Chapter 158 - How Can I Continue Pretending If You Don’t Beg Me!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 158 - How Can I Continue Pretending If You Don’t Beg Me!

The Japanese prime minister and cabinet ministers as well as the ambassadors of various countries were rushing to the U.S.-Japan Joint Operations Headquarters. In addition to some political figures, some representatives of the Japanese zaibatsu(wealthy clique) also came.

As the previous era ended, these people were the ones who took hold of Japan’s true power. Meeting any one of them was beyond difficult and required one to lower oneself and take the initiative to go to their official residence.

But now, these bigwigs were being respectful. Without caring for any loss of face, they made their way to the HQ with the greatest speed.

“Masters, can you please explain to us mortals the origin of these monsters and what they want to do?”

The prime minister, whose surname was the same as one of Japan’s most famous onmyoji, lowered his head and asked respectfully. He used the most respectful language which was extremely rare in modern Japanese society.

The representatives of other countries also perked up their ears to probe the two.

The Japanese Prime Minister looked at the old man with a withered appearance, but inwardly he was happy to meet this man who had the famous surname of Fujiwara.

The surname Fujiwara could be said to be the real nobility of Japan. From the Asuka period, this family name had always been associated with nobility. However, there were countless people with the surname Fujiwara throughout history, so it was impossible to guess the true identity of the old man, nor was it known if the old man even left a trace in history.

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‘The Chinese man said that he was a person from the Ming Dynasty which is more than 500 years ago. This priest should also be close in age to him.’

Thinking about this, the prime minister let out a complex expression. Longevity was said to be the dream of morals. The poor desired wealth and power, while those who had wealth and power pursued a long life. Even the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang wasn’t exempt from this.

As for the Chinese man practicing Bajiquan to live forever, no one would believe it. Everyone knew that it was just a sort of martial arts to fight against the enemy. They expected that the old man must have some kind of special technique to accomplish this.

Even if this longevity was different from true immortality, living for a hundred thousand years more was enough to make them envious.

The ambassador of America found himself unable to intervene at all. As the world’s superpower, it was rare for them to be unable to put in a word in this kind of international event. But he really couldn’t help it, especially when his country had provoked the superhumans. He was already thankful to God that they did not retaliate against America, so he stood at the side.

The Japanese prime minister was also pleased with himself at this time. Japan had always been behind America, but this could not be helped. Japan simply couldn’t afford to mess with them. Naturally, as a sovereign country, he did not like it when other countries would tell them what to do with their policies and military.

The prime minister felt very close to these two superhumans. The main reason was that the Shinto priest was Japanese, which caused the Japanese people to feel that they were on the same side.

This was also the purpose why Louie created the Shinto priest. It was to make them feel good and have an easier time communicating, allowing many things to be said in the open.

‘Lord priest said that he can’t return yet, but it is only a matter of time for him to return. With the good relationship between the lord priest and the Chinese man, his strength shouldn’t be any weaker.’

The representatives of Japan were all making calculations in their hearts. If there were countries previously hostile to the appearances of these superhumans, then with Louie’s performance of punching the thermobaric missile, their attitudes immediately changed.

They all came to a consensus that they could not force these superhumans to do anything. As long as these superhumans didn’t cause trouble, overthrow the government, or cause mass destruction and massacres, then the governments would treat them well. There were a lot of things lacking with the current civilization, the only thing that wasn’t lacking was enjoyment and entertainment. They could absolutely serve them better than any ancient emperor could.

And in case they could get some benefits from these superhumans, they might be able to live for more than fifty more years. They would even be willing to fight for it if it was given to others.

The Shinto priest did not speak. He maintained his high and cold persona, while the Chinese man was very amiable. Seeing the group, he explained, “These monsters you call the deep ones are servants of the evil god. The evil god is an extra-terrestrial demon. His will descends upon worlds replete with life and drives all who contact it crazy.”

“As for their actions, you can see what it is. They want to summon the will of the evil god by means of blood sacrifice. It will bring great disaster to this world and drive the world into madness and decay.”

“Previously, this old man has checked it. In the sea you now call the Pacific Ocean, there are trails of the evil god which must be caused by the deep ones under the ocean. They probably used the sacrifices they obtained that time to start a more massive plan this time.”

Louie narrated the details he had made up before to convince these people. He also made an explanation for the cargo ship in the Pacific and in case there was any information that did not match with theirs, these people had no choice but to believe it because they could not prove his lies!

Louie’s explanation was the same as the government’s speculation. Everyone wasn’t surprised. The prime minister looked around before continuing to ask questions as everyone’s representative, “Can this ritual be stopped?”

“This is not difficult. The evil god that you call Cthulhu is related to the stars. We just need to wait for the sun to rise which would weaken the power of the ritual and stop it.”

Before the Japanese people could rejoice, Louie gave them another blow to the head, “But this time, the deep ones are well prepared for the sacrifice. Probably by about four to five’o clock in the morning, the ritual will be completed.”

‘Aren’t you just wasting our time? Doesn’t that mean that the sun will not rise tomorrow?’

The Japanese side cursed inwardly but they did not dare show it.

“Then what would be the consequences of the ritual?”

The prime minister nervously asked.

This time Louie did not answer. The Shinto priest glanced at the prime minister and spoke with a cold voice, “Most probably Edo, or what you now call Tokyo would be invaded by the will of the evil god. Everyone in the city would go crazy or die because of it.”

Hearing the Shinto priest’s words, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

They did not actually believe it, but no one would dare bet on what the result might be. If they lost the bet, the whole of Japan would be finished.

Just at that moment, a voice with a Russian accent came from the side, “If you Japanese don’t know how to solve this crisis, we Russians are willing to give you a free Tsar Bomba to strike directly at Tokyo. All your problems would be solved.”

‘What a bunch of barbarians.’

The Japanese side cursed inwardly.

‘These Russians only know about using nuclear bombs. During the Fukushima power plant leakage incident, the only solution they came up with was to use a nuclear bomb on the nuclear power plant and explained that this was using poison to fight poison.’

Naturally, the Japanese would not choose this option. What was the difference between this and the destruction caused by the evil god? Moreover, it might even be worse than what the evil god could do. What the evil god wanted was human life, but with a nuclear weapon, all the buildings in Tokyo would probably be turned to ashes. Moreover, the nuclear radiation left behind would turn the land uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

“Is there really no other way?”

The prime minister asked with a bit of despair in his voice.

‘I was waiting for you to say that. How can I continue pretending if you don’t beg me?’

Louie muttered inwardly.

TLN: In case you don’t know, the most famous onmyouji is Abe no Seimei, so it’s referencing former Japanese PM Abe Shinzo

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