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ZL - Chapter 1145- Dandelions


Sparks flew as Butterfly slashed onto Energy Returning Sword but could he block me?

Obviously not.

7 lightning-quick attacks and finally Gan Jiang shot bright. Drunk Maple's chest plate broke down. I was lucky and the Overlord effect appeared once more!

Drunk Maple didn't expect that I could finish the durability on his chest plate. After losing that defence, his overall defence would be greatly affected. I was waiting for this chance!

The golden god skill light shone once more and I saw despair in Drunk Maple's eyes.

"No one can block Li Xiao Yao's Wind Carrying Slash." This was what Fang Ge Que said in an interview. This was proven once more. After I forced his invincibility out, Drunk Maple couldn't stop my damage. He cried and knelt onto the back of the dragon before dying.

Unfortunately, he was lucky and didn't drop any equipment!


After killing Drunk Maple, the biggest threat was handled. More importantly, my magical resistance increased by 30%. Overlord Rebirth's stats were on the actual stats and it was different from those from equipment. In other words, my equipment had 1200% magical resistance, with basic stats it was 1300%. Overlord Rebirth stacked on this so I had an increase in 390% magical resistance. The effect was basically the addition of both Overlord Armor and Overlord Leggings.

Thus, I was much tankier and the Mages weren't so painful anymore. Along with how I could ignore all close combat, I could life steal the damage they dealt to me in 10 swords with one hit.

But, there were many Mage experts among them. Some that could ignore 50% magical resistance so they were still really painful!

But the moment Drunk Maple died, I could finally gain a footing here. I used Seven Stars Teleportation and used this to dodge a lot of damage. I stopped the Indian players and helped to reduce the pressure for Zhan Long. The moment Drunk Maple died, their morale was affected. Very quickly more and more people surrounded me and I killed more and more. My points jumped. Moreover, they were in the Hybrid Demon Territory system so I gained experience. I could gain the level I lost very quickly.


Time passed bit by bit and as more players and Hellfire Skeletons fell, Zhan Long stabilised. Our morale was high. The 200 thousand Indian players were stopped by the 120 thousand of us so they lost their face.

Looking at the results, I was delighted. We had the primary city and we had a strong quest and item system so we would level faster than them. Conquer the World and Beautiful Life were on our level but now even if they combined, they weren't Zhan Long's match. The times created heroes and whoever had the upper hand would be the final victor.


After another hour, a dense number of warships appeared on the horizon and drums surged into the sky.

The sharing interface showed the war situation near Tian Ling City.

There were three battlefields, a bunch of skeletons was attacking Tian Ling City. In the Deer Lake direction, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword attacked large number of skeletons and Three Horned Flame Dragons and used the lake water to reduce the attacks of the Three Horned Flame Dragons. He even used ships to draw most of the firepower there.

The number of hybrid demons attacking was based on the players in the city. Tian Ling City had more players than Flaming Cloud City and Moon City so the number of Hybrid Demons they faced was far more. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword really spent a lot of effects to help Tian Ling City out.



The first ship placed its deck down but nothing appeared. The water started to splatter and it was weird.

"Yi, where are the monsters?" Old K was delighted, "Did we wipe them out and they can't send any more?"

Song Han smiled, "Right, now empty ships are coming?"

Yue Qing Qian frowned, "That's not right..."

"Why?" Songhan asked.

"There is something weird about this." Yue Qing Qian pouted.

My heart sank, "Send my orders, take out the city return scroll and head back to Moon City, quickly!"

"We are abandoning Sea of No Return?" Li Mu was shocked.



"They are the Crescent Moon Nuns in stealth, we will die staying here!" I said loudly.

Li Mu was shocked, "Retreat, back to the city!"


Before the Crescent Moon Nuns appeared and attacked, we took out our City Return Scrolls and headed back. I circled the air and left only after confirming that everyone returned. The ground was in a mess but I saw a bunch of beautiful figures slowly appearing. They were the Crescent Moon Nuns, there were tens of thousands of them. The Indian Region players that we had forced back had returned. Moon City would have no peace at all.


