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ZL - Chapter 1149- Card of destiny


 The skeleton holding an ice axe hollered in rage and slashed his axe onto my swords. My arms felt really heavy and I fell backward. This Ice God Skeleton's face was really vicious and he laughed while using Frost God Punishment!



 I smashed onto the city wall once more and things were tragic. A level 9 Hybrid Demon could push me to such a state and that was unexpected. However, the strength of this level 9 Hybrid Demon was not lower than mine and it was just really scary.


 I used Gan Jiang to block while I slashed Butterfly onto the Ice God Skeleton's shoulder. I raised my boots to kick his chin and I nearly sent his skull flying. he retreated and before I could take a breath, lightning flashed across my head. I raised my head and saw a terrifying Thunder God Skeleton waving his hammer and descending from the sky. The heavy Thunder God Hammer landed on my shoulder!


 Another lethal strike as my eyes nearly backed out. I raised Gan Jiang to block the handle of the hammer while kicking his lower body. Butterfly smashed into his face at close range and a broken cotton-like thing flew out from his skull. I jumped up and flew above the city. I couldn't fight alone or I might get killed by these God Skeletons!


 Flames exploded in front of me and that was infuriating. The Indian players in the distance started to fire their cannons. Coincidentally I was hit by one and my scorched body fell off the walls. The Thunder God Skeleton and Fire God Skeletons chased me and cried out loud. Li Meng Yao rushed forwards and slashed the chest of the Thunder God Skeleton while also raising her shield.

 The Thunder God Skeleton roared and lightning flashed around the hammer. He jumped up and hammered Nuwa Stone!


 Meng Yao didn't move at all and just tanked that attack. But lightning spread around with Nuwa Stone at the center and players around were damaged. The Fire God Skeleton swept his spear and dealt Extreme Plains. Li Mu charged forwards and he used Smashing Buzhou Mountain to chase Fire God Skeleton out of the city range. However, what faced him was a giant wind spell. This was an attack from the Wind God Skeleton. Li Mu retreated and another person landed from the sky. The Ice God Skeleton smashed his axe into the core Zhan Long group. A series of icicle attacks damaged the players around!

 "Shua shua shua..."

 Dozen streaks of light flew up and instantly dozens of us were killed. The God Skeletons' attacks were just too terrifying? But thinking about it, their Attack was 40 thousand. Moreover, they had god skills and it wasn't surprising for them to deal such high damage.

 "Restrict them and kill them one by one!'

 I locked onto one Fire God Skeleton and tried to get everyone to calm down. Mocha, Meng Yao, Wan Er, Li Mu and Old K restricted one level 9 Hybrid Demon. The battle in the city was really intense and there were a large number of skeletons. There was no way to use Dragon Crystal Cannons or God Dragon Cannons to attack them. The cannons of the Royal Army became decorations. as for Han Yuan, Xiao Lie etc generals, they raised their weapons to attack the God Skeletons with no fear at all.


 On the inner city walls,

the God Skeletons started to climb and fly while launching skills into the crowd. What was worse was that there was an ocean of people. The Indian players were here again!

 I blocked three attacks at once while looking at the Indians in the distance.

 "What should we do, boss?"

 Xue Rou saw that and asked nervously.

 We couldn't just let the Indians charge over. The players were as destructive as the level 9 Hybrid Demons. Once they got close, Clear Black Eyes could use the numbers advantage to drown us and take Moon City down. It was tough that we defeated the Indian Region goddess in the second country war so we couldn't let her use Moon City to rise up once more.

 I blocked the heavy strike of a Wind God Skeleton, "The people are on the cities and we have 8000 Furnace God Cavalry beneath the walls. Mocha go an lead them to scatter the Indian players, don't let them get close."

 Not far away, Song Han was shocked, "Just 8000, is that enough?"

 "Even if it is not enough we have to go, if not who else?"

