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ZL - Chapter 1201- Battle of the goddess

The temperature of the air around rose instantly to an unbearable level. Gaia stood on a fire cloud in a red robe. Her face had a proud smile on it, "So it is Tian Ling City's The Executor, I was wondering who it would be."

My heart creaked, things were developing in the direction that I didn't want to see.


Li Mu's face turned cold and he said in the party channel, "If this continues the 1400+ of us are going to die here. Xiao Yao, Wan Er and you cover. Wang Jian and I will break our way through. We can open a gate from the side to let everyone in if not it is too late. A few of us can fly but most of our brothers can't. We will get blown into pieces by the Spirit Flower Bug."

That was the only choice but I still stood on Mei'er's back and cupped my fist at Gaia, "Gaia, we are from Tian Ling City. The seven empires are fighting the Hybrid Demons together. I hope that Fire God Gaia can open the gate and let us enter. If not, if we all die here, none of us can leave."

Gaia was expressionless, "But after all, Nine Heavens City and Tian Ling City is at war. If you want to enter you have to toss your weapons, armor and horses outside. If not we can't let you in."

Xue Rou frowned, "Did I hear that correctly? This person wants us to drop our equipment?"

Rage rose up in my heart and I gritted my teeth, "Why must goddess Gaia make things so hard for us. Our weapons and horses are more important than our lives. If we give them up, what is the point in fleeing?"

Gaia smiled and flames rose up around her arm, "Up to you, I have done what I can. Since you are not willing then don't blame me."

Finally, Old K was furious and he shouted, "Let me smack you bitch!"

After saying that, Old K jumped up and used Wang Jian's blue dragon to jump up once more. He stepped on Li Mu's dragon and the third jump allowed him to charge up the wall. He raised his axe and a fire wrapped Whirlwind Battle Axe hurled at Fire God Gaia.

"You are asking for death!"

Gaia frowned. She raised her hand to form a flame blade that sliced at Old K. Her strike was really strong and Old K was not in his mount stance so he had low health. If he got hit he would get insta killed!

I used Wall of Douqi and stood between Old K and Gaia. I raised my hand and used Heaven Control. Balls of frost gathered to counter Gaia's strike. My Holy Domain Strength came from Frost and as it was ice element, it countered Gaia.

The outcome was not as I thought. With an explosion, my Heaven Control was not her match at all and it was shattered. I was also hit by Gaia's blade and lost 160 thousand damage. This was after had blocked it if not it would be at least 200 thousand. It seemed like Gaia's true strength was close to Qin Ge and Yin Huo. Even if she is weaker than them it wouldn't be by much.


Seeing that I managed to block that strike, Gaia was stunned too. She smiled, "I didn't expect Frost's student to have some skill to block my Fire God Blade. Not bad, since that is the case, why not test my Flame Blade?"

She waved her arm and three blades gathered around her. They spun quickly and made my heart feel cold.

Three strikes should be enough to insta kill me? The gap between players and God Tier NPCs was still quite huge. Our resistance was far below them, much less our health.

Lin Wan Er was not willing to see me get killed. She held her Dragontooth Blade and said a simple sentence, "Siege!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian couldn't take it long ago and charged forwards with their dragons. They tossed their swords and two Blade Spins headed towards Gaia. Xue Rou held her Energy Returning Sword and jumped on the dragon's wings to charge up the wall. She raised her sword and managed to force Demon Mountain back.

"Peng peng..."

Blade Spin was repelled when it was 2 meters away from Gaia. Gaia's killing intent grew even stronger. She raised her hand and tossed out three flame blades. I used Icy Wings and tried to use Z steps to dodge. I dodged the first one but the other two smashed into my chest.



As expected it did hurt. I didn't wait for Gaia to form her next attack. I charged right at her and used Strength of a Thousand Men. I slashed many cracks on her flame armor before a golden light scattered on my body. I used the God Grade skill Wind Carrying Slash!

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A sharp sword light pushed forwards and as dense sword energy pierced, the flame shield cracked. Butterfly pierced into Gaia's shoulder and blood splattered. Although I broke through her defence, but her health was too high so it was not possible to kill.


Behind me, Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring healed me to try to keep me healthy. Gaia was furious and flames swept the area to burn Lin Wan Er and Li Mu down to low health. I was hit head on and my health was low once more.

It seemed like we didn't have the strength to challenge this god!

Demon Mountain was furious too and after he gave an order, the dozens of Dragon Crystal Cannons on the walls aimed at us. Li Mu and Wang Jian were hit but they still had a bit of health and weren't killed. Lin Wan Er pulled the reigns of the silver dragon and tried to avoid the few cannons. However, she was still hit.

Only I was still flying with icy wings as I faced off against Gaia.


I tried to dodge Gaia's attacks. I placed Butterfly in front of me to block the Archers while also using Blade Spin with Gan Jiang to attack Gaia. Although my health was precarious but the wound on her arm got bigger and bigger.

Gaia suddenly gritted her teeth and opened her arm at me, "Flame Domain!"


The temperature around rose and it was energy similar to my Blazing Sun Energy. Luckily I had Blazing Sun Energy in game too and could handle heat. But the elements around became chaotic and the temperature rose. Flame elements were like sharp blades that stopped me from moving. Was this the power of the Flame Domain?

My body couldn't move at all. Gaia used one arm to control flame domain while the other grabbed a flame spear. If this spear pierced through me it would hurt right?


My mind went blank and I felt like I was facing death. I used Invincible Body. Fortunately, I had 25 seconds of invincibility that could allow us to hold on!


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Gaia laughed and tossed the spear over!


the flame spear pierced through the sky and it struck me like a god weapon!

Invincible Body had to work!

But at that moment, I suddenly felt a sense of safety. It was as if each of my pores could feel that deep power. Right, it was the power of the stars, the domain that Frost was cultivating!


There was a fragrance in the wind. My beautiful teacher appeared in front of me and she opened her palm at Gaia. Dozens of stars wrapped around and along with her shouting Star Crystal Shield, a bright shield appeared up ahead. On it were many blue circular crystals that looked like stars in the universe.


Gaia's flame spear scattered on the shield and turned into flame energy which dissipated. Frost's body shook and bits of star power splattered on the shield. This clash was a full victory for Frost.

"You? !"

Killing intent flashed across Gaia's face. She didn't ask who the person was and just wanted to kill her first. She formed five flame blades and behind them was a male lion. She dealt a series of attacks!

Frost held the shield and just stood there, allowing the energy waves to blow at her. Her hair danced in the sky and her dark blue war robe also blew up. From the back I could see her perfect back.

In the end, Gaia's series of attacks were blocked by Frost's shield. The shield was damaged and only a third remained. At that moment, Frost attacked. She reached her hand out and formed the image of her sword. Frost was a goddess and her Star Blade slashed out on the shield that Gaia had hurriedly formed!


The flame shield was broken which showed the difference in their strengths.


Gaia retreated but she didn't admit defeat. She gritted her teeth and her arms were covered in flames as she punched at the side of Frost's face.


Frost was filled with killing intent too. She raised her left arm and it turned translucent. Ice crystals formed into stars and there were tiny bits of star power rotating around her fist. She faced Gaia's fist and Gaia was forced back. Blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

Frost continued to stand there, small star balls formed around her, exploding and then forming once more.

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