Chapter 3122: A Precarious Situation
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3122: A Precarious Situation

“Hahahaha, Icecloud Founding Ancestor, when you destroyed my soul clone back then, just how arrogant and haughty were you? Today, I’ve specially come in person to see whether you still possess that kind of bearing. I want to see if you’re as confident as back then.” The Origin Arts Ancestor’s voice rang out on the Ice Pole Plane. Before he had broken through, he indeed held fear towards the Icepeer Founding Ancestor.

But now, there was no reason for him to take the Icecloud Founding Ancestor seriously at all.

Very soon, the spaceship from the Heaven’s sect stopped above the Snow sect, casting a colossal shadow over the entire sect.

Below, the Snow sect had activated their protective formations several days ago already. The protective formation enveloped the entire sect with a powerful barrier of light, making it impossible to see anything inside.

“Little Lan, the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane is already complete. You can activate it whenever you want.”

At the same time, in the depths of the Heavenly Crane clan, ancestor Lan, ancestor Shi, and ancestor Tian stood together. All of them were stern like they were about to face a great enemy.

The speaker was ancestor Tian.

The three of them gazed far off into the distance, looking in the direction of the Snow sect.

“The Heaven’s sect has gone straight for the Snow sect. Once they destroy the Snow sect, our Heavenly Crane clan will be next. After all, the Heaven’s sect has been harbouring malicious intentions towards our Heavenly Crane clan for a long time now. They obviously won’t let such a great opportunity slip by. As a result, we cannot allow the Heaven’s sect to defeat us and the Snow sect one by one,” ancestor Lan said sternly.

Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian nodded solemnly. “It’s a pity that our Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane can only erupt with its full, corresponding power within the clan. Looks like we can only face the people from the Heaven’s sect in a long-range clash from the Heavenly Crane clan.”

Ancestor Lan’s eyes were filled with resolve. “Once the Heaven’s sect and the Snow sect begin fighting, we’ll ingest the Ancestral Blood pills immediately and activate the Divine Formation of the Heavenly Crane.”

At the same time, in the Chillwind sect that ranked second on the Ice Pole Plane, the two ancestors also gazed in the direction of the Snow sect. Under ancestor Qi Feng’s lead, they paid close attention to every single bit of activity there.

“The Heaven’s sect is far too powerful. Their lineup is absolutely terrifying as well. The Snow sect is completely done for. Unless the Snow Goddess returns, no one can save them.”

“We’re not even certain whether the Snow Goddess will get a chance to return, and you’re still relying on her? What a joke. Though, if that Rain Abbess from the Delight Plane interferes, perhaps she could change the outcome slightly. The Rain Abbess has hidden her strength very well. Even the Icecloud Founding Ancestor suffered at her hand before. She should be able to contend against the Origin Arts Ancestor.”

“The Rain Abbess of the Desolate Plane? Hehe, the Rain Abbess of the Desolate Plane has no ties with the Snow sect. She had no reason to offend the Origin Arts Ancestor who’s already become a late Grand Prime over an organisation that has nothing to do with her. Anyway, the Snow sect is beyond help this time. The Heavenly Crane clan is done for too.”

“Once the Ice Pole Plane loses the Snow sect and the Heavenly Crane clan, just who can still contend against our Chillwind sect?”

The three ancestors of the Chillwind sect all smiled in anticipation.

Among the peak organisations of the Ice Pole Plane, the Snow sect’s status was so sturdy that it was unshakeable due to the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s existence.

As for the Chillwind sect that ranked second, the Heavenly Crane clan that ranked third, and the Hefeng clan that ranked fourth, there was not actually a particularly large difference in strength despite their rankings.

“It’s about time for our Chillwind sect to show ourselves as well.” At this moment, ancestor Qi Feng suddenly spoke up and smiled sinisterly.

“Ancestor Feng, you mean we should take action?” The two other ancestors were both surprised.

