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RSSGSS - Chapter 93 - Primordial Dark-Gold Mount

Outside the Candlelight Hotel, Su Qianliu and the others had long since been waiting here.

Meanwhile, when Su Qianliu saw Shi Feng coming out of the hotel, her first thought was to walk up and greet him. However, before she could do so, she suddenly entered an alert stance when she saw Hidden Soul walking behind Shi Feng. This was because the moment she saw Hidden Soul, her instincts told her that the other party was a monster-level player that could give even the various superpowers a huge headache. There was no doubt that Hidden Soul was much stronger than the likes of One-eyed Ghost.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng saw Su Qianliu's wary expression, he calmly said, "No need to worry. She is with us."

She's one of us? Su Qianliu was shocked when she heard Shi Feng's words, and she couldn't help but scrutinize Hidden Soul's cloaked figure.

The strength of a Guild depended greatly on the number of strong experts it possessed. If one Tier 6 God-ranked expert was enough to elevate a Guild to the status of a top-tier first-rate Guild, then two Tier 6 God-ranked experts could get a Guild recognized as a superpower in God's Domain.

If Hidden Soul truly was Zero Wing's member, Zero Wing's future wouldn't stop at just the first-rate standard. It was entirely possible for the Guild to become a superpower in the future.

"Did you bring the things?" Shi Feng asked, not bothering to elaborate on Hidden Soul's situation.

"Yes." After snapping out of her daze, Su Qianliu handed a spatial bag to Shi Feng and said, "There are 320,000 Magic Crystals here. This is everything I managed to exchange."

"Mhm, this much should be enough," Shi Feng said. After storing the spatial bag away, Shi Feng took out a black flute from his bag space.

A Dark-Gold Mount? Hidden Soul couldn't help but be surprised when she saw the flute in Shi Feng's hand.

Dark-Gold Mounts were by no means rare on the main continent. At this stage of the game, most Guilds' Guild Leaders would have a Dark-Gold Mount already. However, it was a different story inside the Miniature Ancient World. Since players weren't allowed to bring Mounts with them when transferring here, players would have no choice but to hunt for their own Mounts in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, even until now, no information regarding Mounts had spread in the Miniature Ancient World. Even the various superpowers' Guild Leaders had to use their own two feet to travel here.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng blew on the flute, a black hole immediately appeared on the street outside the Candlelight Hotel. Then, a giant white wolf that measured seven meters tall and had a purple lightning mark on its head walked out of the black hole, its three snowy-white tails swaying slowly from side to side as it moved.

"Is it a monster invasion?"

"No, it's a Mount!"

"Damn! Someone already got a Mount?!"

"What rank is this Mount? Why does it have such a powerful aura?"

The players walking on the street grew restless and confused when they saw the Thunder Wolf appearing. Then, they turned toward Shi Feng's group, their eyes filled with curiosity and envy.

In the current era where players could only travel using their feet, obtaining even a Basic Mount would elevate their leveling efficiency by a significant margin, let alone a Mount that was as big as the Thunder Wolf.

It was common knowledge that a Mount's size reflected their strength to a certain extent. Meanwhile, a seven-meter-tall Mount was at least equal to a Great Lord of the same level in strength. In the current Miniature Ancient World, it would be immensely useful to have a Great Lord on one's side.

"This Mount looks so cool! I'd buy it in a heartbeat even if I have to pay a million Credits for it!"

"Just one million? Are you dreaming? Dark-Gold Mounts go for at least three million even on the main continent, let alone the Miniature Ancient World. Not to mention, with how strong this wolf looks, it might even be an Epic Mount. If that's the case, the various Guilds would probably fight for it even if they have to pay 20 million. A Great Lord ranked Mount isn't just a means of transportation. It can also be incredibly useful in battle. Just this point alone is more than enough for the various Guilds' executives to fight to obtain it."

"That's right. I'd be willing to become the girlfriend of whoever owns such a Mount."

