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LTBE - Chapter 481.1: Reward and Punishment (1)

Looking at Alicia, Roel’s perplexed expression slowly transformed into shock. Before he knew it, he was already sitting upright.

“Alicia, what did you say?”

“Did I not express myself clearly enough? Lord Brother, I want your fluid. Have you forgotten about what you did to me earlier in the day?”

“That’s not what I’m asking! By fluid, do you mean…”

Alicia’s choice of terminology had induced many inappropriate thoughts that couldn’t be voiced aloud, but then it struck him.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal if it’s just that much. 

It was not as if humans only had one type of fluid. There were many types of biological fluids, such as tears and blood.

Having thought things through, Roel stared at Alicia contemplatively for a moment before reaching for the glass by the side.

Cough. I understand your request now, Alicia. However, I should make it clear first that I can only provide you with my blood, saliva, or tears. Anything aside from that is out of question. You may only choose one of the three…”

“I understand, Lord Brother.”

“Ah? I-I guess it’s good that you understand…”

Roel was a little bewildered by Alicia’s candid acceptance of the situation. He didn’t think that she would accept her conditions that easily. Sensing that something was off, he quickly revised what he had just stated, but there didn’t seem to be any loopholes.

Of the three options, blood would be the easiest one of all. Tears would be harder, but it should still be possible. He would be returning what he had taken to her. As for saliva…

Honestly, Roel wanted to exclude this option, but that was how Alicia had resolved his ailing life force back then. He thought that it would seem too self-conscious and deliberate if he excluded this option.

He would have never allowed Alicia mess around under normal circumstances, but when he thought about the suffering he had unwittingly inflicted on her over the past month, he felt obliged to indulge her this once so as to make it up to her.

Of course, it was not as if he would let her go overboard. He had already come up with countermeasures, such as having an indirect kiss through the wine glass or something. These safeguard measures alleviated Roel’s worries, allowing him to remain composed.

He was just about to ask about her choice when she suddenly spoke up.

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“Lord Brother, I’ve already made up my mind. I’ll choose blood.”

“I see. Then… Wait, blood?”

It was such a surprising option that it startled Roel. He stared at Alicia with widened eyes, wondering if he had heard wrongly. However, the latter’s silent but firm smile indicated that there was no mistake here.

She chose blood? This… Did she pick up bad habits from Juliana?

While Alicia’s option was utterly bewildering, he had to admit that this was the best-case scenario for him. It was easy enough for him to supply blood to her, just that…

What’s this conflicted feeling?

He couldn’t help but feel that Alicia’s choice was a little ‘distant’, and it induced a small tinge of disappointment in his heart. However, knowing that he shouldn’t have been feeling so, he quickly erased it.

No, what in the world am I thinking? This is the right thing to do… 

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Roel pinched his glabella and shook his head, ridding all inappropriate thoughts from his mind. He raised his head to look at the woman who was slowly closing in the distance a step at a time. She looked even more so alluring under the faint candlelight.

“Blood, is it? Alright. How much do you want?”

“Wait a moment, Lord Brother. I said that I want your blood, but I don’t need you to draw it yourself.”


“I’ll do it by myself using my own method.”


Alicia’s demand brought a frown to Roel’s face. Seeing that, she immediately put on a pitiful expression and protested.

“Lord Brother, I’ve already chosen the easiest one of the three options you offered, but you wouldn’t even allow me to decide how to go about it? Since that’s the case, I’ll change my decision and choose…”

“Wait, wait! I haven’t said anything yet. You can do it yourself if you wish to,” Roel quickly interjected when he saw that Alicia was going to undo her move.

He put the glass back onto the table before finally directing a resigned nod at her. Alicia’s ruby eyes gleamed like a sly fox.

“You have agreed to it, Lord Brother.”

“Yes, I have. How do you wish to go about it?”

“I’ll be using this,” Alicia pointed to her lips as she spoke.

Much to Roel’s shock, when she opened her mouth, there were two pointy fangs amidst her teeth. He immediately shot to his feet.

“Wait! That’s a trait of a Blood Clansman… Alicia, what’s going on?”

Having traveled together with Juliana for months, there was no way Roel would mistake the traits of a Blood Clansman. His face turned grim. They were mostly from legends, but Roel had heard about how the Blood Clan had spells that could turn others into their kind. However, that was hardly a good thing at all.

Spells that altered one’s race came at a heavy price, not just to the converter but the convertee too.

