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CSG - Chapter 3123: The Snow Goddess Appears (One)

“The protective formations of the Snow sect have actually closed up.”

“The protective formations of the Snow sect are used for blocking external attacks. That’s when they are most powerful. Against internal attacks, their defences plummet, leaving them extremely fragile.”

“The Snow sect is not using their advantage of the formations to stop the Heaven’s sect, instead letting them into the sect for battle. What are they up to?”

“Even a Seventh Heavenly Layer expert like the Origin Arts Ancestor can’t destroy the Snow sect’s formation so easily. The Snow sect definitely let the Heaven’s sect inside intentionally.”


Above the Snow sect, the owners of the countless senses of souls that lingered around voiced their doubts. No one had any idea what the Snow sect had in mind.

The Heavenly Crane clan.

Ancestor Lan, ancestor Tian, and ancestor Shi had each ingested an Ancestral Blood pill the moment the Origin Arts Ancestor took action, so the three of them pulsed with a bloodline far more powerful than usual.

The Ancestral Blood pill did not increase their cultivation. Instead, it strengthened their bloodline, so their battle prowess increased drastically while maintaining the same cultivation.

And when they ingested the Ancestral Blood pill, they were ready to use the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane at any moment, as this was the plan they had come up with with the Snow sect. When the Heaven’s sect attacked the Snow sect, the Heavenly Crane clan would use the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane to engage the people from the Heaven’s sect from a distance.

The Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane could only be activated within the Heavenly Crane clan, so the three of them were forced to remain in the clan and launch a long-ranged attack.

But now, the Snow sect had actually locked all the people from the Heaven’s sect inside the formation to everyone's surprise. This immediately left the three of them at a loss, as they had already activated the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane and were ready for battle.

“Dammit, what is the Snow sect doing? They actually locked the Heaven’s sect inside. Don’t they want to live anymore?” ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian called out in a panic. They had already ingested the Ancestral Blood pill, and the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane was already activated. Right after they mustered enough strength for a great battle, the target actually vanished. This sensation of having nowhere to unleash their power was unbearable.

On top of that, the Snow sect’s formation obscured everything inside, so no one could tell what was happening there.

Ancestor Lan was stunned as well. She also struggled a little to adjust to the Snow sect’s unexpected actions.

The plan she had discussed with the Icecloud Founding Ancestor before was not like this.

At this moment, within the Snow sect, the spaceship from the Heaven’s sect hovered in the air as the presence of Primordial realm experts radiated from it recklessly, reaching every corner of the sect.

Just the quantity of Primordial realm presences was enough to throw any disciple of the Snow sect into despair.

That was a force several times greater than the Snow sect. Not only did they have several times more Infinite Primes, but even the Chaotic Primes and Grand Primes from the Heaven’s sect outnumbered them.

And that was without including the Origin Arts Ancestor who had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer!

“I will go down with the sect!”

“When the sect stands, we stand. When the sect perishes, we perish. Disciples of the Snow sect, kill them!”

“Even if I die here today, I will not suffer this humiliation!”


Down below, the many disciples of the Snow sect that had been primed for battle a long time ago assembled various battle formations under the lead of Godkings. They yelled out loudly, charging into the sky without any fear of death, directly approaching the spaceship from the Heaven’s sect.

At the same time, many Godhood disciples rushed out from the spaceship.

None of the Primordial realm experts from the Heaven’s sect participated in the battle between Godhood disciples. By now, all of the Primordial realm experts, whether they were from the Heaven’s sect or the other organisations on planet Cangmang, had left the spaceship. They hovered in the air and stared at the divine hall in the distance that had already become covered in thick, white snow.

That was the Snow sect’s discussion hall!

The experts from planet Cangmang could clearly sense that all the Primordial realm experts from the Snow sect had gathered in the discussion hall.

“No, something’s off. Something’s very off.” Ancestor Qi Feng from the Chillwind sect stared at the discussion hall as his expression changed rapidly. He became surprised and uncertain.

“Even at a time like this, the experts of the Snow sect are gathering in the hall without coming out to stop us. What exactly are they up to?”

“There must be a reason for this abnormality. Be careful of any traps or schemes.”

The two other ancestors of the Chillwind sect both spoke up before frowning at the same time. They both felt like something was off.

“We need to be cautious. I suddenly feel a bad omen.” Ancestor Qi Feng was stern as he stared straight at the divine hall wrapped in snow.

The divine hall blocked the senses of their souls, so they had no idea what was going on inside.

However, the Origin Arts Ancestor was filled with confidence as if he was afraid of nothing. He said proudly, “Hmph, what’re you afraid of? With me around, do you still think the Snow sect can achieve anything?”

With that, a Chaotic Prime great elder of the Heaven’s sect immediately sneered and sucked up to him. “In my opinion, the Snow sect is probably aware that they stand no chance against our Heaven’s sect, so they’ve given up on any resistance. They’ve gathered all of their Primordial realm experts together clearly as an attempt to negotiate with us, hoping that we can spare their lives.”

“Spare their lives? Hmph, they’re dreaming.”The Origin Arts Ancestor sneered. His eyes were filled with heavy killing intent. His thunderous voice directly reached inside the discussion hall. “Icecloud Founding Ancestor, you destroyed my soul clone in front of so many organisations back then, not only disgracing me, but also utterly humiliating me. A debt like this can’t be settled with just you bowing down.”

“It’s useless even if you kneel before me today. This debt can only be repaid with your blood.”

“Icecloud Founding Ancestor, come out and die!” the Origin Arts Ancestor called out and extended his finger. The energy in the world surged as the laws flowed. A huge finger of energy appeared, shooting towards the discussion hall with devastating power.

“In the past, you went on about the Snow Goddess returning. Now, your Snow sect is facing destruction, so where is the Snow Goddess?”

“Hahaha, you don’t even know if the Snow Goddess can return. Even if she does, there’s the Flame Reverend waiting for her. We don’t even know if she can survive in the Flame Reverend’s hands. Why would a person who can’t even fend for herself care about the fate of your Snow sect?”

As the finger of energy pierced through the air and shot towards the discussion hall, the Origin Arts Ancestor’s arrogant voice rang out.

Today, he looked down on the Snow sect beneath him, leaving the Icecloud Founding Ancestor so powerless that she did not even have the courage to confront him. The Origin Arts Ancestor immediately became filled with a sense of satisfaction.

At this moment, when the Origin Arts Ancestor’s voice reached inside the silent discussion hall, the cold eyes of the Snow Goddess that seemed to be an embodiment of wind and snow immediately became even more terrifying as she sat on the throne of ice and snow.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.