Ancestor Qi Feng nodded. He said with a smile, “The destruction of the Snow sect is already set in stone. It is unnecessary for us to take action, but perhaps the exact thing that the Heaven’s sect needs right now is an unnecessary person. That will make their actions even more justifiable, and it’ll shut up the other organisations on the Ice Pole Plane.”

“Moreover, the Ice Pole Plane is territory that belongs to us at the end of the day. As outsiders, the environment here isn’t suited for the Heaven’s sect. Once they achieve their objective, they’ll leave sooner or later. If we do this out of respect for the Heaven’s sect, any negotiations in the future will be much easier too.”

“Of course, none of this is the primary reason. The primary reason is as long as the Icecloud Founding Ancestor is still alive, our Chillwind sect will not be able to consolidate our position as the greatest. We still have the path that the Flame Reverend offered, but that path is very dangerous and very unlikely to be realised, so we can’t gamble everything on that path. If there are other paths available to us, we might as well give them a try first,” ancestor Qi Feng said slowly.

A sinister light appeared in his eyes. “As a result, our Chillwind sect will become the last straw that crushes the Icecloud Founding Ancestor to her death. We can’t let this opportunity slip by, as there might never be another one. We need to take action.”

The eyes of the two other ancestors lit up with that. They snickered as they said, “Looks like ancestor Feng is still the far-sighted one. The Icepeer Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect just happens to have plotted against Shui Yunlan. This has already become a matter of the past, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t try to use it and add a banner of righteousness to our side…”

The three ancestors of the Chillwind sect immediately ventured off to the Snow sect with a group of Chaotic Prime great elders.

“Icecloud Founding Ancestor, I’ve waited for all this time, and you still haven’t shown yourself. Don’t tell me you’ve decided to shrink up in your shell, hiding in the protective formations of the Snow sect, afraid to come out?”

“Icecloud Founding Ancestor, you were so mighty and haughty back then. Why have you suddenly become so timid now?”

The spaceship from the Heaven’s sect sat heavily above the Snow sect’s formations while casting a shadow. The Origin Arts Ancestor’s mocking sneers rang out constantly, echoing through the surroundings and shaking up all the organisations on the Ice Pole Plane.

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Countless powerful senses of souls lingered above the Snow sect. All of the experts on the Ice Pole Plane paid close attention to everything that happened here. They could not help but sigh sorrowfully when they discovered how the greatest sect on the Ice Pole Plane, the Snow sect, did not make a single response, or even react, to the Origin Arts Ancestor’s provocation and sneers.

In their eyes, the Snow sect’s silence demonstrated their fear. It was a display of weakness.

“Hahahahaha, Icecloud Founding Ancestor, do you think I’ll spare you just because you’ve shrunken up inside your shell? You’d be far too naive to think that.” The Origin Arts Ancestor laughed loudly. His gaze sharpened and became much more sunken, filled with killing intent. “I will make you pay a thousand fold for the humiliation you caused me back then. Even if you’re hiding in the Snow sect as a demonstration of weakness, I’ll never spare you.”

“Fellow Origin Arts, our Chillwind sect will lend you a hand with punishing the Snow sect.” At this moment, the experts from the Chillwind sect appeared. Ancestor Qi Feng appeared high in the air, declaring loudly, “The Snow sect has defied the will of the Ice Pole Plane, having betrayed the Ice Goddess Hall a long time ago. In the past, they even almost murdered Shui Yunlan of the Ice Goddess Hall. Although they pushed all the responsibility onto the Icepeer Founding Ancestor in the end, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor was actually the person behind it all.”

“Icecloud Founding Ancestor, our Chillwind sect has always been loyal towards the great Ice Goddess Hall. Since you’ve betrayed the Ice Goddess Hall, our Chillwind sect will never forgive you,” ancestor Qi Feng said righteously.

“Good! Very good! Fellow Qi Feng, our Heaven’s sect definitely won’t forget about the assistance your Chillwind sect has provided us with,” the Origin Arts Ancestor immediately clasped his fist towards ancestor Qi Feng and said politely.

With the Chillwind sect’s assistance, their Heaven’s sect’s actions would be even more justifiable. No one would be able to find fault with them.

