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ZL - Chapter 1137- Eat then leave

"B Group, nothing here."

 "C Group, nothing."

 "D Group, no problem, continuing to search."


 The voice of a few team leaders spread out from the micro earphones. I hugged the assault rifle and led 24 people along the halls. At the same time, I looked around. behind the glass were many workers in uniform. Some were observing machines, some were using microscopes to develop stuff. This was probably the case with medical companies.

 "5th floor done, time to head to the 6th." I said in the earphones.

 I gazed at the people behind me and everyone followed me up to the sixth floor from the service elevator. Buster had a total of 25 floors and today we would search each floor.

 Along the way, many people gave us weird gazes. A bunch of armed guards appearing in the company easily attracted attention.

 When we were on the sixth floor, a bunch of workers with access cards waited for us. Behind them, many secretive machines were shining different colors.

 A foreign national walked forwards and he said with the little bit of Chinese that he knew, "I am the manager here, this is the research department, you can't enter... Or you will destroy... Our machines..."

 A police from the base said in fluent English basically said that if we destroyed anything we would compensate them. I was stunned, the special forces had many hidden talents, his English standards were far above me...

 They looked like they wanted to stop us so I walked forwards and raised the assault rifle, "We are on a mission so don't stop us or don't blame us."

 There was no need to be polite towards this bunch. If Buster had developed the Artificials then every one of them was sinners and they had to be punished for the tens of thousands of deaths they had caused over the globe during these few months.


 I walked over and someone said in the earphones, "Boss these are all machines for medicines, these are to analyse the contents, these are to split them apart. Those computers are analysing gene makeup, I don't really understand, my biology standards are up to high school."

 "En, use the scope on your guns to take videos of all this. Shen Bing will receive all the images."


 Who cared if we didn't get anything, we had to gain something from this, this was the way I did things.


 After 15 floors, this place was designated as the experiment floor. When we entered, we saw that this was a small lab. Rats weren't rare anymore and one could even see snakes and lizards etc.

 "You can't enter this place, this is a secret location!" This time, a person dressed in a white coat stopped us. On his chest wrote the title of professor.

 Xing Lie held his sniper rifle and said, "Professor don't disturb us, thank you."

 The professor moved aside and picked up the walkie-talkie, he said anxiously, "CEO Wang they have entered the experiment lab, come quick. They are so unreasonable!"

 I raised the assault rifle and filmed a lizard. Its eyes were weird, totally different from those I saw in tropical countries.

Not long later, the elevator suddenly opened and a bunch of people walked over. Wang Zecheng was at the front but he didn't panic. He was terrifyingly calm. Behind him were a bunch of young people and they seemed familiar. on close look, they were all university students!

 No, all of these were students!


 "Why?" Wang Zecheng wore the CEO card on his chest and walked over with a gentle smile, "This... Isn't this Li Xiao Yao?"

 I smiled, "Yes CEO Wang!"

 Wang Zecheng was shocked, "Why did you bring so many soldiers over to Buster, we are a legal organisation. What you are seeing here is our technological advancements, there is nothing illegal about this!"

 I nodded, "I know that Buster is legal but I am just conducting checks right?"

 Both of us were lying with our eyes open.

 Wang Zecheng said, "Look, didn't I bring alumni from school to take a look at Buster, I didn't expect to see you here. You... Wa, all of you are armed? Our Buster... We didn't do anything wrong!"

 I smiled, "Right, I think Buster is fine too. Don't worry, I will speak well for Buster when I head back."

 The university student behind him exploded. A few girls looked at my badge and card, "Wa, it really is Li Xiao Yao! He-- He is... A legendary special forces cop... He looks so handsome in uniform!"

 I didn't wear my cards when I was on missions but this time was just for show so everyone wore it.

 I glanced at them, one of them was the girl that Wang Zecheng brought last time. Another was one of the top 10 prettiest in the university but I didn't know her and rarely cared about this. After all, apart from police work, I spent time in-game so I didn't go out at all.

 I nodded, "Students don't affect my work, I need to lead them to investigate."

 The girls moved aside and they still looked charmed. The police team behind me was filled with guy models. Xing Lie was young and handsome and he seemed more firm and courageous with his uniform and his weapons. His attraction towards girls was no lower than those actors.

 Wang Zecheng smiled, "Captian Li Xiao Yao, it has been tough on all of you. Please forgive us if we didn't welcome you well, if I am free I will thank all of you!"

 "Don't wait for then!"

 I smiled and looked at him, "Where is Buster's restaurant?"

 "Floor 20, why?" Wang Zecheng was shocked.

 I laughed and said, "I brought 100 people over, CEO Wang please prepare lunch for us, we will leave after that."

 His expression changed and I guessed that he wanted to toss me down from the 15th floor. The workers behind Wang Zecheng were furious. I even believed that many of them were Artificials and were waiting for Wang Zecheng's orders.

 I looked forward to them attacking. The 100 special forces police weren't afraid of them at all. Moreover, I was here and we had the cannons. A Grade Artificials would be easily killed by us.

 But they didn't attack us. Wang Zecheng swallowed his anger and continued to face us with a smile, "Okay, I will instruct the restaurant to prepare 100 sets. I don't know what you like, do you like spicy or sweet?"

 I smiled, "Anything, we aren't picky. Let's continue to complete our mission."


 I turned around and I could sense Wang Zecheng's rage. Xing Lie smiled and he said softly, "Wang Zecheng this fool, he is probably going to die from rage."

 "Don't be careless, be wary. They might attack us at any moment, we really angered them this time."



 In the end, we underestimated their ability to take losses. Wang Zecheng didn't do anything and he even treated us to a good meal and didn't poison us.

 In the afternoon, we headed back. This mission wasn't a total failure, we took videos of many documents. When we got back, Shen bing had formed a 3D hologram of the entire company. After confirming a few areas that we couldn't enter, if Buster was hiding something, it would only be those few places. Moreover, Xing Lie stole a lizard and although he was killed in his pocket, but analysis showed that at least 30% of it was Artificials gene. 

 Unfortunately, one lizard alone couldn't convict the whole company. We could only wait until Buster slips up.


 At around 2pm, I changed and drove my A4 to Wan Yue Design.

 When I walked into the CEO office, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were delighted. Probably seeing me alive was what they looked forward to.

 "Wang Zecheng didn't make things hard for all of you right?" Lin Wan Er asked.

 I laughed, "He didn't dare, we had guns..."

 Dong Cheng Yue was speechless, "If he is really behind Artificials, he wouldn't care at all."

 I said, "Anyways don't worry, he invited my 99 brothers and me to a good meal..."

 "You really could eat that..."

 "Of course, it tasted good too."

 I had to act relaxed, only then could the two girls be less worried.


 I spent the afternoon in the company and got off work at 4. We had an early dinner and after that, I logged onto the game. Lin Wan Er was busy searching for Cresent Moon Set gear, while I... Was looking for something to do. There were many things but there weren't many that I wanted to do.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.