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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 013: The Great Information Age

“Oh? What is the use of these Army Breaker zither puppets?” Gu Hai asked.

“You can consider them auxiliary zithers for a heaven-grade zither. They do not have souls and require the fairies that Ensnaring Performance creates. After that, Ensnaring Performance can send them wherever he wants. Even from a great distance, they can play back whatever piece Ensnaring Performance plays in its entirety,” Yun Mo said seriously.

“Oh? He can send them far away, and they can play what Ensnaring Performance plays? A form of resonance?” Gu Hai said in shock.

“Oh? Resonance? You could say that. As long as Ensnaring Performance controls Army Breaker, he can send his music over millions of kilometers. Given that, this would be like Ensnaring Performance having one hundred clones. This will make him even more incredible at dealing with enemies,” Yun Mo explained with a smile.

“What if Ensnaring Performance’s fairies control this zither puppet, and the zither puppets go away from Ensnaring Performance? Can the Army Breaker zither puppet hear what he says using the musical resonance? Also, can that Army Breaker zither puppet send words back using that resonance? Or rather, can the various Army Breaker zither puppets send information to each other?” Gu Hai stared at Yun Mo.

“They can,” Yun Mo said with a smile.

“Then, is there any limit on distance?” Gu Hai stared at Yun Mo expectantly.

“A few million kilometers, above the distance between two cities. Any farther, and it might be useless,” Yun Mo said with a bitter smile.

However, Gu Hai raised his eyebrows. He narrowed his eyes slightly at the Army Breaker zither puppets. “Manor Lord Yun, how did you think of forging such a zither puppet? Was it from Teacher Yinyue’s inheritance?”

“Uh…no. I figured it out myself. It has nothing to do with my ancestor. However, it was completely useless in today’s calamity. It looks like I was on the wrong path. I am far from comparable to my ancestor,” Yun Mo said with a bitter smile.

However, Gu Hai took a deep breath and said, “No, no. Teacher Yun Mo, perhaps you have already surpassed Teacher Yinyue, at least in forging.”

“Ah?” Yun Mo looked at Gu Hai in confusion.

“Hahahaha! You only thought about using it in combat. However, have you thought about using it to send information? This creation can change the world, surpassing the current age. It surpasses all creation. This is the start of the Internet!” Gu Hai suddenly guffawed.

“Huh? What Internet?” Yun Mo asked in confusion.

“No, it’s different from the Internet. Right now, it can only send information. The Internet? I once wanted to create it, but I could not. The area I could cover was too small. That requires the transmission of signals and building signal stations that others could destroy at any time. Furthermore, the signal transmission would take a long time. The signal might even be lost midway. Your resonance is basically a super wireless signal transmission! Hahaha! Manor Lord Yun, please accept this bow from Gu Hai!” Gu Hai suddenly bowed.

“Ah? Mister Gu, what are you doing? There is no need for this. What are you doing?” Yun Mo immediately felt flustered.

“Manor Lord Yun, is it difficult to make this Army Breaker?” Gu Hai looked at Yun Mo.

“It takes a lot of resources. One Army Breaker requires one million superior-grade spirit stones’ worth of materials.” Yun Mo frowned.

“One million superior-grade spirit stones? In that case, the Han Nation formally makes an order. How about two million superior-grade spirit stones for each?” Gu Hai smiled.

“Ah?” This slightly startled Yun Mo.

“Two million superior-grade spirit stones for each. Will the Silver Moon Mountain Manor take this order?” Gu Hai smiled.

“Mister Gu, are you serious?” Yun Mo asked in confusion.

In Yun Mo’s opinion, this Army Breaker was extremely hard to use. Firstly, it required a zitherist who could create fairies to operate it. Secondly, these Army Breakers had no consciousness; they were essentially wooden dummies. What was the use of them? While they were strong, there were many weaknesses.

“I’m serious,” Gu Hai said extremely seriously.

“Alright. However, how many do you need?” Yun Mo asked, finding this strange.

“As many as you can make,” Gu Hai replied with certainty.

“Alright,” Yun Mo said with a faint smile of mixed feelings.

Yun Mo had spent most of the materials in the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s stores to forge these one hundred Army Breakers. While he was worrying about the lack of money, Gu Hai came delivering money.

“I have one condition, however. I hope that Manor Lord Yun will keep this a secret. This Army Breaker can only be sold to my Han Nation, and word of it cannot be leaked,” Gu Hai said extremely seriously.

“That is not a problem. Mister Gu has helped us several times. I have no reason to reject this condition. Furthermore, you are giving me such a good price,” Yun Mo said with a faint smile.

“No. Your Army Breaker is very important to me,” Gu Hai sighed.

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Was it important? It was way too important.

Perhaps Yun Mo did not understand the importance of information. Gu Hai had fought countless battles and wars, so he understood it well. The Han Nation would enter a great information age with this item.

Gu Hai put away the Army Breakers with a wave of his hand. Then, he emphasized again, “Manor Lord Yun Mo, do not ever expose this, no matter when.”

“Huh…Mister Gu, I…I gave you these one hundred Army Breakers so that you could gain glory in the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. At that time, you can assembly a large procession. Given Mister Gu’s accomplishments in the music Dao, while I don’t dare say that you will sweep your way through all the zitherists, you would be at the forefront. This is a great tool,” Yun Mo said in confusion.

“Hahahaha! Use it at the Ten Thousand Sages Convention? I can’t bear to. Even if it can suppress everyone and take the victory, I feel that it would be a waste of a treasure to expose Army Breaker there. This item is best used in secret. At the very least, I need it to be a secret in the short term. Please, Manor Lord Yun.” Gu Hai bowed seriously again.