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When the surrounding crowd saw the Thunder Wolf sitting down before Shi Feng and sticking its tongue out cutely, they nearly drooled out of envy.

The biggest trouble players currently faced in the Miniature Ancient World was transportation. Even with the speed of a Tier 3 player, it'd take over half an hour just to run from the city to some of the closer leveling spots, while some of the farther ones required one to two hours of continuous running.

As for farther maps, few players would be willing to travel there. This was because of the mysterious energy that filled the Miniature Ancient World. So long as players stepped out of the protection of NPC Cities, this mysterious energy would continuously corrode their bodies, reducing their Stamina and Concentration. This meant that players only had limited time to grind out in the fields. If players spent too much time on traveling, it would impact their leveling efficiency significantly.

Meanwhile, the assistance a Great Lord ranked Mount could provide would absolutely increase the owner's leveling speed by two times or more.

A Great Lord ranked Archaic Species? Shi Feng was similarly astonished when he saw the Thunder Wolf's Attribute Panel.

On the main continent, the average Level 100 Dark-Gold Mount would only start out at the Lord rank. Moreover, even if players nurtured their Dark-Gold Mounts properly, their Mounts could, at most, reach the Great Lord rank.

Yet, now, the Dark-Gold Mount, or, more specifically, the Ancient Dark-Gold Mount before him had actually started out at the Great Lord rank. Moreover, it was even an Archaic Species. In front of it, ordinary Great Lords of the same level were nothing but pushovers.

If he nurtured the Thunder Wolf well, it might even ascend to the Tier 4 Mythic rank in the future. At that time, it'd be a nigh-unstoppable force on land.

However, compared to the Thunder Wolf's combat power, what surprised Shi Feng even more was its Movement Speed. The Thunder Wolf's Movement Speed was close to rivaling that of Tier 3 Common Flying Mounts. In other words, its Movement Speed was on par with that of Tier 4 players.

"Blackie, how about selling me that Shadow Panther of yours? If a Fragmented Legendary item drops in the future, I'll be sure to let you have it first," Firecloud said to Blackie after seeing the Thunder Wolf.

"Scram! I'm a magical class while you're a melee class! We don't even use the same items!" Blackie said contemptuously.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng was done inspecting the Thunder Wolf's stats, he hopped onto its back and looked at Hidden Soul, saying, "Hop on."

In response, Hidden Soul snapped out of her daze and jumped onto the Thunder Wolf's back as well.

"Let's go," Shi Feng said to Su Qianliu and the others as he pulled on the Thunder Wolf's reins.

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Immediately, the Thunder Wolf retracted its tongue and stood up. Then, putting force into its legs, it propelled itself forward, transforming into a gale as it sped through the street and vanishing from everyone's vision in the blink of an eye.

What speed!

Hidden Soul, who was riding atop the Thunder Wolf, couldn't help but be surprised once more when she experienced the Mount's speed. She also had to change her evaluation of the Thunder Wolf's usefulness. Now, she felt that the Thunder Wolf could easily increase Shi Feng's leveling speed by three or four times rather than just two times.

Currently, the biggest problem players faced when leveling up wasn't their lacking strength. Instead, it was their limited range of activity. However, with the Thunder Wolf's speed, Shi Feng could increase their range of activity by ten times or more. He could explore places where other players couldn't reach, and all the resources and monsters in these places would belong to him and nobody else. Naturally, his leveling efficiency would increase even further.

After Shi Feng rode the Thunder Wolf out of Hundred Flow City, the many players and powers operating in Hundred Flow City promptly started looking into the identity of the Thunder Wolf's owner.

Meanwhile, with the Thunder Wolf's speed, it only needed to run for 20 minutes before crossing even the farthest maps that current Hundred Flow City players grinded in.

Subsequently, it took another two hours to cross the mountains and forests infested with Level 110-plus monsters.

Finally, after running ceaselessly for four hours, Shi Feng and Hidden Soul arrived at the Misty Canyon, a map infested with Level 115 to Level 120 monsters. It was also the closest large map to the Boundary River.

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