“Dammit, why is the Chillwind sect appearing at a time like this? Not only are they not standing with the Snow sect to fend off the outsiders, but they’re even turning against the Snow sect. Why has ancestor Qi Feng made such a mix-up?” The expressions of ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian changed in the Heavenly Crane clan. Originally, the Heaven’s sect alone caused them enough problems. Now that the Chillwind sect had joined it, they basically stood no chance at all.

Ancestor Lan’s eyes narrowed as well. Her gaze was filled with shock. She said sternly, “Looks like the Chillwind sect has already defected to the Flame Venerable’s side like the Hefeng clan. Our Heavenly Crane clan and the Snow sect probably can’t survive this disaster today. Gather a few outstanding descendants in the clan immediately and have them retreat from the Ice Pole Plane…”

In the Snow sect, all of the disciples beneath the Primordial realm were flustered. They all felt extremely uneasy. All of the elders that had reached the Primordial realm held their breaths within the discussion hall, both nervous and unsettled.

However, they were not nervous or unsettled because of the Heaven’s sect's arrival. In reality, at this exact moment, all of the Primordial realm experts gathered there had already forgotten about the Heaven’s sect that threatened them with an army. It was as if the Heaven’s sect had ceased to be a threat in their eyes.

What truly made them hold their breaths was the frigid, snow-white figure that sat naturally on the throne of ice and snow.

The Origin Arts Ancestor would have never imagined that the Icecloud Founding Ancestor who had “shrunken up inside her shell” in his eyes was currently kneeling on the ground in reverence, and the lower half of her body had already turned to ice.

The Snow Goddess’s gaze was cold. She sat emotionlessly on the throne of ice and snow without taking any action.

For a moment, the majestic discussion hall became absolutely silent, so quiet that they could hear a pin drop. However, the atmosphere was also extremely heavy and oppressive.

“Icecloud Founding Ancestor, since you refuse to show yourself, I’ll be forced to crack open this turtle shell of your Snow sect. Back then, you rambled on about how the Snow Goddess would return, trying to intimidate us through her name. Our Heaven’s sect has already arrived with our forces, so where is the Snow Goddess you speak of?”

“Hahaha, we don’t even know if the Snow Goddess can return, but even if she does, she won’t be able to save you today. In the current Saints’ World, who doesn’t know that the Snow Goddess can’t even fend for herself? We don’t even know if she can survive in the Flame Reverend’s hands…” The Origin Arts Ancestor laughed loudly. After reaching the Seventh Heavenly Layer, he became even more reckless and uncontrollable than before.

The Seventh Heavenly Layer truly gave him that kind of confidence!

He flew out from the spaceship. The terrifying pressure of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime blanketed the surroundings. A terrifying storm of energy immediately began to brew.

The Origin Arts Ancestor swung his hand casually, and a colossal hand immediately appeared in the surroundings, slamming towards the protective formation below with devastating power.

This was the terrifying attack of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. It was so powerful that describing it as devastating would not be an exaggeration. As the hand fell, the terrifying energy inside, together with the laws woven together, directly crushed the space there.


With a great rumble, the Origin Arts Ancestor’s colossal hand slammed against the Snow sect’s protective formation. The terrifying might almost made the entire Ice Pole Plane tremble. A gap immediately ripped open in the Snow sect’s sturdy formations.

“Hahaha, there’s nothing impressive about the Snow sect’s protective formations. They aren’t enough to block a single palm strike from me. Everyone, charge into the Snow sect with me! Leave none alive!” The Origin Arts Ancestor laughed loudly in high spirits. At this moment, he gave off a seemingly invincible and unstoppable feeling. Afterwards, he charged into the Snow sect with everyone from planet Cangmang.

“C’mon, let’s head in as well!” ancestor Qi Feng of the Chillwind sect called out before leading the two other Grand Primes of the Chillwind sect and their many great elders into the gap.

Immediately, everyone vanished into the Snow sect, having breached the formation and made it inside.

But at this moment, the gap that the Origin Arts Ancestor produced in the formation actually closed up instantly.

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