Given how seriously Gu Hai took this, Yun Mo finally understood the importance of Army Breaker, so he nodded seriously.

Then, the two walked slowly out of the underground room. After leaving, the two did not say anything about the earlier discussion.

“Manor Lord, City Lord Sima seeks an audience. He says that he wants to thank Mister Gu for saving the citizens earlier,” a Silver Moon Mountain Manor disciple said respectfully.

“Oh? Lead the way!” Yun Mo nodded.

Gu Hai looked around the Silver Moon Mountain Manor.

“Is there a sound barrier around the entire Silver Moon Mountain Manor?” Gu Hai looked at the faint barrier in the surroundings.

“That’s right. Mister Gu can just say what’s on your mind. No one outside can hear, just the people inside.” Yun Mo smiled.

Gu Hai nodded, and the two strode to a plaza.

City Lord Sima waited with a group of officials.

“Greetings, Mister Gu, Manor Lord Yun!” City Lord Sima immediately said respectfully with a smile as he stepped forward.

“Greetings, City Lord Sima!” Gu Hai and Yun Mo bowed politely.

“Mister Gu, Manor Lord Yun, you are too polite. Many thanks for earlier, Mister Gu. If not for you, my Silver Moon City’s citizens would have died,” City Lord Sima sighed.

“That is just what I should do.” Gu Hai smiled faintly.

“I have prepared some humble wine at the city lord’s official residence. I’m here specially to invite Mister Gu to a banquet and thank Mister Gu for saving the citizens. This is also to celebrate pushing the enemy into retreat,” City Lord Sima invited.

“That group of people is still near Silver Moon City. We can skip the celebration for now.” Gu Hai shook his head.

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“What? They are near Silver Moon City?” City Lord Sima’s expression changed.

“Even if City Lord did not come to seek me out, I would have gone to seek you out. I hope that you can work with me to take down all the zitherists hidden near Silver Moon City,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Huh?” This startled Yun Mo.

Gu Hai plans to deal with the people in the Silver Moon Sea—Seven Kills, the ritualist Gong Tian, and the others? But Gu Hai does not seem to have anyone or anything with him. How is he going to deal with them? Rely on the city lord’s official residence? That can’t be it. They couldn’t even deal with Seven Kills. Even if Gong Tian does not use ritual arrays, he is still a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm expert. How is Gu Hai going to deal with them?

Yun Mo could not figure out what Gu Hai was planning to do.

However, Gu Hai did not hesitate at this moment. He needed to deal with that group in the Silver Moon Sea immediately.

“Thousands of the Silver Moon City’s citizens died this time. I refuse to live in the same world as them for killing my citizens. Mister Gu, just issue your instructions. My Silver Moon City’s soldiers will cooperate with everything they have. We will fight to the death!” City Lord Sima said seriously.

“Many thanks, City Lord. However, there’s no need to worry too much. It is not difficult to deal with them.” Gu Hai smiled while shaking his head.


At the same time, in the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s Heart Nurturing Hall:

Six Fingers did not hear Gu Hai and Yun Mo’s conversation in the underground room. After all, there was a sound barrier there. However, he did hear Gu Hai’s conversation with the city lord.

“Haha! This Gu Hai overestimates himself. He is just an insignificant Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, and he wants to deal with a Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator? Hah!” Six Fingers showed some disdain but ignored this matter.

What Six Fingers did not know was that many Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators had already fallen at Gu Hai’s hands.


A vast fog covered the Silver Moon Sea, preventing anyone from seeing inside.


A beam of light flashed. It was Seven Kills returning and entering the ritual array.


The ritual array immediately surged up as though facing an enemy.

“It’s Lord Seven Kills. There’s no need to attack,” someone called out.

The ritual array immediately returned to normal. Seven Kills entered the depths, flying to a large hall on an island.


When Seven Kills landed, a group of people came over. The leader was a purple-robed man. This was Gong Tian, the top ritualist under the Azure Emperor, the person whose appearance Yun Mo showed to Gu Hai.

“Lord Seven Kills, the imperial lord instructed before he left that we were not to casually leave the Silver Moon Sea. Did you go to Silver Moon City earlier?” Gong Tian frowned.

Seven Kills looked at Gong Tian coldly and said, “That’s my business. I don’t need you to supervise it. I will give an account to the imperial lord!”

“I can’t supervise you, but you had best not bring us trouble. Humph!” Gong Tian said coldly.

“Just mind your own business. Where’s Shangguan Hen? Has he agreed to negotiate yet?” Seven Kills said in a heavy voice.

Gong Tian frowned slightly before eventually shaking his head. “The previous Black Tortoise Prime is willing to negotiate with us. However, the other consciousness, Shangguan Hen, refuses to. Earlier, we interrogated a black tortoise and figured out why.”

“Oh?” Seven Kills said.

“Shangguan Hen refuses to submit to the imperial lord because he already allied with a royal dynasty called the Han Nation,” Gong Tian said.

“The Han Royal Dynasty? Humph! It’s just an insignificant royal dynasty, and they want to get in the imperial lord’s way? Just go and destroy them!” Seven Kills said coldly.

Gong Tian nodded, clearly in agreement.

“Where is the Han Royal Dynasty?” Seven Kills asked.

“According to that black tortoise, the Han Royal Dynasty borders the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. The master of the Han Nation is called Gu Hai,” Gong Tian replied.

“Gu Hai?” Seven Kills glared, his expression shocked.

Isn’t the one who created “A Hundred Birds’ Homage to the Phoenix” in the city Gu Hai?

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