Roel naturally assumed that Juliana had changed Alicia’s race to a Blood Clansman, and that left him both anxious and worried. Alicia was initially surprised by his reaction, but a tender look soon appeared on her face and she gently explained the situation.

“Please do not worry, Lord Brother. My current form isn’t due to Juliana or the Blood Clan. It’s one of the transformations of my bloodline.”

“It’s a transformation of your bloodline?”

“Indeed. I found that my bloodline does have a mysterious connection with the Blood Clan, though it doesn’t seem like I’m one of them. On the contrary, many of the spells they struggle with look elementary to me,” Alicia said with a smile.

Roel was taken aback by the revelation. He frowned in bewilderment.

Alicia is really related to the Blood Clan? How can that be? She’s most definitely a human, and her bloodline doesn't belong to the Blood Clan. A connection between them shouldn’t have been possible. 

Aware of Roel’s confusion, Alicia further explained that she was able to learn most of the Blood Clan’s spells, and her current form was a transformation using one of those spells.

Roel did believe her words, but there were still many doubts plaguing his mind. Before he could voice them aloud, Alicia had already arrived right before him.

“I know that it’s hard for you to believe some things, but Lord Brother, those are not important now.”

Alicia placed her hand on Roel’s chest as she further narrowed the distance between them. Her faint fragrance drifted in his direction, and her clothes swayed gently along with her movement.

Her appearance was as adorable as one could imagine, but her narrowed eyes revealed her deepest desire. There was an eager smile on her face, reminiscent of a child who had just received a new toy.

Roel’s mind had already gone blank by this point. He struggled to find a way to deal with this dangerous situation, but Alicia wasn’t about to give him time to think. She exerted force on the hand she had placed on his chest earlier on, pushing him back into the chair. Then, she further advanced forward and leaned in toward him.


“Lord Brother, this is my first time trying to suck someone else’s blood. It might hurt a little, so please bear with it.”

“I don’t mind the pain, but…”

… why does it seem like you’re scheming something?

Such a thought flashed across Roel’s mind, but he decided against voicing it aloud.

Alicia tugged on his shirt and exposed his nape. Her movements were oddly forceful that it startled Roel a little. His breath quickened a little.

“Lord Brother, I’ll be digging in.”

“… Mm.”

Roel averted his eyes.

Alicia began to lean in. Her silvery hair brushed across his face, leaving him feeling a little ticklish. He raised his hand in an attempt to move her hair aside, but a sudden warm, velvety sensation on his nape sent a shudder through his body.


“This is preparation. The saliva of Blood Clansmen has the effect of numbing pain.”

“… Is that so?

Roel was a little suspicious but he decided not to say anything about this either. He was aware that animals like bats secreted substances that numbed the senses of its victims. It wouldn’t be surprising if the far more intelligent Blood Clan had similar methods up their sleeves too.

It somewhat reminded him of an alcohol swab before an injection.

His suspicion was actually justified. Unbeknownst to him, Alicia’s eyes were glowing with a gleeful gleam.

She was not lying when she said that the saliva of Blood Clansmen could numb pain, but there were other effects to it that she had neglected to mention—lust and hypnotism.

The Blood Clan was filled with intelligent beings; they wouldn’t go around hunting prey every single day for food. That would cause a fluctuation in the quality of blood they obtained, and the supply wouldn’t be steady either. Thus, they decided instead to have their prey knock on their door on their own accord, and the means to it was their saliva.

Under the combined effects of the numbed pain, lust, and hypnotism, the person whose blood was being sucked would experience a rush of euphoria. It was even possible for the weaker-minded to get addicted to the sensation. From that aspect, it was no exaggeration to call it a drug.

The only silver lining was that the Blood Clansmen’s feeding sessions wouldn’t pose any danger to their prey as long as they didn’t go overboard.

Many in the ancient era were willing to serve the Blood Clan in exchange for the incredible euphoria, especially considering the minuscule price to pay for it. However, as more and more people served the Blood Clan, the downsides of unbridled lust started to show.

From a position of control, the Blood Clan slowly became kidnapping targets for those who had become addicted to the euphoria they provided. In the end, it escalated into a major crisis for the entire Blood Clan. From then on, the Blood Clan banned reckless bloodsucking.

According to Juliana, the more powerful conservative faction in the present-day Blood Clan had successfully outlawed casual bloodsucking and casual relationships within the clan. Those who violated those laws would be harshly punished.

That wasn’t a problem to Alicia because there was only one person whose blood she wanted to suck and give pleasure to.

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