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IGK - Chapter 83.1 Zhu Yan Called For Help

On Wang Ke’s big ship—

Wang Ke and Princess Youyue were still not that close; they only kissed for a short while before the lady pushed Wang Ke away in embarrassment.

“There’s someone else on the ship?” the princess blushed and asked.

Wang Ke took a glance at Zhu Yan. Damn you, Zhu Yan. I don’t care if you want to vomit blood. Why do you have to be so loud?Didn’t you see that we’re busy here?

“It’s okay; he’s my friend, Zhu Yan. You’ve met him before!” Wang Ke introduced the guy with a smile.

“Zhu Yan? Isn’t he the one who tried to kill you last time?” Princess Youyue asked in shock.

“That’s not the case. He’s my friend; he was just playing around!” Wang Ke smiled in reply.

Zhu Yan vomited another mouthful of blood upon hearing that. Who the h*ll is playing around with you?

“Playing around?” The princess was a little confused.

“Yeah. He looks pathetic right now, though, but he actually is my god of wealth. I always find myself making a fortune whenever I meet him, somehow!” Wang Ke explained, shaking his head with a frown.

“You make a fortune every time you meet him? How does that work?” The princess still didn't understand.

The nearby Zhu Yan felt that he could no longer suppress the poison in his body.

“I don’t know either. Anyway, I somehow feel safe when he’s around!” Very safe!” Wang Ke replied.

“Really?” said the princess in a daze.

Zhu Yan was so angry that he would have cut Wang Ke into a thousand pieces if it weren't for the deadly poison.

“It’s okay; he’s very safe. He won’t harm us, let’s continue!” Wang Ke said with a smile as he continued hugging Princess Youyue.

But just when Wang Ke wanted to continue in their intimacy—a sword came flying at them.


Princess Youyue pushed Wang Ke away right before the sword reached them. Next, a flying sword hacked into the deck between the two of them; countless pieces of splintered wood flew into the air.

“A flying sword?” Wang Ke was taken aback.

Princess Youyue immediately positioned herself in front of Wang Ke to protect him. She looked vigilantly into the dense fog.

Zhu Yan had his eyes peeled too. Finally, he saw a massive ship sailing toward them in the fog. A massive number of cultivators were on board; their leader was a fierce-looking, muscular man who wore a mourning dress.

“Murong Luguang?” Princess Youyue stared at him with anger.

If not for my fast reaction, that flying sword would have struck true and injured Wang Ke. Damn you, Murong Luguang.

“Righteous disciples?” Zhu Yan said in horror.

He used to be the Great Qing Emperor, a man who knew many; he had met Murong Luguang in the past. The Heavenly Wolf Sect was among the top four immortal sects, an enemy of the Great Yin Demonic Sect.

Zhu Yan would usually be unafraid of righteous disciples because they had no grudges against him. But things were different at the moment since he had become a demon. The righteous and demonic factions were at irreconcilable odds.

Even putting aside the fact that hewas much weaker than Murong Luguang, he couldn't even flee since he was poisoned.

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“Princess Youyue? You really… You really…!” said Murong Luguang with reddened eyes while he stood on the other ship.

He felt differently from Zhu Yan. Zhu Yan only felt he was pathetic when compared to Wang Ke as the latter kissed the princess. But what about Murong Luguang?

Murong Luguang had wooed the princess back in the Ghoul Empire. I spent so many years courting the princess, and I have yet to touch the princess’ hand. What about Wang Ke?Just a few months,and the two already......!

Murong Luguang could not accept it. Envy blinded him, not allowing him to focus on his mission, so he went and attacked with his flying sword.

“Me? It’s none of your business! Murong Luguang, how did you find this place? Were you tracking me?” the princess berated with widened eyes.


Murong Luguang leaped onto Wang Ke’s ship with a group of Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples.

Wang Ke took a step forward to guard the princess.

“That’s right! We tracked you! If we didn’t follow you, how could we find Wang Ke? This traitor…” Murong Luguang answered coldly.

“How did you know I was coming to the Miasmic Sea?” The princess was shocked.

Murong Luguang replied in anger, “Humph, you went everywhere to ask for information about the Miasmic Sea, and a junior of mine noticed when you were buying your ship. I told him to keep hidden and follow you. You pair of adulterers. Indeed, I found Wang Ke by following you!”

“Who are you calling ‘adulterers’?” the princess asked furiously.

Princess Youyue finally realized Murong Luguang’s true character. You bast*rd. How dare you insult me?

“Youyue, we don’t have to argue with his lunatic. He’s already crazy! Don’t be infected by him!” Wang Ke stopped the princess.

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Murong Luguang was apparently driven insane by envy, which was why he gave free rein to his words. Trying to argue at that point would be useless.

Wang Ke gathered a ball of essence Qi in his palm and prepared to make a move.

“Wang Ke? Hahaha, you are really hard to find!” Murong Luguang looked at Wang Ke with crimson eyes.

Meanwhile, a group of Heavenly Wolf Sect members captured Zhu Yan and dragged him over.


Zhu Yan was flung forcefully onto the deck despite his severe injuries.

“Eldest apprentice-brother, this man is with Wang Ke; he surely isn’t someone good either. Look at the bag in his hand; there are a few shards of glass inside. I’m not sure what kind of trickery he is trying to play!” that junior said.

But Zhu Yan replied, while tears had already run dry, “Your target is Wang Ke? This has nothing to do with me. I have an irreconcilable grudge against him. I’m on your side! I am also trying to kill Wang Ke! We’re in the same boat! On the same side!”

Damn it. Why am I always so unlucky when I’m with Wang Ke.

Why are these people troubling me when their target is Wang Ke?I’m already in such a pathetic state. Anyway, I would not dare struggle, even if I were in my top condition. They would cut me to pieces once I exposed my demonic Qi.

“Wang Ke, say something! I’m not familiar with you. This has nothing to do with me!” Zhu Yan could only beg Wang Ke.

But the latter frowned slightly and said, “Murong Luguang, we can talk and solve whatever grudge is between us. Let Princess Youyue and Zhu Yan go!”

“Yes, yes. Let me go! Uhh, no… That’s not right. Wang Ke, you shouldn’t have said that. You shouldn’t have asked him to let me go! We’re not close at all!” Zhu Yan wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

If Wang Ke asks them to spare me, wouldn't that make me look like I’m not Wang Ke’s enemy? Wouldn’t that convince Murong Luguang that I’m in cahoots with Wang Ke?

“Zhu Yan, what is wrong with you? Do you want to leave or not?” Wang Ke asked with staring eyes.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.