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LTBE - Chapter 477.2: Raising A Wastrel (2)

After resolving Lilian’s dilemma regarding the Ackermanns, the two of them began strolling around the devastated town with their hands in each other’s. It might have seemed unfitting for the situation, but after careful analysis of the temporal spell, Roel figured that there was no need for them to do anything.

The temporal spell that the Treant High Priest had stolen from Veronica was an inferior version that could only last for a day. In other words, the other members of the two investigation teams should revert to their original forms by nightfall.

It was already nearing noon after all the fighting and talking they did.

Even if Roel were to start searching for others to dispel the curse on them with Veronica’s heart right now, given the shambled state of the town, it was unlikely that he would even be halfway through by nightfall. Given so, he decided to wait it out instead of wasting his strength.

Besides, this was the final bit of time the two of them had with each other. They would have to distance themselves from each other once the other members of the two investigation teams reverted to their original form, and before long, they would be bidding farewell to each other.

Lilian would join a group of Austine soldiers up ahead before making her way to the eastern border whereas Roel would return to Saint Freya Academy to continue investigating theSix Calamities, raise his strength, and search for the Collector’s whereabouts.

With the Fallens seeking to unravel the Savior’s seal, this matter was no longer just an issue for the Ascart House but the entire Sia Continent. Given so, it was only normal for everyone to pitch in their strength. It was just that Roel insisted on personally dealing with the Collector, citing his past experience with the latter.

Lilian thought that it was too dangerous, but she couldn’t change Roel’s mind.

Regardless, this devastated mountainous town was going to be their final stop together before parting ways. They cherished every last bit of time they had together and didn’t want anyone to interrupt them.

Roel planned to give Veronica’s heart a proper burial in the Ascart House. This was the only thing he could do for his ancestor who had suffered for so long after her death. For the time being, he entrusted the heart to Peytra, whose life force was many times purer than that of the fallen treant. She would be able to preserve the heart well.

As for Portas Eye, Roel took extra care to ensure that it was completely sealed up by his frost aura before entrusting it to the knowledgeable Witch Queen.

His initial intention was to destroy the demonic artifact. It was a vile tool that plunged others into depravity and madness; its continued existence would have only been a threat to the world. However, that turned out to be beyond his current means.

He did consider handing it over to Saint Freya Academy, but that wasn’t an ideal course of action either.

He wasn’t obliged to relinquish his spoils of war to the academy, and he had a feeling that the academy wouldn’t know what to do with Portas Eye too. On top of that, there were many eyes in the academy, and scholars were notorious for their inquisitivity. If they carelessly tampered with the demonic artifact, it could result in a calamity.

After dealing with Portas Eye, Roel and Lilian left the town together to admire the surrounding natural scenery.

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The natural beauty of the Austine Empire’s rural borders was finally apparent now that the fog had dispersed. A vibrant rainbow arced across the clear sky, lifting the moods of those who were lucky to witness its resplendence.

The duo wondered in amazement how so many things had happened on this trip. Neither of them had expected to encounter such danger in this remote town, and it was beyond their imagination that they would have advanced a significant step in their relationship.

“My apologies, senior. Your first time should have been at somewhere better.”

“I’m not bothered by such trivialities. If we really wish to fuss about the details, our first time happened inside the Ten Fortresses more than anywhere else,” Lilian said with a furious blush.

She was already considering keeping the room as it was for all eternity for commemoration. On the other hand, Roel thought about the issue of having a child.

“Speaking of which… I remember Astrid telling us that our offspring is likely to be a ‘Pureblood’.

“She did say that.” Lilian nodded in acknowledgment.

Should a union between two individuals who shared the same bloodline occur, there was a high chance that they would bear offspring with an even stronger bloodline.

“A further enhancement of the Kingmaker Bloodline? That sounds frightening. I can’t imagine how strong it’ll be.”

“… I don’t like the Kingmaker Bloodline. As powerful as it may be, it’s simply too dangerous.” Lilian subconsciously placed her hand on her abdomen. “If we do have a child, my only wish for him is to have a healthy and happy life. There’s no need for him to awaken a bloodline that endangers his life.”


Roel found himself losing his ability to speak. Lilian’s expression suddenly looked so gentle that it was almost as if she had become a mother; he found himself incapable of tearing his eyes away from her.

How beautiful. 

His face couldn’t help but redden a little, but he couldn’t agree with what Lilian said.

He once wondered that if he was born in the same family as Lilian, he might have just turned into a wastrel under her doting. It was fortunate that such a situation didn’t occur, but it looked like his child might face such a fate.

“Senior, you’re being too indulging. While the Ascart Bloodline is dangerous, it does come with many benefits. Furthermore, we should be able to suppress its effects by having him adopt your Kingdom Origin Attribute…”

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The two of them started chatting about bloodlines and Origin Attributes before moving on to other topics.

It was already the middle of summer, but the mountaintop remained refreshingly cool. The two of them stood at the edge of the cliff as they admired the expansive landscape before them. Time passed in a flash, and they enjoyed the setting sun in each other’s embrace.

When night finally descended upon the world, the previously silent Marlin Town started filling up with voices. Roel and Lilian exchanged gazes before reluctantly parting from each other’s embrace. They made their way back to the town to look for the reappeared team members.

It was a good thing that the members of the main team were all high transcendents; the collapsed buildings didn’t pose a threat to them at all. They could even climb out of the rubble on their own.

It was just that the release of the temporal spell had reverted them to their terror-stricken state right at the moment of their disappearance, so they were understandably in a distraught state. Frightened screams filled the air. As grating as those screams were, it did help Roel and Lilian swiftly locate them.

Roel was just a little speechless at how those ‘powerful scholars’ were so scared out of their wits that they even attacked him. Words couldn’t get through to them, so he had no choice but to knock them out with the classical knifehand strike.

He dragged those scholars whom he had struck unconscious to the center of the town, where Lilian had erected her Ten Fortresses to take care of them. However, after a brief talk with her, he was informed of a piece of bad news.

“They lost their minds, you say?”

“Yes, there are already a few of them. I reckon that it’s the Savior’s influence at work.”

“… I see.”

Roel’s face turned grim after learning of the news.

While Portas Eye wasn’t as effective on Roel and Lilian, it spelled a catastrophe for normal transcendents. Even if they survived the encounter with it, they couldn’t avoid the mental influence it had on them.

Witnessing the plights of those from the main team made Roel think about his auxiliary team, and nervousness gripped his heart. If he wasn’t mistaken, Juliana and Selina had been exposed to the light of Portas Eye too.

Will they be fine? Or are they already… 

Unable to remain seated, Roel could only anxiously pace around the room as he waited for his team members’ return.

The night deepened, and two familiar mana pulsations suddenly rippled from the borders of Marlin Town. Roel rushed over right away and was met with familiar faces.

“Leader? What happened…”

“Big brother Roel?”

They were Stuart and Paul, the first ones to disappear from the auxiliary team. Paul had reverted to his young appearance. Much to Roel’s relief, the two of them were unharmed.

Ten minutes later, there were another two more mana pulsations belonging to Juliana and Selina. However, the two of them were lying unconscious on the floor. Appalled, Roel quickly examined their physical condition, but it seemed to be a natural defensive reaction from their mind to offset the mental blow they had received.

Despite being directly exposed to Portas Eye, the two members of Rose of Dawn fared much better than the main team’s high transcendents. Roel was impressed by their mental resilience, but more than that, he was relieved.

Now that they had found all of the missing personnel, it was about time for them to leave this devastated town.

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