Chapter 104 - Global Competition
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A golden temple stood amidst a primordial forest. The temple had five floors in total, and it measured several hundred meters in height and occupied an area equivalent to six sports stadiums.

There was a massive stone tablet erected outside of every floor, and every tablet had a column of numbers going from 1 to 100 listed on it. Currently, though, the space next to these numbers was blank, and beneath these numbers was one line of text. Although the text on each tablet was similar, they weren't exactly the same.

The texts were simple to understand, and they represented the rewards one could obtain from challenging the temple's trials.

Simply put, the first 100 people to clear each floor would receive varying amounts of Association Points to be used with the God's Domain Association. Meanwhile, the first 100 to clear the first floor would receive 100 Association points.

The first 100 to clear the second floor would receive 1,000 Association points.

The first 100 to clear the third floor would receive 10,000 Association points.

The first 100 to clear the fourth floor would receive 100,000 Association points.

The first 100 to clear the fifth floor would receive 1,000,000 Association points.

How generous of the Association. Not only is it planning on uncovering more talented newcomers, but it's also offering such lucrative rewards to the instructors. Is the Association trying to get more experts to become instructors?

Shi Feng was a little surprised when he finished reading the rewards stated on the tablets.

The God's Domain Association's Association Points were an incredibly precious resource to the Association's internal members. Even through official channels, one Association Point could be traded for 10,000 Credits. Of course, only a fool would exchange it for such a low price.

The God's Domain Association had access to an ocean of resources, and even the various international corporations couldn't hope to compete against the Association in terms of wealth. Meanwhile, internal members of the Association could exch

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