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RSSGSS - Chapter 103 - Great Disturbance

After the freshman competition ended, the various Academies' instructors simultaneously received a message from God's Domain Association.

The message's content was simple. The Association was welcoming all students, who had reached the Half-step Refinement Realm standard, to head to the 175th floor of the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters with their instructors and apply to join the God's Domain Association's training camp.

However, the message also stated that the instructors would have to pass the Association's instructor qualification certification, and the Association's certification had three ranks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Meanwhile, instructors would have to achieve the lowest Bronze certification at the very minimum before their students could apply for the Association's training camp.

Depending on an instructor's certification rank, their students would also have to participate in different selection competitions and face different opponents. Simply put, the students of Bronze Instructors would compete with the students of other Bronze Instructors, the students of Silver Instructors would compete with the students of other Silver Instructors, etc.

However, the lower the certification rank, the lower the number of instructors that could acquire said rank, and the lower the number of students each instructor could have.

Conversely, the higher the certification rank, the greater the number of instructors that could acquire said rank, and the higher the number of students each instructor could have.

In addition, the number of students that could pass the selection competitions of higher ranks would also be greater than the competitions of lower ranks. In other words, the lower an instructor's certification rank, the greater the competition they and their students would face.

Fortunately, the training camp wasn't a one-time thing. Instead, each training camp would last a month, and the Association would hold these certification competitions once a month. Thus, even if students failed to qualify for the training camp this time, so long as they managed to pass a selection before they graduated from their respective Academies, they could still qualify to attend the training camp.

Meanwhile, shortly after this announcement appeared, the underground training field instantly exploded into an uproar.

"How generous of the God's Domain Association!"

"Amazing! After this move from the Association, Refinement Realm experts will become even more common in God's Domain in the future!"

"This is madness! This won't just popularize Refinement Realm experts! This will reshuffle the status quo of the various God's Domain Academies! Even the various powers in God's Domain are probably going to be affected!"

Everyone was shocked and excited by this explosive news. It was especially true for the students and instructors of ordinary Academies.

Nowadays, the various superpowers have monopolized most of the Legacies available in God's Domain. If ordinary students wished to have a better future in God's Domain, their only choice was to join the various superpowers. Otherwise, they'd have to face much greater challenges to develop themselves.

Meanwhile, the various God's Domain Academies were also in a similar situation. Due to the lack of good resources, the instructors of ordinary Academies faced great difficulty in producing excellent students.

However, the move the God's Domain Association just made would undoubtedly liberate the students without resources, or more specifically, the younger generation, from the various superpowers' restrictions. So long as one was young and talented, one could acquire sufficient resources to develop themselves from the God's Domain Association. Young players would no longer have to rely on the various superpowers for resources.

After reading the God's Domain Association's, everyone quickly understood that it wouldn't be long before God's Domain would welcome a large batch of independent Refinement Realm experts. Meanwhile, the various superpowers would no longer be the only ones capable of reliably producing Refinement Realm experts.

At the same time, the status and value of instructors would also rise to unprecedented heights in God's Domain.

It seems I'll need to have Hidden Soul act quicker. Shi Feng also started planning for the future after receiving the God's Domain Association's message.

If many independent Refinement Realm experts suddenly appeared in God's Domain, the power that would benefit the most from this situation would undoubtedly be the various mercenary organizations.

During Shi Feng's previous life, after his sub-world gained access to the Greater God's Domain, the various powers had frantically nurtured players at all costs to cope with the impending danger. Ultimately, however, there were still many players who disliked being bound by Guilds. Yet, these players also wished to acquire precious resources and Credits, so mercenary organizations became their best option.

If Zero Wing's mercenary organization could take form before the new batch of independent Refinement Realm experts arrived and capitalize on this situation, the organization's growth could easily match that of the various superpowers.

Meanwhile, shortly after the God's Domain Association made its announcement, the various Academies' Half-step Refinement Realm students promptly made their way to the application site with their respective instructors.

When Shi Feng and Chen Ziyou arrived on the 175th floor, the hall that was the size of half a football field was already crowded with students and instructors.

"So you've come as well, Ziyou." When Liu Yanya saw Chen Ziyou walking into the hall, she smiled and approached her, asking, "Have you thought about my previous suggestion?"

"Thank you for your invitation, but I still don't plan on joining Ouroboros," Chen Ziyou earnestly said as she looked at the brown-haired girl before her.

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As one of Jin Hai Academy's few Half-step Refinement Realm experts, Chen Ziyou had received invitations from many Guilds. Among them, one came from her high school classmate Liu Yanya, who had acted as Ouroboros's representative.

"Won't you consider it again?" Liu Yanya frowned. However, she still chose to patiently persuade Chen Ziyou, saying, "Now that the God's Domain Association has made such a huge move, it is a rare opportunity for you to improve your circumstances. According to my sources, instructors will need to be at the Flowing Water Realm at the very least to gain a Bronze certification. However, your instructor Qi Lianshan is, at best, at the Half-step Flowing Water Realm with his current mental state. There's no way he can help you get into the selection competition.

"So long as you agree to join Ouroboros, you'll get to become Instructor Soaring Snake's apprentice straight away. Now that Instructor Soaring Snake is close to reaching the Domain Realm already, he'll have no problems becoming a Silver Instructor. You'll also be able to pass the selection without problems seeing as you are at the Refinement Realm already."

However, even after hearing Liu Yanya's advice, Chen Ziyou still shook her head and pointed toward Shi Feng, who was currently registering for the certification test, and said, "Thank you, but I have Instructor Shi with me. I should be able to get into a selection competition without trouble."

"Instructor Shi?" Liu Yanya followed Chen Ziyou's finger and looked at Shi Feng. Then, with confusion in her eyes, she asked, "Is he Wu Lingling's instructor?"

"That's right; it's him." Chen Ziyou nodded.

"You really love to waste time just like Wu Xiaoxiao, Ziyou." After returning her gaze to Chen Ziyou, Liu Yanya contemptuously said, "He's nothing but a former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. He couldn't even reach Tier 4 during his peak. How can you hope for him to get you registered?"

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"Instructor Shi is very strong, and even Instructor Qi admires him greatly. Instructor Qi also said that Instructor Shi might be at the Void Realm already," Chen Ziyou said, a hint of reverence appearing in her eyes as she looked at Shi Feng.

"Void Realm?" Liu Yanya couldn't help but take an extra glance at Shi Feng after hearing Chen Ziyou's words. However, she suddenly laughed the next moment and said, "In that case, I look forward to his performance. Hopefully, you'll qualify for a selection competition at the very least."

After saying so, Liu Yanya turned around and walked away, choosing not to involve herself with Chen Ziyou's foolishness any longer.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Shi Feng and many other instructors followed the instructions of the God's Domain Association's staff and put on their respective customized virtual gaming helmets. Then, they began their instructor certification tests.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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