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ZL - Chapter 1139- Petty

I sat on the ice cold iron platform beside Frost and mocked myself. Why would Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes join the Hybrid Demon Army, did they not know that they were just a bunch of monsters? No, they knew. They were being forced by me. If I didn't take down Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City, they wouldn't have ended up in such a state.

 The top player of IBN as well as the spiritual leader of the Indian Server was actually forced by me to such a state, this was all my fault.

 But I didn't have much to regret about. The winners were the ones that ruled, this was the price. If I was weak, the ones working with the hybrid demons would be me. Moreover, I had worked with them before.


 Angela held the Blade of the King and said slowly, "Frost don't worry, once Dragon City is attacked, the entire Ba Huang City will be your shield. We will try our best to ensure that Dragon City is not broken."

 Frost smiled and bowed, "The queen is too polite, I am not worried about Dragon City. We have hundred Dragon riders and along with Dragon Crystal Cannons, Azure won't test us. I am more worried about Tian Ling City and Moon City. The threat from Sea of No Return is the most terrifying one."

 Angela looked at me, "This is what The Executor is worried about too right?"

 "It is indeed a problem..."

 I stood up and I didn't have time to ask about the dragon crystals. I teleported to Tian Ling City. I had to ask Tian Ling City to prepare in advance. The Executor's interface had a prepare for war button which gathered the generals and high level officials. This was one of my powers. Thinking about it, Lochlan trusted me unconditionally. He handed all the troops in Tian Ling City to me without any reservations.

 I summoned God Dragon Horse and galloped towards the palace. Dragons roared and it was Han Yuan, Xiao Lie and the other two generals. They were dragon riders now and their status in the Tian Ling City army had increased. At the same time, I sent a notification in the management chat, "Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple has joined the Hybrid Demon Territory system and they will launch an invasion soon. The main force would be level 8 Hybrid Demons, tell everyone to prepare!"

 Li Mu asked, "What should Zhan Long do, do we head to Sea of No Return to defend?"


 I denied his decision, "Tell the brothers to prepare and teleport to Moon City. Our defensive area is Moon City. If I am Clear Black Eyes I will attack that. I will treat that as a stepping stone to attacking Tian Ling City. Leave the defense of Tian Ling City to Legend and Hero Mound. Call our allies, let's head to Moon City."



 After briefing the guild of the details, I arrived in the palace where the guards bowed towards me. I also saw Situ Xin, Zhu Hai, Qu Hu, Tan Taiyu etc generals to the palace. They were all here after receiving my notification.

 More and more people gathered in the palace hall and in the end, there were over a hundred people which included officials above Major rank. Lochlan rushed from the imperial garden and he didn't even have time to change his dragon robe. He took his robe off and revealed the royal attire underneath. Lochlan really wasn't a puppet emperor and he had his own views. He was smart and decisive and this was the reason why I had high hopes for him.

 When everyone gathered, Zhu Hai said, "The Executor, why did you summon us all here so anxiously.

What was the reason?"

 Lochlan asked, "Master Li, what is the emergency?"

 I cleared my throat, "In no more than three days, Azure will lead the Hybrid Demon Army to attack the seven empires. Our Tian Ling City and Moon City will be one of those attacked. After all, we are next to Sea of No Return and it is too easy to attack us."

 Shao Shiyang asked, "Why is the Commander in chief so certain of the information. What if Azure sent out this fake news to waste our time?"

 I smiled, "Because I know that the son of the Flaming Cloud City emperor has joined the Hybrid Demon Territory. Along with him are tens of millions of adventurers that makes them strong enough to counter us. I also have a secret report from Dragon City about their attack time so you don't have to doubt this. If the information is wrong then I will take responsibility."

 Lochlan said, "Master Li's words are too heavy, no one will blame you. After all, you are doing this for Tian Ling City. Master Li, you are The Executor, you will be in charge of the arrangements this time?"

