, who were grinding here for the first time, saw Shi Feng's actions, they couldn't help but be stunned. Although most of the Blackstone Orcs were only High Lords, they were Level 112 monsters. For a Level 108 player like Shi Feng, these Level 112 High Lords were even stronger than Level 108 Great Lords. As for the Level 112 Great Lords, they were essentially Level 108 Grand Lords to Shi Feng.

Yet, despite going up against so many Blackstone Orcs, Shi Feng had charged at the monsters without hesitation. Even apex experts would fall quickly if they pulled such a stunt.

However, after Shi Feng released his Mana Domain, the Blackstone Orcs, who normally relied on Mana to strengthen themselves, instantly lost over one-third of their combat power. Now that Shi Feng's Basic Attributes were already at the Tier 4 standard, these Blackstone Orcs had become nothing more than toddlers in front of him.

In less than five minutes, Shi Feng had successfully lured a group of over a thousand Blackstone Orcs to Su Qianliu and the others, taking no damage throughout the entire process.

"Attack!" Shi Feng shouted when he saw that the Blackstone Orcs were less than 100 yards away from Su Qianliu and the others.

"Fire!" Su Qianliu commanded.

Immediately, Su Qianliu, Blackie, and several other magical class experts equipped with the Primordial Mana Equipment Set unleashed the Tier 3 AOE Spells they had precast, bombarding the Blackstone Orcs with meteorites, ice, and wind.

In the meantime, Shi Feng leaped into the air and stayed suspended a hundred meters above ground using his Mana Domain. Then, using his vantage point, he watched the bombardment of AOE Spells.

The AOE Spells Su Qianliu and the others cast carried power at the Tier 4 standard. So, even the Level 112 Great Lord ranked Blackstone Orcs were beaten into a heavily injured state after getting hit by the Spells, which, in turn, caused their combat power to plummet even further.

"All other ranged DPS attack as well!" Shi Feng commanded.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's command, Dawn Moon and the other ranged players promptly began launching their Spells and Skills as well.

Due to the Blackstone Orcs being in a heavily injured state, the effects of the level suppression had been weakened.

Although Dawn Moon and the others were incapable of dealing damage in the millions like Su Qianliu and Blackie, their attacks still managed to cause over one hundred thousand damage. When they achieved a critical hit, some of their attacks even caused two or three hundred thousand damage. The Blackstone Orcs only had around 60 million HP, so it didn't take long for them to be reduced into ashes.

Meanwhile, after the Blackstone Orcs died, everyone present saw their experience bars increasing by a huge chunk. In the case of Rampant Blade and the other ex-members of Zero Wing, who had their levels reduced to 100 by World Dominators, they saw their experience bars increasing by 20%. This situation thoroughly dumbfounded them.

Since when did it become so easy to level up?

"Good! I'll go and lure another group. In the meantime, rest up and recover your Mana!" Shi Feng said to the team before leaving to lure another group of Blackstone Orcs.

After Shi Feng lured a few more groups of Blackstone Orcs, Rampant Blade and the other ex-members of Shadow successfully reached Level 101. Many of the Level 103 members present had also risen to Level 104, their current leveling speed vastly surpassing their past leveling speed.

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Meanwhile, outside the Candlelight Hotel in Hundred Flow City…

"Is Zero Wing really as amazing as you say it is, Yaoyue?" an otherworldly beauty wearing light-gray armor asked as she looked at the aged hotel before her, a trace of doubt in her eyes.

When this beautiful woman stopped in front of the Candlelight Hotel, the players walking on the street, regardless of gender, couldn't help but stop to look at her. This was because this woman didn't simply possess otherworldly beauty. Even her presence felt otherworldly, and everyone couldn't help but get the urge to appreciate her beauty and presence.

"Zero Wing has managed to scare off even World Dominators, Big Sis Snow. Moreover, you won't be subjected to any troublesome restrictions even if you join Zero Wing. In the off chance that you do get accepted, you might finally get to resolve the trouble that has been plaguing you all these years," Lin Yaoyue said.

"Okay. Let's go and take a look," Gentle Snow said, nodding.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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