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ZL - Chapter 1136- First fight

"Li Xiao Yao, what do you think?" Wang Xin suddenly looked at me and asked.

I was drinking and I placed the water down, "Actually Captain Wang's plan is not 100% foolproof too."


"Since we want to infiltrate and monitor Buster then we have to do it openly. I suggest sending a team to investigate them tomorrow but we can't find anything and let them be happy and let down their guard. Then our work would be much more efficient. If we don't do anything, Wang Zecheng would be worried right?"

"Haha." Head Ye smiled, "Well said, Li Xiao Yao really is extraordinary, apart from his own ability, he is really smart too!"

I smiled, "Head Ye praises me too much."

Wang Xin said, "That is fine, how should we investigate tomorrow?"

Head Ye said, "Then let's investigate together, Hangzhou will send a bunch and the base will send a team."

Wang Xin nodded, "Let Li Xiao Yao lead the team so it would be safer. How many should we send?"

"The more the merrier." I thought about it, "50?"


Head Ye said, "Then the police will send 50 to help. Li Xiao Yao will lead the team?"

"Okay, gather at the headquarters at 9 and we will head out at 9:20. Buster would be at work then so it would be a good time. Remember, we are just faking it, don't fight them."



Wang Xin and Head Ye started to discuss details. Buster was just too huge and they had set up connections in Hangzhou. To pull them down, we had to consider too many details. If not, once the higher ups questioned us, even Wang Xin and Head Ye couldn't handle it. After all, many people hoped that Buster would help to raise Hangzhou's GDP.

The meeting ended at 11pm. Xing Lie, Axe, Shen Bing and I walked out of the meeting hall. We walked on the garden pathway of the base.

"Boss, are we really faking it tomorrow?" Xing Lie asked.

I waved the document that Wang Xin and Head Ye signed, "Naturally I can't disobey orders."

Shen Bing giggled, "You have disobeyed orders so many times right?"

Axe clenched his fist, "Boss, do you trust Head Ye? Wang Zecheng definitely bought over many people, Head Ye... He is sitting on such a seat, Wang Zecheng definitely wouldn't let him off right?'

"Ha..." I smiled, "Even if this world is black, I will think that it is white. I trust Head Ye."

Shen Bing nodded, "Right, that is like a general. One must believe a partner unconditionally if not one wouldn't be able to do anything."

I smiled, "But we need to be prepared. Sister Shen Bing, apply for funds to create your internet squad to break their firewall. I need their classified documents as proof if not how can we wipe them out?"

Shen Bing laughed, "Scoff, I just praised you and you are actually trying this?"

"Troops don't shy away from such tactics... Tell me, how long will it take to break their firewall?"

'This..." Shen Bing took in a deep breath.

"Buster's firewall isn't a defensive net, it is a shield formed by many layers and each layer will change with time. If you break the first and try for the second, the second will change so we have to analyse all the details. I calculated that if I used all my resources, I would need 17 years."

I calculated, "I will be 42 years old after 17 years and won't be able to move. So what is the point if you break it then..."

Shen Bing laughed, "That is the worst situation but calm down. I will ask for funds and there will be a bunch of experts with me. In an ideal case, we can break them down in 3-8 months. The worse case will be around 1-3 years..."

"That can be accepted.

Axe couldn't understand and said, "Why talk so much. Boss, should we bring weapons tomorrow?"

"Of course, bring them all. Bring the cannon that Tian Jin Corporation prepared, if we bump into A grade Artificials then just blow them up."


To deal with Artificials, Tian Jin Corporation spent so much effort. They used the scent of Artificials and genes as bait to lock onto them and attack. The scales of these artificials would be the target. With a lock on cannon, this would be a threat to A grade Artificials. The dragon blood warrior's movement speed is really fast but could they be faster than computers? ! Of course not, if they dared to attack then they would just die!

The only weakness is that they are too heavy. If not A grade Artificials would be facing a nightmare.


It was 12 when I returned and I noticed that Wan Er was holding her tablet and she had fallen asleep.

I looked at her face and I was in pain. I carried her into the room and she wasn't awake. She muttered words I couldn't understand. I thought about it and carried her to my room. My bed was big enough and I didn't need to worry about Lin Tian Nan monitoring me now. After so long, he should accept that Wan Er and I were together.

Lin Wan Er wore her pajamas so things were easy. I placed the blanket over her and she continued to sleep. The work in the company was probably too tiring if not she wouldn't be so deeply asleep. Or maybe she knew that it was me so she was lazy to wake up.


When I woke, the sun was bright outside. I saw Lin Wan Er beside me and she looked at me excitedly. She faked that she was asleep and I laughed when I saw that. I hugged her and said, "Stop faking!"

Lin Wan Er burst out laughing and laid in my arms, "You dummy, what time did you come back. I waited for so long, and then... I fell asleep..."

"Scoff scoff, if you met a bad guy they might just carry you away."

"You are evil too, you carried me onto your bed!"

"Aiya, I admire your firmness!"

"Ah, you dare to scold me..."


I teased her for a while and then my alarm sounded. Lin Wan Er looked at me, "Do you have a mission today?"


I nodded, "But this time it is civil and we won't fight so don't worry. Are you heading to the company?"

"Right, I am stuck in the company every day as we are just starting up. It would be better in a few days. I will hire a few more assistants and let them deal with this. Then I will have time for you,"

I kissed her, "That is okay, after all, we are great members of our industry and we have to work. Once i finish I will head to Wan Yue Design to fetch you."

"En en, end work early. I haven't leveled in a long time. I am still collecting my Crescent Moon Set."



I had gathered the five star Overlord Set already and my two weapons were five star too. My level had reached level 204 so the level wasn't a problem. I had to deal with real life things first. This was the first time I was clashing with Wang Zecheng in real life!

In the afternoon, I drove the A4 to the base and changed into the uniform. The special forces uniform was not a battle uniform but it wasn't a police uniform too. After wearing it, I looked at my chest, the silver badge 2921607 was shining and made me swear that I wouldn't let it down!

I wore the uniform. I only brought two blades, one pistol and an assault rifle. It was relatively simple. Head out! Xing Lie was the top shooter in the base and he carried a sniper rifle and also two pistols. Axe was like me but he carried a heavy assault rifle that was more suited for his strong body. Four more of them carried heavy cannons. Just like that, we headed out.

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We arrived at the headquarters at 9:20, both sides lined up and then we headed to Buster.


Buster was in the busy Wen Er Road and it had its own building. They were famous for being a rich company. We didn't set off any alarm and only when 7 cars appeared at their entrance did they notice that something was off. We weren't on vans that shipped prisoners but on special forces cars that were equipped with weapons.


I landed on the ground and stepped on the cement. I held the assault rifle in my hands and at the same time, I lowered my hat.

"Oi, who are you?"

As expected from the security of a big company. Buster's security guards were courageous. Normal ones would be terrified when they see us but they walked forwards, "What do you want?"

I walked forwards with a search warrant, "I suspect that your company is related to Artificials so we are searching. Please cooperate and stand aside!"

He was stunned and he nodded, "Okay..."


We entered Buster and I glanced around, "Split into 4. The first follow me to district A, second with Xing Lie to B, third with Axe to C, fourth with Captain Liu to D. Head out, don't miss out any details."

I believe that we won't be able to find anything today if not Buster would not have been able to run for so many years. If things were as expected, their Artificial technology would be hidden at the secret level. That floor was something we won't be able to find right away.

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