 I nodded, "Tian Ling City has many troops and we can face the Hybrid Demons but Moon City is too far away so it isn't convenient for us to reinforce them. We have to put some focus on Moon City. From now onwards, send out Heaven Barrier Army, Royal Army, and Autumn Harvest Army over to support Moon City. The rest of the troops remain and defend the sea. Push all the cannons to the edge of Sea of No Return and prepare enough oil. Don't let their ships get close, we have to fend off Azure."

 The generals cupped their fists, "Understood!"

 The moment war began, I was upgraded to Marshal. Tsk tsk, it felt like I had been promoted.

 I looked towards Lochlan, "Moon City's battle isn't good so I will personally command them. Your Majesty, I shall leave Tian Ling City to you. Please be careful. Dragon City will send 20 Dragonriders over so please use them well."

 Lochlan smiled and nodded. He said confidently, "Don't worry Master Li, I won't disappoint you."

 "Okay, let's do our own things!"



 After leaving Tian Ling City Palace, I felt a little uneasy. Tian Ling City and Moon City were near to the shore so it would definitely get attacked. So Iron Skull City would definitely be affected too. What about Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple? Their quest would be another version right? For example to enter Moon City and cut off Queen Fiona's head to hand over to Azure to gain huge rewards. This version was filled with intense conflicts and this was probably Clear Black Eyes's battle for revenge.

 Clear Black Eyes was the proudest girl in India and after the Waterfront City defeat, she was under huge pressure and suffered many insults. I even understood her. However, there could only be one tiger on a mountain so I couldn't empathise with her. Our dreams were conflicting. She wanted to rule Tian Ling City, Ba Huang City and Dragon City but those were things I cherished too.

 On the path of life, there were sometimes only two paths. One was to conquer and one was to be conquered.


 After all the buzz, I flew towards Dragon City and borrowed 20 dragonriders to move to Tian Ling Empire. The price was that Lochlan would pay for them: 2000 good swords, 4000 spears, 1000 heavy iron shields, 3000 horses and also 10 thousand cows and sheep. If the dragonriders and dragons were injured, Tian Ling Empire would have to pay them too. If they died, that would be even more.

 I created this deal alone. I was The Executor and had the right to move stuff from Tian Ling Empire. I knew that Tian Ling City was rich and these resources weren't much to them. However, they were able to save Dragon City. Just this deal alone made Frost so happy that she would have many sleepless nights. When I helped her complete the deal, she even kissed me on the cheeks. Queen Zhi Shu dissed us at the side and probably once I left, Frost would beat her up.

 I clicked on The Executor's interface and under me were three primary cities: Tian Ling City, Moon City, Fan Shu City. The others included secondary cities like Fan Shu City. Tian Ling City and Flaming Cloud City had the most resources and Moon City was next. But they too had a lot of resources and they could support an army. In terms of troops, there were the hundreds of thousands of Dark Moon Elves, along with the 300 thousand Tian Ling City elites, we would have a chance to battle them. Moreover, even if the situation wasn't ideal, players could teleport over to help.

 The reason why I chose these three armies to head over to Moon City was simple. Royal Army was the strongest and we had to go over. Heaven Barrier Army's Lin Qiong was only weaker than Royal Army and Lin Qiong was really loyal and trusted me. So such a general would be easy to handle. As for Autumn Harvest Army, bringing them would be the same as bringing Drunken Spear. As long as he performed well, I could suggest to Lochlan to promote him to the general. Actually to me, I was trying to get him promoted and let him gain more power and prestige. This would help me in my goal to unite the seven empires.

 Moreover, I believed he understood what I was doing.


 At 11 pm, finally, a system bell broke the silence of the server--


 System Notification: Please note, the new event Azure's revenge will begin at 12 tomorrow. Azure's army will attack all cities and if you kill enemies you will obtain experience and points. The player with the highest point will get an Epic artifact. The other players will also obtain great rewards so please defend your own cities. Once the city is lost, they will end up as Hybrid Demon Territories. All the merit points and reputations that the players have earned will also return to zero!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.