Chapter 141 - Zero Wing's Confidence
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 141 - Zero Wing's Confidence

Misty Canyon, Abyssal Star Primordial City:

Flashes of light appeared in the city's central plaza one after another, instantly enveloping the entire plaza in light.

When these flashes of light faded, they revealed the figures of players. These players easily numbered in the tens of thousands, and this number was still rapidly increasing with each passing second.

"So, this is the Abyssal Star Primordial City?"

"What a great place this is! The Mana density here is a great deal higher than even NPC Cities! The purification rate is also several times faster!"

"This primordial city is too amazing! If I can come here once I reach Level 110, my leveling speed will double or even triple! I wonder which of the Five Great Super Guilds built this city? Whoever built it will definitely hold the number one position in the Miniature Ancient World in the future."

The instant the various players arrived in Abyssal Star City, they promptly discovered its greatness. Many executives from the various superpowers had also begun contacting their friends in the Five Great Super Guilds, all of them wishing to form a partnership with the owner of this city.

However, even after asking around, none of these executives had managed to come up with any useful information. After all, even the Five Great Super Guilds were stunned by this situation. They were all curious which one among them had managed to come up with such a powerful city within such a short time.

Out of the swarm of players that had arrived in Abyssal Star City, one particular group of cloaked players behaved differently from the rest of the crowd. While others were randomly wandering around the city and taking in all the information they could, this group of cloaked players swiftly moved around the city as if they had known about its layout beforehand and inspected only the key locations in the city. Some of these cloaked players had even arrived in front of the primordial tower already.

"Is this the primordial tower that Soul mentioned?"

"This tower should be the Legacy of an ancient ci

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