Chapter 3125: The Chillwind Sect’s Fate
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3125: The Chillwind Sect’s Fate

The entire Snow sect immediately fell silent. The countless disciples of the Snow sect that had still been clashing against the Heaven’s sect a moment earlier all stared at their frozen opponents in shock.

The countless Godhood disciples of the Heaven’s sect had all been instantly converted from living people to ice statues, without any time to respond. The disciples of the Snow sect were unable to hold back in time, so their attacks landed firmly on these humanoid pieces of ice.

Immediately, the ice statues shattered to pieces, erupting as countless ice fragments.

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Now that was truly being reduced to pieces!

Both Godkings and Deities suffered the same fate. It was like their bodies had become extremely fragile after being turned to ice, able to be shattered in a single strike.

And what shattered was not just their bodies, but their souls as well!

The shattering of the ice statues also signified death!

The Origin Arts Ancestor from the Heaven’s sect, as well as all the Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang, had not died despite being reduced to ice statues. Only their bodies had been sealed up. Their souls were still extremely lively.

But at this moment, only fear and despair were left in the hearts of all of the Primordial realm experts, including the Origin Arts Ancestor, as they all understood that their fates were completely at the Snow Goddess’s whim.

As for the Origin Arts Ancestor, he was completely ashen. Before this, it was true that he did not revere the Snow Goddess as much as before. After all, even if the Snow Goddess managed to return, she would still have to face the threat of the Flame Reverend.

After all, recovering her peak strength of the past was definitely anything but easy after reincarnating.

But at this moment, after he personally witnessed the Snow Goddess’s strength, the Origin Arts Ancestor came to an abrupt realisation. He discovered that he had been far too naive, which was absolutely laughable. With the Snow Goddess’s current strength, even if she were pitted against the Flame Reverend, who knew who would emerge victoriously.

I’m done for. I’m probably done for this time.” The Origin Arts Ancestor was filled with regret.

He had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer that countless people could only dream of after so much difficulty, yet before he could even enjoy the honour and respect that came with the Seventh Heavenly Layer, the Snow Goddess had sealed him in ice here. She had suddenly returned too. He found this very difficult to accept.

Right now, he was completely sealed up, unable to speak a single word. Despite his soul being perfectly fine, it was also sealed within his body, so even abandoning his body and fleeing with his soul was no longer possible

At this moment, within the sky full of wind and snow, the Snow Goddess’s cold voice rang out from the throne, “You actually dare to collude with the Flame Reverend. Chillwind sect, how bold of you!”

With that, the three ancestors of the Chillwind sect that trembled away on one side immediately became extremely pale. Despair filled their eyes.

The three of them were extremely familiar with exactly what they had been up to over the years. Compared to their deeds, the Origin Arts Ancestor’s offence to the Ice Pole Plane, or even the Snow Goddess, could only be regarded as insignificant.

The three of them had acted with great secrecy and caution, but this was the Ice Pole Plane after all. It was the territory of the Ice and Snow Goddesses, so fooling them was basically impossible.

As long as they were on the Ice Pole Plane, all of the secrets that could be regarded as secrets in their eyes were basically transparent to the two goddesses.

“Chillwind sect, you cannot be forgiven!” the Snow Goddess said. Her words were without a doubt a death sentence to the Chillwind sect.

“But letting you die so easily would be letting you off too easily.” A chilling light flashed through the Snow Goddess’s eyes. She extended a finger. In the next moment, the three ancestors of the Chillwind sect, along with the Chaotic Primes they had brought with them, were all frozen into life-like statues.

The Snow Goddess behaved like she had just done something completely insignificant. In the next moment, the throne suddenly vanished, and the Snow Goddess departed from the area silently. She did not alarm anyone, nor did she catch anyone’s attention. Without even disturbing the protective formations of the Snow sect, she left the Snow sect elusively.

On the Ice Pole Plane, the Snow Goddess’s figure flashed past various places silently like a ghost. On top of that, she merged her soul with the world as her eyes constantly flashed with a light of peering about. Even her presence seemed to have merged with the earth of the Ice Pole Plane as if she had completely become one with the plane.

She seemed to be searching for something, leaving no stone unturned on the entire Ice Pole Plane. In the end, she directly vanished into the Ice Goddess Hall.

From beginning to end, no one noticed her.

Half a day later, the Snow Goddess appeared on the top of the Ice Goddess Hall. Her gaze was frighteningly cold, hiding a strong killing intent.

“The Flame Reverend actually isn’t on the Ice Pole Plane. Hmph, you better hope I never find you, or I’ll make you suffer a horrible death,” the Snow Goddess spoke with biting coldness. Her gaze slowly shifted towards the direction of the Snow Empire, becoming extremely sharp.

Suddenly, she vanished again!

At this moment, within the imperial capital of the Snow Empire, the young man and woman stood within a courtyard. They could not bother with playing chess anymore. Instead, they paid close attention to the events going on in the Snow sect.

“The senses of my soul are no longer able to detect the situation within the Snow sect. An extremely great power exists within the protective formation of the Snow sect,” the young man said slowly. He stared in the direction of the Snow sect, and his ordinary eyes began to shine. The countless ways seemed to weave together in the depths of his eyes, hiding a vast world.

“Junior sister, seems like we need to go.” The young man seemed to guess something before letting out a gentle sigh. However, as soon as he said that, his expression suddenly changed. He immediately grabbed the shoulder of the woman beside him as quickly as he could before vanishing together.

Right as the two of them vanished, the courtyard where they resided was instantly reduced to a hazy-white world of ice and snow. Everything in the surroundings vanished.

The space that the courtyard resided in had been instantly converted into an independent domain through a great ability.

Not only was it a domain, but it was also a world, a world where only ice and snow existed!

At this moment, in the space beyond the Ice Pole Plane, the young man stared sternly in the direction of the Snow Empire and said, “So close. We almost ended up in the Snow Goddess’s domain. Not only has the Snow Goddess returned prematurely, but she’s even recovered her full strength. Looks like the miniature world where she was hiding in was probably a wonder of the world the Ice Goddess prepared for her.”

Suddenly, the space there became extremely cold. The origin energy that filled the sea of stars was immediately reduced to frost by the terrifying coldness. The Snow Goddess appeared silently. She said nothing at all, directly launching a palm strike at the young man from afar.

Immediately, extremely powerful Laws of Ice surged out in outer space, sweeping towards the young man like turbulent waves. Wherever it passed by, everything froze and withered away. Even the space there became snowy-white from the cold.

The young man became extremely stern. With the surrounding space sealed in ice, all he could do was receive her in battle.

A sword that was completely fiery-red appeared in his hand, radiating with the might of a high quality god artifact.

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