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ITDO - Chapter 157 - Take Your Soul and Roast It for a Thousand Years!

“Sigh. It seems like we can’t determine the victor properly between us anymore.”

The fierce flames gradually diminished. Even if the flames were caused by a thermobaric bomb, if there were no more combustible material, it would also gradually become an ordinary fire.

Louie, who was playing the part of the old man, sighed. His face revealed a pained look.

“Fate is mischievous. This old man was commissioned by a friend to come and cut the monster, but the monster wasn’t cut. Instead, our battle was interrupted by this strange firebomb.”

Louie slightly exhaled. With a bell-like loud voice that contained ageless wisdom he said, “Although mortals have a weak body, I did not expect that they would have found other methods by developing those strange skills to this point. The bomb is very powerful. Even if this old man struck the bomb, I could feel my blood and qi flip out and even my internal organs felt uncomfortable.”

His words were meant for those who were watching. The various governments of the world could hear what he said.

And those governments who were watching sucking in a breath of cold air.

‘The old man punched the bomb head-on yet surprisingly his blood and qi only flipped out and felt some discomfort. Isn’t this too much?’

As Louie’s voice fell, the high priest of the deep ones walked out from the building ruins step by step. It did not appear to have any injuries as if the explosion was nothing special.

Seeing this scene, the governments of the world revealed an understanding expression. After all, the high priest of the deep ones was able to fight with the old man for so long, it was obviously not weak.

In fact, the moment Louie noticed the missile, the first thing he did was to strike away his own summoned legendary undead creature. That way, he could destroy the missile in mid-air as well as prevent the undead creature from getting too close to the explosion.

Compared to Louie, who could use divine power, the summoned undead creature was only barely at legendary rank. It was not as good as real legendary rank undead. If it was at the core of the explosion, even if it did not die, it would suffer a lot of damage.

At that time, those who were watching would experience a boost in morale. This would tell them that human weapons could harm these superhumans. If the damage was sufficient, they might even follow up with more missiles.

As a result, most of the explosive power was taken in by Louie while the undead creature was only at the edge of the explosion. That amount of explosive power was nothing to it, but for the people who were watching, they could only see that the thermobaric explosion was useless against the old man or the high priest of the deep one.


The high priest of the deep one let out an unpleasant sound. As if it was speaking, it roared at Louie and warily retreated. It was as if it knew that no one would win between it and Louie and those mortals might try to fish for profits again, so it was not ready to fight.

Louie let the high priest of the deep ones leave. He stood in place as if he was hesitant. After thinking about it, he also turned back and moved away. His speed seemed to be slow yet fast. With just one small step he was able to move ten meters, just like Buddha’s Iddhi-vidhā.

No one dared stop him nor say anything to him on his way. Looking at the direction the old man was going, the U.S.-Japan Joint Operations Headquarters people were shocked because he was headed their way.

After discovering this, the people inside unconsciously looked at the Shinto priest who was like an illusory shadow. The Shinto priest had his eyelids lowered and his hands folded in front of him. His thin body that looked like a withered tree branch made people feel a subconscious terror as if they were looking at a monster.

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The Shinto priest just stood there without saying anything and no one dared to talk to him. Now that the old man was also heading there, they thought that it might be related to the Shinto priest.

It didn’t take long for Louie to arrive at the headquarters, which was located in a hidden underground building. Thanks to the power of his [Illusion] spell, Louie was able to easily find his way there. This was the spell that created the fake Shinto priest.

The guards of the Self-Defense Force trembled at Louie’s arrival. Their legs were shivering as they wanted to run away, but they also felt that this was in line with their responsibilities as soldiers. They trembled as they said, “S-sorry. This place is a restricted area. W-we cannot let you pass without orders.”

They didn’t care if Louie understood Japanese or not. They just said what their duties dictated of them.

Louie ignored them and only shot them a glance. His draconic might paralyzed the guards with fear.

If they held a firm will, perhaps they might be able to resist, but the battle before had already greatly destabilized their mental states. His pressure simply pushed them over the edge.

After passing these guards, Louie walked into the secret base and went straight to the command center.

The people inside the command room were on stand by. Especially those that belonged to the United States. They were so frightened and nervous that they wanted to cry.

The United States just used a bomb to blow the old man up. Who knew if he came here for revenge.

Louie walked into the command room as if no one was there. He simply ignored everyone else and looked at the Shinto priest who was standing in the corner with an apologetic smile, “My bad, old friend Fujiwara. I originally accepted your commission to exterminate those servants of the evil god, but I did not expect things to end like this. The high priest of the evil god is almost on par with me. I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the short term.”

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The Shinto priest, who had been wearing a stone cold face, seemed to become much gentler after seeing the old man. He slowed down his tone and said, “This had nothing to do with you, old friend. I originally thought that it was just some mortals who succumbed to the evil god’s temptation and became its servants. I never expected that they had long planned this out and even brought out a high priest. It’s just regretful that I can’t return yet and fight together with you.”

The Shinto priest spoke with a bit of self-condemnation. Then he looked coldly at the people in the room and said, “And there are fools who are unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything. If not for my inability to influence the world now, I would have long extracted their souls and put it on a blazing fire to roast for a thousand years so that they would beg to die.”

The Shinto priest’s measured words chilled everyone’s hearts. They found that compared to the gentle old man from China, the Shinto priest was more like a demon. They wondered how the two became close friends.

“Now, all lives face a crisis. I originally thought that coming back would be a joyous event, but I never imagined that it would be the time when the evil demons would cause trouble.”

The old man sighed quietly, as if he was worried about the calamities and difficulties that the world would have to face.

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