 Xue Rou was helpless, "Okay, since I returned I knew that boss would enslave me. Since that is the case, I will go. If I die don't cry for me, just buy me an LV bag..."

 I laughed, "If you can lead 8000 Furnace God Cavalries to block Clear Black Eyes's attacks, I can buy you 10 LVs!"



 Xue Rou forced a God Skeleton with the Cold Iron Sword while she charged down the walls. In the next moment, the city fate opened and 8000+ Furnace God Cavalries were led by the war goddess Little Demon to charge towards the millions of Indian Region players. This was not a battle of numbers but she was Little Demon and they were the Furnace God Cavalry. I had confidence.

 Not only Zhan Long but Judgement and Appearance Alliance all sent people out. There were around 200 thousand so Xue Rou had a higher chance of succeeding.

 "God Dragon Cannon!"

 I sliced off the head of a low health Fire God Skeleton and grabbed the Divine Tier helmet it dropped. I landed beside the Royal Army cannon and pointed into the distance, "Aim at those adventurers and fire, kill them all!"

 "Yes, General!"

 The heavy cannon soldiers dealing with the level 9 Hybrid Demons started to fire. A few seconds later a mushroom cloud exploded in the crowd. Due to my orders, they won't friendly fire and attack the people that Xue Rou was leading. The Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannons were really strong and the height advantage of the walls strengthened fire power and range. The God Dragon Cannons could even attack targets a few miles out so one could imagine how strong they were.

 On the walls, many barbarian soldiers carried the heavy cannonballs. We brought enough ammo this time and were well prepared. If Clear Black Eyes wanted to use numbers to defeat us, she would probably get disappointed.


 But the battle was still neck and neck on the walls. The level 9 Hybrid Demons were just too strong and the China Region players were suffering from heavy losses. Fortunately, we could revive infinitely to rejoin the defence so most players came back to the walls after being killed. No matter how the battle went our numbers were stable.

 In the distance, the 8000 Zhan Long Furnace God Cavalries was a flash of red that dashed into the crowd. Mocha was really eye catching at the front of this line. They dashed deep in and suddenly I felt as if I had sent them to die. My body shook and my actions slowed down. I was immediately hit by an Ice God Skeleton.

 I jumped up and used Strength of a Thousand Men on the Ice God Skeleton. When I looked into the distance, I saw a silver dragon flying by. Who knew when did Wan Er start to fly over? The silver dragon's breath opened a path and the thick flames also bought some space for Mocha.

 Fortunately, Zhan Long had Lin Wan Er and Xue Rou.


 time passed bit by bit and in a blink of an eye, over an hour passed.


 Another head flew up and I couldn't remember the number of God Skeletons I had killed. This was the skeleton of the Goddess of Destiny. The moment I killed her, a purple skill book flew up which I grabbed. This was one that I solo killed so my charm came into play. Was this a god skill?

 I shook my arm and its stats appeared in front of me--

 Destiny Card (God Skill): Lock onto a target and draw a card, if a red card is drawn, attacks on the target will deal 200% critical strike, when a green card is drawn, attacks will be useless, last for 60 seconds. 30 charm consumed when learned, level 200 required. Required job: Warrior.


 I liked this skill!

 I learned it right away. Destiny Card, that skill name did make sense. 50% of increased critical strike while 50% of dealing no damage at all.

 Time to find someone to test it on. Not far away, Li Mu was fighting a Fire God Skeleton so I used Destiny Card to lock onto it. It started to draw and after three flips, it was red.

 I charged and used Strength of a Thousand Men which dealt 5 deadly numbers. Along with the Godslaying effect, the damage numbers were shocking--







 The final hit actually dealt an additional critical strike which meant 8 times the damage. Instantly the damage numbers were through the roof and both Li Mu and Wang Jian were shocked.

 Not long later, people cheered. it seemed like Appearance Alliance killed the skeleton and a skill dropped.

 But there were only two copies and after which no one got any god tier skills. The drop rate was around 0.01 and it wouldn't be any higher.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.