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CSG - Chapter 3126: The First Majesty

The grade of the sword was extremely high, having reached the peak of high quality god artifacts.

Any further and it would be a sovereign god artifact wielded by Grand Exalts.

Just the sword alone possessed devastating might.

With the sword in hand, the young man’s bearing changed drastically, like an ancient beast that had awakened from its slumber. He radiated with alarming power that could shake up the very cosmos.

His mere presence managed to crush the space there, making the stars flicker as if they were trembling in fear.

At the same time, the scorching Laws of Fire appeared, wrapping around the young man as chains. The space there seemed to turn into a sea of fire, incinerating everything within its vicinity.

In the next moment, all of the Laws of Fire gathered on the sword in the young man’s hand, making it shine with a blinding light that drowned out all other light in the surroundings.

Afterwards, the young man swung forward with his blazing sword without any hesitation.

The young man had virtually channeled all of his strength into the attack.

With the attack, the world paled and space was destroyed. The terrifying Laws of Fire obliterated everything in the surroundings, whether it was space, light, or energy. It was all reduced to nothing.

As he slashed out, countless experts immediately cast their gazes over from the Ice Pole Plane nearby. They were shocked.

“What powerful Laws of Fire. W- which supreme expert has visited the Ice Pole Plane…”

“Even as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, my heart is actually shaking right now. This person is truly powerful.”


The Laws of Fire that surged through space immediately alarmed countless experts. At this moment, no one paid any more attention to the situation of the Snow sect. They all directed their attention there.

“The laws should be at the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. Even across the entire Saints’ World, there are only an extremely small number of experts like that. Every single one of them are prominent figures of great might. I wonder who he is…” Ancestor Lan’s expression changed as well in the Heavenly Crane clan, speaking sternly.


The young man’s sword blazed with the scorching Laws of Fire, instantly cutting into the incoming Laws of Ice. Similar to how fire and water were opposites, as soon as the two made contact, it resulted in a series of hisses that were particularly sharp.

However, the young man’s Laws of Fire failed to melt the Laws of Ice. Instead, as his sword ventured into the laws, the burning flames on the sword were gradually extinguished.

The Laws of Fire weakened at an unbelievable rate, completely overwhelmed by the Laws of Ice. As a matter of fact, under the extreme cold, the flickering flames on the sword even seemed to seize up and freeze.

Moreover, a thin layer of ice crystals gradually took shape on the young man’s body, slowly covering him.

Even when the Laws of Fire possessed a wondrous effect at restraining the Laws of Ice, he struggled to stop it.

The Laws of Ice were far too powerful, almost completely overwhelming the young man’s Laws of Fire.

“Let me assist you, third senior brother!” the woman called out. She became extremely stern as well. In the next moment, the power of Laws of Fire also surged out from her body.

Her Laws of Fire were not as powerful as the young man’s, but they had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. She was a late Grand Prime.

In the next moment, the woman pressed her hands against the young man’s back violently, and the turbulent energy surged into him without any restraint. The Laws of Fire wove through the surroundings as chains.

Only under their combined efforts did the young man finally achieve enough strength to temporarily contend against her. The dimming sword began to burn with scorching flames again.

However, he did not choose to continue the battle, as he was very aware that even if they worked together, they were not the Snow Goddess’s opponent.

Suddenly, he pulled back his sword and retreated rapidly through outer space, crossing a tremendous amount of distance with each step. The stars receded around him, and the Ice Pole Plane immediately vanished. He crossed a colossal distance at an unbelievable speed.

However, the Laws of Ice were even faster than him as if they were everywhere. They silently froze the space where the young man stood, limiting all of his movements and making him feel like he had fallen into mud.

In the next moment, an icy-cold hand appeared out of nowhere like the judge of the world. Wrapped in the profound laws, it slammed down towards the man and woman like a cage.

The icy hand sealed up the space there, producing laws of its own and suppressing the other laws. Unless they possessed the same level of comprehension as the owner of the icy hand, all laws would be suppressed.

At this precise moment, the Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime young man and the Seventh Heavenly Layer woman became firmly trapped at the same time.

“We can’t hold her off. The Snow Goddess has completely recovered her strength. She’s too powerful. No wonder even first senior sister suffered at her hand back then.” The young man’s face was extremely ugly. If they worked together, they could temporarily contend against the Ninth Heavenly Layer Flame Reverend, but even escaping was difficult against the Snow Goddess.

But at this moment, the space in front of the young man abruptly split open. A slender hand extended out, pressing forwards gently.

With that, the space there suddenly shrank. Terrifying Laws of Destruction appeared, colliding with the icy hand.


A great rumble immediately rang through outer space. The two terrifying laws clashed like the collision between two colossal worlds. It was a terrifying sight. Not only did it reduce the space there to darkness, but even the countless stars in the surroundings were crushed to pieces. Many space beasts that lived in outer space had been pulverised into minced meat.

A woman in white appeared silently before the young man and woman. She possessed enchanting beauty as she gave off an otherworldly presence. She seemed just like a fairy from a different world, away from the secular world.

She was the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Yi Xin!

“Ah! First senior sister! I knew you would help us out!”

The fifth junior sister immediately beamed with joy and cheered happily.

The young man eased up as well, but he was saddened. He clasped his fist. “First senior sister, I’ve made trouble for you.”

Yi Xin glanced back at the two of them and shook her head gently. She sighed and said, “You waited so many years on the Ice Pole Plane, and what did you find?”

“I’ve made a fool of myself.” The young man felt rather embarrassed.

“I already told you back then. The Flame Reverend might not be in the Saints’ World anymore. Even if he is in the Saints’ World, he definitely won’t show himself as long as I’m around, yet the two of you just insisted on waiting for him to appear there.” Yi Xin felt a little powerless over the two of them. In the next moment, the Laws of Space surged, annihilating the space as if it had become a sea of laws.

As soon as the Laws of Destruction appeared, the Laws of Ice followed closely. Two seas of laws of the same height intermingled and clashed together like a yin and yang diagram, each occupying a region of its own.

Within the domain of ice, the Snow Goddess appeared. She stared at the three of them coldly, and her presence skyrocketed like she was charging up to unleash a storm. Snowflakes even began to drift through outer space.

Yin Xin gazed at the Snow Goddess calmly and said indifferently, “If I were you, I’d return immediately and reorganise the Ice Pole Plane instead of pointlessly making powerful enemies outside.”

“It’s different from the past. Snow Goddess, before your elder sister returns, your Ice Goddess Hall still doesn’t have the right to work against our Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.