I appeared within Moon City and my eardrums felt really uncomfortable due to the cannon fire. I looked around and noticed that there were many heavy cannons, Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannon around on the walls. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Lin Qiong etc appeared on the walls and they started to attack those Hellfire Skeletons that tried to climb up the walls.

I stepped on the bricks and walked on the outline of the walls. I sliced two Hellfire Skeletons before moving forwards. I was the strongest officer in Moon City. Although Queen Fiona was above me but I helped her get this Moon City and I was The Executor so our status was around the same. However, my control of the troops was above that of Fiona.

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On the city wall, Fiona stood at the edge of the wall with her bow and she pulled the bowstring. An arrow flew out and one could hear Hellfire Skeletons crying out. She was pretty much killing one with one arrow. Her shooting ability was like Lanais and that made me think back about Lanais. With this Hybrid Demon Queen helping, Moon City's defence would be impenetrable.

"The Executor!"

Fiona saw me and she turned around and bowed. I helped her up right away, "Cough cough, Queen no need to be so polite, you are torturing me."

Fiona laughed, "The Executor is getting more and more interesting."

I looked outside and said, "The Crescent Moon Nun Army is about to arrive. They have invisibility so be prepared, if not we might suffer in their hands."

"Don't worry, I have a solution."

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Fiona turned around and said towards the few Dark Moon Elves that were riding eagles, "Send my orders, place a demon lamp every 20 meters, I want those Crescent Moon Nun to be lit up and unable to hide!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The moon elves backed off and a few minutes later, many blue demon lamps hung on the walls. Fiona smiled, "These lamps have magical powers, the flames come from the oil of the Heaven Eye Tree and it could see past all beings. As long as the Crescent Moon Nuns get close, the lamp will reveal them."

"En, that's good..."


Moon City had a solution against the Crescent Moon Nuns, what about Tian Ling City and Flaming Cloud City? I started to worry before mocking myself that I worried too much. Forget it, let's just bother about what was ahead. My quest was to guard Moon City, the others were not things I could worry about.

"They are coming!"

Half an hour later, Wang Jian shouted. As expected, the ropes hanging on the edge of the walls shook as someone was climbing. They couldn't be seen until they got close to a lamp. Dancing Forest smiled as she raised her bow, "Don't hold back, shoot them!'

The ranged players started to attack while the close combat players used Blade Spin, Sword Break etc skills to kill them. The Crescent Moon Nuns suffered and lost half their health before they even got up the walls. When they finally arrived, they ended up as our achievement points and experience.

The situation was much better than we expected. Crescent Moon Nuns couldn't do much after they were revealed. The firepower was too strong and the sixth wave of monsters was easily KO-ed.


But it didn't mean that it was easy for others. Tian Ling City and Flaming Cloud City sent news that their sneak attack worked. The players at Deer Lake suffered heavy losses and over half of Hero Mound was wiped out. Luckily the Hundred Abyss Cavalry could run on the water so Q-Sword managed to keep his cavalries. Flaming Cloud City didn't have the demon lamp so many Crescent Moon Nuns had snuck into the city.

Further away, Nine Heavens City and Iron Skull City were in a bad state, especially Nine Heavens City. I heard that there was also a five star god boss attacking them, Demon Mountain definitely faced a tough nut this time.

I even suspected whether or not a main city would collapse to the seventh wave?


Right when we were uneasy, the seventh wave moved slowly forwards.

On the ground, many bugs ran excitedly. They were Spirit Umbrella Bugs, we recognised them. They could attack and defend.

"Spirit Umbrella Bug?"

Lin Wan Er smiled beside, "If they are only Spirit Umbrella Bug, it might be a problem whether or not they can climb up the city."

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "It seems like Moon City would be able to hold on."


I looked carefully, "No, apart from Spirit Umbrella Bugs, there is another type that is floating in the sky."

"That is... Dandelions?" Mocha opened her mouth.

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