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ZL - Chapter 1144- First Overlord Rebirth

"Drunk Maple is finally here!"

Li Mu licked his lips, "IBN's top player even got a giant dragon mount."

Yue Qing Qian said, "Drunk Maple's equipment value is 224 and his weapon is the Country Weapon Energy REturning Sword, it should be something he got when he killed the boss in the Dark Moon Elves territory. It has 50% lifesteal and his helmet is an Epic Tier item. The rest are four star or five star god artifacts."

"So strong." Xue Rou looked at me and asked, "Boss, what is your equipment evaluation?"

I glanced and said, "Roughly 251."

"Drunk Maple is coming." Yue Qing Qian said hurriedly.


As expected, he rode the Darkness Bone Dragon above us and he held the Energy Returning Sword. He laughed coldly, "You didn't expect us to be here right? Xiao Yao Zi Zai."

I raised my head and looked at him, "I didn't expect that you would join the Hybrid Demon Territory and fight against humans with monsters. This must feel good right?"

He stared and shouted, "You know the reason so why ask. You led the Hybrid Demons to attack the humans before so you should understand this feeling. This time you have to pay the price!"

I looked behind him and laughed coldly, "200 thousand Indian players, if I am right, this is all Hybrid Demon Territory gave you right? The others... They can only wait for the ships to travel to and fro and that would take 2 hours right?"

The unease on his face flashed, "No matter what we have to fight today. War or one against one, choose?"

"One against one?"

I laughed and looked at him, "What is the point? If we have war, you are still the first that I will kill."

"Then prepare to get destroyed!'


Drunk Maple pulled the ropes at the mouth of the giant dragon and flew back. He raised the Energy Returning Sword and ordered, "Attack!"

War drums banged and not only the Indian players but many Hellfire Skeletons charged at us with their flaming swords. Damn, these were level 210 Quasi Boss tier skeletons and there were around 100+ of them, this wave was a huge challenge!


Li Mu wasn't rash and he rode his horse on the frontlines and ordered everyone to defend. If we didn't defend our formation would get scattered and things would be chaotic.

I placed down two Azure Dragon Crossbows and jumped into the air, flying to Zhan Long's core. I used King's Domain once more. Fortunately, Drunk Maple spent 2 hours gathering his men if not the CD wouldn't be up. Zhan Long and Six Palace Pink had 120 thousand people here. Even if we couldn't fend them off, at least the 200 thousand people that Drunk Maple brought would be buried in the Sea of No Return.


I dove down and drank a bottle of wine to recover rage value. I slashed into the Conquer the World players and both Butterfly and Gan Jiang dealt 170 thousand damage. At the same time, I used Sword Tempest and it was another 150 thousand. Two level 190+ players were killed just like that. On the ground, many Archers aimed at me. One of the team leader players shouted, "Shoot him,


Unfortunately, my movement speed was too high and I fell into the crowd like a cannonball.


Sand flew all around and I slashed my sword forwards in an arc. Lightning exploded and before they could even heal, I used Ice Domain to freeze many people around. I released the Ancient God Tiger and it clawed at the crowd to deal 100 thousand damage numbers. The archers were insta killed by Little Tiger's Flame Trample. A few cavalries tried to use Assault but Little Tiger stunned them. Before they could do anything, Little Tiger used Ancient Mark and killed them all.

"Bring it on!'

The heavy cavalries pounded towards us. Facing the main force of Conquer the World and Beautiful Life, I didn't retreat. I activated Gan Jiang's skill and sliced a cavalry's shield into two. His eyes were filled with shock as a golden light shone brightly. I used the 15 strikes of Wind Carrying Slash. I was too explosive, along with the splash damage, a bunch of Lightning Trampling Cavalry was killed just like that.

I turned around and a dense amount of Rising Dragon Arrows and Ice Pillars covered my area. The Rising Dragon Arrows were still okay as my defence was really high and I wasn't afraid of physical damage but I was countered by magic damage. The Ice PIllars dealt a series of high damage numbers.





My health continued to drop and in a blink of an eye, it was about to empty out. I wasn't worried about death, anyways I could revive. I used Strength of a Thousand Men on the chest of a Warrior. At the same time, my hand felt warm as it was Butterfly's Dinghai effect. It stunned the enemy for 3 seconds and healed me for 50% of my health.


The large heal number filled the Indian Players around in despair. I slashed another Archer and with 4 consecutive attacks, I nearly healed up to full.


A heavy pressure pressed down on me from the back as it was Drunk Maple. Energy Returning Sword slashed onto my shoulder and I felt a burning sensation. Drunk Maple's attacks weren't a joke and he actually dealt 110 thousand damage. His second strike was here, Breaking Stone Strike!

His blade had the stone cracking effect and this strike ignored defence and it was Drunk Maple's strongest move.

In his close to maniacal eyes, he saw my body jump up and I flew with Icy Wings effect. Gan Jiang blocked the middle of Energy Returning Sword and Butterfly slammed on his wrist. I raised my knee and kicked the neck of the Darkness Bone Dragon. A blue "Broken" effect rose up. Even the dragon rider would get hit by Pulse Breaking Style!

But, the darkness bone dragon wasn't to be trifled with. It bit my waist. Its teeth pierced through the Overlord Armor!


I was shocked. This mount could attack along with its master and even if the master was slowed it could still attack. So terrifying!

I raised a hand and smashed Gan Jiang on its eyes. it released me and a bunch of Ice Pillars also nearly emptied out my health. Twin Dragons appeared, I was actually forced to use it so quickly!

In the guild channel, Xue Rou was anxious, "Li Mu, Wang Jian, save boss with me, quick!"

I hurriedly said, "No! Mocha don't move. Defend, I will settle this!"

Lin Wan Er also said, "En Mocha defend the formation, don't panic."

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "Actually Brother Xiao Yao wants to die because he wants to test out the effect right?"


Before they even finished their sentences, I jumped onto the back of the dragon and slashed 7 times with my sword from different angles and of varying degrees of strength. However, Drunk Maple was strong and he blocked 5 of them before using Sword Break+Sword Controlling Technique on me!



My health was about to bottom out but I couldn't die just like that!

I ran forwards and used Strength of a Thousand Men on Drunk Maple without giving him a chance to react. Finally, his health couldn't handle it and it reached the bottom. He hollered and activated his invincibility skill. golden light wrapped around him and I couldn't select him as a target anymore.

That was what I wanted!

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Drunk Maple had his invincibility skill forced out by me, that made things easier!

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Energy Returning Sword shone with Breaking Stone Strike's effect once more and he landed it on my shoulder again. I could even see the cracking on the Overlord Armor, was this the form after the armor was broken? Pain spread throughout my body and large damage numbers rose up. I didn't even use my invincibility skill and just let him kill me!


A fatal blow, such strong explosiveness!

My eyes went black and I fell down, the system indicated, "choose within 5 seconds to revive on the spot and lost a level, or you will lose a level and have a chance of losing equipment.

Obviously, revive on the spot!


A green light descended from above and covered my corpse. My eyes lit up and I had successfully revived. My stats increased by 30% but they were all hidden stats. I could see the 30% reserve health behind my real health which meant that others had to remove this 30% health before they could attack my true health.

My Attack, Defence, movement speed, health recovery, resistance etc stats turned green and there was a 30% hidden increase.

"It is your turn!"

I stepped on the ground and charged towards Drunk Maple. He was shocked but there weren't many players that could fly around me. The Scattered Shot couldn't stun me and no one could block my explosiveness.

Drunk Maple could only rely on the healers but he was too overconfident and no more than 10 healers were nearby. How could they heal him up?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.