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RSSGSS - Chapter 142 - Join VS Confrontation

Abyssal Star City, Zero Wing's Residence:

Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, the Zero Wing members present shook with excitement. At the same time, they also couldn't help but sigh in relief.

Thank goodness I hadn't left Zero Wing yet. I would've definitely died from regret if I did, Dawn Moon thought as she patted her chest.

Abyssal Star City's effects and location made it the best training spot for all players in the current Miniature Ancient World.

While Abyssal Star City was open to all players, the number of players trying to visit it was simply too great. Aside from players based in NPC Cities far from Abyssal Star City and players who lacked the strength to survive in the Misty Canyon, everyone else would probably be seeking to operate from Abyssal Star City. Once players reached a high enough level to grind in the Misty Canyon and its surrounding maps, the number of players trying to enter Abyssal Star City would probably exceed one hundred million.

One hundred million!

Abyssal Star City might be larger than the average Advanced Guild Town, but it was still slightly smaller than the average Guild City. The average Basic Guild City could, at most, accommodate around ten million players, whereas Abyssal Star City could only accommodate around five or six million players.

In other words, not everyone could freely enter Abyssal Star City. A majority of the players seeking to enter the city would have to wait in line. Meanwhile, how long would a line consisting of tens of millions of players take to finish?

Not to mention, Abyssal Star City's ruling power would definitely be saving some of the city's population slots for its own use. So, that would leave even fewer slots for players not affiliated with the ruling power.

"The area Abyssal Star City is located isn't suitable for you to grind right now, but you can head to the nearby Burning Land under the escort of the NPC guards. That place might be a Level 115 map, but the monsters there are only at Level 111 and Level 112 on average. Few monsters are above Level 112. With Su Qianliu and the others taking charge, you guys should be able to just barely grind there. Your leveling speed there should also be similar to Level 110 maps," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the crowd before him sighing in relief. "Also, the Guild has added a new benefit. If you are looking to improve your Mana control, you can head over to the primordial tower and give it a try. It should help you make some significant improvements."

Zero Wing had lost many members because of World Dominators's kill order. As a result, Zero Wing's already low member count had fallen even lower. Currently, there were only a little over a thousand members in the Guild. There was probably no Guild smaller than Zero Wing in the Miniature Ancient World right now…

However, this situation had also allowed Zero Wing to weed out the members with fickle loyalty. So, Shi Feng did not intend on being stingy with those who remained. At the very least, he would open access to the primordial tower to all who remained.

Moreover, he also planned to pass down the physical exercises he had developed in his previous life to everyone. With this exercise, even an ordinary member of Zero Wing would have a significant chance of reaching the Refinement Realm. It was a stark contrast to the various superpowers, which would only share their Guild Legacies with internal and core members.

While Zero Wing's members were celebrating in joy and excitement, the various powers that had come to investigate the Abyssal Star Primordial City had also finally discovered the identity of the city's ruling power.

The Asura Mercenary Alliance!

While it was true that the insignificant Zero Wing and the pseudo-superpower Witch's Sin both possessed a Guild Residence in Abyssal Star City, the most eye-catching building in the city would have to be the five-story building situated next to the primordial tower. The reason the building was eye-catching was that it occupied a huge area that equaled two sports stadiums. It was also the second-largest building in the city after the primordial tower.

Of course, the huge size of the building also meant that it came with a huge price tag. Shi Feng had invested 500,000 Magic Crystals and 100,000 Gold into constructing the mercenary alliance's headquarters, and it was currently the most expensive building in the city.

Meanwhile, aside from having many private rooms, the mercenary alliance's headquarters also had quite a few basic combat rooms plus a massive arena that allowed players to spar and train their techniques.

Currently, the Asura Mercenary Alliance was mass recruiting players. Anyone who had reached the Trial Tower's seventh floor could join the mercenary alliance. Moreover, there was no restriction on a player's affiliations. Even players belonging to adventurer teams and Guilds could join the mercenary alliance without having to leave their previous organizations.

In addition, so long as one joined the mercenary alliance, one would immediately enjoy a 50% discount on their entrance fee into the city. Normally, players would have to pay 20 Silver to enter Abyssal Star City. So, becoming a member of the mercenary alliance would mean a savings of 10 Silver. Aside from entrance fees, members would also enjoy a 5% discount when staying in Abyssal Star City's accommodations. They would also have priority when entering Abyssal Star City.

These were all privileges exclusively available to the ruling power's members.

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In the case of Zero Wing's and Witch's Sin's members, they would have to pay the standard entrance fee when entering the city. Although they could use Guild Transfer Scrolls to enter the city, the selling price of Guild Transfer Scrolls was similarly priced at 20 Silver.

Hence, only by becoming a member of the Asura Mercenary Alliance would one receive a privileged status in Abyssal Star City.

However, what mattered most to the various powers wasn't the privileges offered to the mercenary alliance's standard members. Instead, it was the privileges offered to higher-ranking members.

Upon achieving Bronze membership status in the mercenary alliance, players would have the right to rent the rooms inside the primordial tower. Although the various powers didn't know what use the primordial tower's rooms had, what they did know was that Silver members could rent Abyssal Star City's Shops, while Gold members could rent their own private housing in Abyssal Star City.

These were the privileges that truly tempted the various powers!

Abyssal Star City was fated to become the number one city in the Miniature Ancient World. Currently, the only factors limiting the city's growth were the average level of players and the city's low rank. However, these were all problems that could be solved with time.

Once Abyssal Star City developed into a Guild City that could accommodate tens of millions of players, the wealth it could generate would reach astonishing levels. Not to mention, Abyssal Star City was also located close to the Boundary Mountain Range. So, the city would also become the first choice for players looking to enter the Boundary Mountain Range.

If they could rent the Shops or private houses here, they'd be able to generate significant amounts of income.

"Zero Wing truly cannot be underestimated. No wonder Witch's Sin chose to betray World Dominators," Crimson Seal commented after arriving in Abyssal Star City and seeing that Zero Wing had a Residence here. "Even the various superpowers will desperately seek to own a Residence here. By the looks of it, Zero Wing must have deep ties with Abyssal Star City's ruling power."

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Hearing Crimson Seal's words, Zhuo Yalin nodded and said, "We absolutely cannot partner with World Dominators now. Although going against World Dominators will create some problems for us down the line, so long as we hold onto our relationship with Zero Wing, Mysterious Moon will have more advantages in Abyssal Star City."

"Indeed, but we should still go and check out the Asura Mercenary Alliance first," Crimson Seal said. He felt fortunate that they hadn't conceded to World Dominators's demands yet. Otherwise, they would've lost out on the chance to partner with Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, sometime after the various powers and independent players had gathered at the Asura Mercenary Alliance's headquarters, the mercenary alliance suddenly introduced a new rule that dumbfounded everyone.

The rule stated that all players belonging to World Dominators or powers affiliated with World Dominators were prohibited from joining the mercenary alliance.

In addition, effective immediately, members of the mercenary alliance could earn Contribution Points for every World Dominators member they killed. They would earn five points for killing ordinary members, twenty points for killing internal members, and one hundred points for killing core members.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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