Chapter 149 - Meeting Gentle Snow for the First Time
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 149 - Meeting Gentle Snow for the First Time

Burning Land, Blackstone Orc's campsite:

After grinding Blackstone Orcs for several hours, Zero Wing's members saw an increase in their levels. It was especially true for Rampant Blade and the ex-members of Shadow. Despite being at Level 100 just a few hours ago, they were now Level 103. This was due to the significant EXP bonuses they received as a result of the difference in levels between them and the monsters. As for the other players in the team, although not as significant as the ex-Shadow members, all of them still leveled up once. Even Shi Feng had leveled up once, reaching Level 109.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Shi Feng's power-leveling rivaled the power-leveling provided by Tier 4 experts on the main continent.

While Shi Feng was taking a break after just defeating another group of Blackstone Orcs, the sound of a message notification suddenly entered his ears.

Lin Yaoyue is here?

Shi Feng smiled when he saw the contents of the message Blakeana, the Candlelight Hotel's manager, sent him.

Shi Feng had granted Blakeana a certain degree of authority over the Candlelight Hotel. In addition, so long as someone he listed as important visited the Candlelight Hotel, Blakeana would message him and inform him immediately.

Currently, there were only three people Shi Feng had listed as important: Galaxy Past, Hidden Soul, and Lin Yaoyue.

In Shi Feng's eyes, Lin Yaoyue was a magical genius. While the average Domain Realm expert might not be able to notice this detail, Shi Feng could sense it clearly. Lin Yaoyue possessed an incredibly high affinity with Mana. Even though she was only Tier 3 right now, her perception toward Mana was already nearing the Tier 5 standard. The odds of someone having such a talent were less than 0.01%.

Had Lin Yaoyue joined a superpower instead of a first-rate Guild like Mysterious Moon, she would've probably gained a Mana Domain already by now, and her combat power would surpass even Galaxy Past.

"Everyone is close to reaching their corrosion threshold already, Guild Leader,"

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