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RSSGSS - Chapter 140 - Miniature Ancient World's Number One City

"Abyssal Star Primordial City? A player-controlled city?

"The Misty Canyon is the map next to the Boundary Mountain Range. I remember that its map level is Level 120. There are players grinding there already?"

"Crap! This is absurd! While the various powers are contesting for the Mana Outposts located near NPC Cities, someone has already built a Guild City?"

"Could this be one of the Five Great Super Guilds' doing?"

"That's most likely the case. Aside from the Five Great Super Guilds, I can't think of any other power that has the ability to establish a city next to the Boundary Mountain Range."

As soon as the system announcement appeared, every player and power operating in the Miniature Ancient Would couldn't help but be stunned.

In the current God's Domain, every player in the game was familiar with the concept of Guild Cities. However, the Miniature Ancient World had only been open to players for a short period. Logically, it should be impossible for anyone to acquire a Guild City so soon.

It should be known that even the various superpowers were only competing for the Mana Outposts located close to Level 110 maps. Yet, someone had already established a city in a Level 120 map close to the Boundary Mountain Range. The difference between these two sides was like the difference between heaven and earth. Whoever controlled the Abyssal Star Primordial City would have a gigantic advantage over the various superpowers.

"A Level 120 map? Although I can't grind there right now, it wouldn't hurt to check it out."

"Whoever built this city is simply amazing. They actually made it possible for others to buy the city's Teleportation Scrolls in the various NPC Cities. This will save us a ton of travel time. The city will also be able to gather players from all over the entire Miniature Ancient World. At this rate, the Abyssal Star Primordial City will probably become the Miniature Ancient World's number one city in no time."

"I wonder if the private housing and Shops in this city are available for sale? If they're for sale, I'm definitely going to buy until I go bankrupt!"

After a short period of awe, players quickly began reacting to Abyssal Star City's value one after another.

Abyssal Star City was not only the only player-controlled city in the Miniature Ancient World, but it was also a city located close to the Boundary Mountain Range. Hence, all players and powers seeking to enter the Boundary Mountain Range were unlikely to let go of this opportunity. Setting aside the players and powers operating in NPC Cities located far from Abyssal Star City, those operating in NPC Cities close to the Misty Canyon would most likely treat Abyssal Star City as the center of their development.

Not to mention, players could purchase Teleportation Scrolls on the first day of Abyssal Star City's opening and teleport directly to the city. The number of players gathered in the city on this opening day would likely reach unprecedented numbers. This was a massive business opportunity.

If they didn't hurry now, it'd become incredibly difficult to even get into the city once the city reached full capacity.

For a time, players in the various NPC Cities could be seen rushing to their respective city's Teleportation Hall to purchase the Teleportation Scroll for Abyssal Star City.

Inside a high-class bar in Hundred Flow City…

"Let's hurry over, Big Sis Rue! We can set aside Zero Wing's matter until after we investigate the Abyssal Star Primordial City!" Rain Song exclaimed after reading the system announcement. "Whoever built this city is simply incredible. It probably won't be long before the city becomes the center of the Miniature Ancient World. It's definitely going to become a target of contention for the various powers."

Every power operating in the Miniature Ancient World was looking to enter the Boundary Mountain Range as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Abyssal Star City was undoubtedly the best platform for them to accomplish this feat through. Adding on the fact

Every city in God's Domain had a maximum capacity. As soon as a city's player population reached the maximum, players would no longer be able to enter the city. They would have to wait until others left the city before they could enter.

Normally, a Guild City could, at most, accommodate two or three million players. However, there were over a hundred million players in the Miniature Ancient World. If even a fraction of these players tried to enter the Abyssal Star Primordial City, the city would reach full capacity instantly.

"Okay. Let's hurry over, then," Cleansed Rue said, a look of urgency appearing in her eyes.

As a Guild established by an Outerworld power, Zero Wing indeed had a significant partnership value. However, the value of Zero Wing's partnership paled in significance compared to the current Abyssal Star City.

In fact, the Abyssal Star Primordial City was so important that even Mysterious Moon and World Dominators had unanimously chosen to postpone their discussions and hurried over to the city immediately.

Meanwhile, inside the Candlelight Hotel…

When Su Qianliu saw the system announcement, she couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

A city close to the Boundary Mountain Range? It can't be, right?

When Su Qianliu recalled Shi Feng mentioning that their Guild's new grinding spot was going to be at the Boundary Mountain Range, she couldn't help but start fantasizing.

Currently, Zero Wing was a pitiful Guild that didn't even have a Guild Residence. On top of that, Zero Wing even had to deal with World Dominators's kill order. Even surviving was a luxury for Zero Wing right now. In Zero Wing's current state, obtaining a Guild City was nothing but a dream, let alone obtaining a Guild City close to the Boundary Mountain Range.

However, after reading a message Shi Feng had just sent to her, Su Qianliu's eyes lit up with an unprecedented shine.

The content of Shi Feng's message was simple: To have all Guild members head to the Adventurer's Association, purchase a Guild Transfer Scroll, and gather in Abyssal Star City.

"Why did you call us to gather all of a sudden, Vice Guild Leader? Did something urgent happen?" Dawn Moon curiously asked as she looked at Su Qianliu.

The other Zero Wing members gathered in the Candlelight Hotel also looked at Su Qianliu with a curious gaze. While they were standing around doing nothing here, everyone else in Hundred Flow City was making their way over to Abyssal Star City. Abyssal Star City was a significant opportunity for all players and powers operating in the Miniature Ancient World. It'd be a huge waste if Zero Wing missed out on this opportunity.

"I naturally called you here because something came up," Su Qianliu said. "Moreover, it is a wonderful matter for us. From now onward, we no longer have to worry about World Dominators's kill order."

"We don't have to worry about the kill order?" Firecloud was very confused when he heard Su Qianliu's words. "Did World Dominators retract it?"

Zero Wing was currently targeted by experts all over the Miniature Ancient World. Unless World Dominators retracted its kill order, no place would be safe for Zero Wing's members.

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"You'll find out in a moment," Su Qianliu said. "For now, I need everyone to head to the Adventurer's Association and buy a Guild Transfer Scroll. Our Guild finally has its own Guild Residence!"


Everyone was speechless when they heard Su Qianliu's words.

Having a Guild Residence wasn't anything to be prideful about. After all, the various first- and second-rate Guilds had long since obtained a Guild Residence of their own. While it was indeed good news that Zero Wing now had its own Guild Residence, it definitely wasn't enough for them to stop worrying about World Dominators's kill order.

"Alright, hurry up! We'll meet up at the Guild Residence later!" Su Qianliu said, laughing when she saw the look of contempt everyone was giving her.

Su Qianliu was Zero Wing's Vice Guild Leader. Since she had given out a command, everyone had no choice but to fulfill it. Immediately, everyone made their way to the Adventurer's Association and bought a Guild Transfer Scroll. Then, they activated the scroll and vanished from Hundred Flow City.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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