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ZL - Chapter 1132- new job

Morning, the sunlight shone brightly.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were in the office while I had nothing to do so I started to look at their fashion magazine. I felt really bored as there weren't any game magazines at all.

"Are you feeling like you are about to suffocate?"

Lin Wan Er shifted her body aside and smiled at me from the right side of her laptop, "Okay, if you feel bored then head out to walk, that is fine."

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "I think the new copy machine is outside. That is so heavy, if you are bored then help those people."

I nodded, "Okay, I shall head out then. I should have something to do, if not people might say that I am relying on you to feed me."

"What is wrong with that?" Lin Wan Er pushed her chest out and smiled, "Then what role do you want? Firstly, what can you do?"

I thought about it, "I know basically everything. Sending documents, managing the machines, data search, simple coding, advertisement design. Thinking about which, I truly scare myself..."

Lin Wan Er burst out laughing, "Dong Cheng check if there is a missing position?"

Dong Cheng Yue didn't even think, "I lack an assistant."

"Forget it, something else."

"Okay, the hall lacks an effects crew, can Brother Xiao Yao do that?"

"I can try."

"Then go, anyways you are free."



With the permission of the two lady bosses, I found a job in the hall and I finally had my first role in Wan Yue Design. My first work laptop was actually a professional Apple computer. I clicked on the Destiny forums to take a look. Tian Ling City definitely didn't lack news--

Hero Mound Guild Leader Q-Sword had a girlfriend, it was rumored to be a famous movie star with a Z name. Many people were guessing but most of the young girls in Tian Ling City were crying. After all, Q-Sword relied on his appearance and mechanics to capture many hearts. The moment they heard that Q-Sword had a girlfriend, many girls really wished to just hang on the tree outside of Q-Sword's house. Just thinking about it, one felt really sad.

House of Prestige's team leader, level 192 Warrior was racing on the streets of Changsha and knocked onto a barrier and flipped. His car was trashed, fortunately, he was okay and only brushed his hand. This game really had many rich people hiding inside, who knew that a team leader would be so rich!

Another hot news was that one of Hero Mound's elders, level 192 Assassin Ji Yuan had slept with 4 girls, he got 3 girls in the bar and brought them back to his hotel. In the end, the next room reported him for making too much noise.


Looking at the news, I burst out laughing. But at that moment, my phone rang. It was Q-Sword, why was he calling me?

I picked up my phone and Q-Sword's unique voice spread over, "Xiao Yao, good morning..."

I laughed, "Q-Sword, why did you suddenly call me out of nowhere?"

"I have something to ask,

I am really sorry..."

"Cough cough, what are you saying. What happened that you can't solve?"

"The main reason is that it is not on my territory."

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"What thing?"

"It is quite embarrassing..." Q-Sword coughed, "You know Ji Yuan right?"

My heart shook, "Cough cough yes, Ai Ye and him want to slice me into pieces, how would I forget. How is Ji Yuan?"

Q-Sword said awkwardly, "That... Last night he was playing with a few friends and then he fell in love with three girls, so... They went to open a room but the police questioned him. You know that the three girls and he had their own needs and weren't selling their bodies. But the police was determined so I hope you can help. I know your status in Hangzhou so as long as you make a call to tell them not to make things tough for Ji Yuan. After all he is from Hero Mound, if he gets locked up..."

I laughed, "So that is the case, I understand. Don't worry, I will let them investigate clearly."

"En, thank you. Once this ends, I will bring Ai Ye and Ji Yuan to treat you to a meal!"

"You can bring me to the bar that Ji Yuan went to too..."

"Hahha, sure sure..."


Such a thing really happened, Ji Yuan's image in my mind became much more majestic, he was such a god! I was filled with envy.

I switched off my phone and called Shen Bing. Shen Bing smiled, "Handsome, why did you find me?"

I said, "Hero Mound's Ji Yuan found three girls in a bar and he was caught having a foursome. If the police can't convict him then please ask them to forget about it. After all, he is just young."

"Ah, there is something so exciting?" Shen Bing laughed, "Let me calm down before I investigate. Anyways this isn't a large matter."

"En, go take a look."

In less than two minutes, Shen Bing called another number, "Captain Liu, did you catch a guy called Ji Yuan, the one in the foursome... Ah, that really happened. Can you confirm what happened? Interrogation... Okay, since you can't confirm they paid then forget it, Ji Yuan is a friend of Captian Li... Hehe, right, Li Xiao Yao, en. When he is free I will ask him to drink with you!"

After switching it off, she said to me, "Ok, it is done. How can they not give you face? Ha, your reputation and status here is higher than you think. In their hearts you are our flagbearer, you are a hero do you know?"

I laughed, "Okay.. Thank you Sister Shen Bing."

"No worries, when are you treating me to a meal?"

"I am quite busy recently, I have to do many things!"

"That is fine, just treat me to Malatang!"

"... Let's eat something better. I shall call you later, I am busy."



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On the side, the one in charge of the computer models was a 25 years old girl. Over 70% of the people were girls. She added me on QQ and sent me the documents. She looked at me in shock and she was so emotional that her eyes were filled with stars, "Your... Your QQ is verified... You are Destiny's Zhan Long Guild Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai.... You... Is that true?"

I was helpless. I knew that I should have used another account.

Thus, I dealt with the pictures while also dealing with this fan. Luckily I learned many computer skills when I was in special forces. Although I wasn't as professional as Shen Bing but I was definitely good enough to deal with this. With my standards, data management was simple.

At 11 am, after I finished my work and the beauty beside me was asking for my number, a bunch of people came. The one at the front was familiar and I noticed that he was Lin Tian Nan. He actually came to his daughter's company. But Lin Tian Nan really cared for Wan Er more than he did about himself. Even I could tell that, such a father was worthy of respect.

A few bodyguards followed behind Lin Tian Nan as he walked around the company. He saw me and saw my work and laughed, "Li Xiao Yao you are here too?"

"En, I am accompanying them so I also found a job here."

Lin Tian Nan smiled gently, "En that's good. Right, I came to eat with Wan Er, you go too."

"Okay uncle."


Unknowingly, my relationship with Lin Tian Nan had become much better. I knew that there were many reasons. One was that I got closer with Wan Er, secondly was because of the appearance of my old man. To a certain extent, Lin Tian Nan had to judge me differently. More importantly, I had reached Blazing Sun Realm? After all, there were only a handful of people like me in china. Even in the current era where experts were really important, I was one of the strongest. Lin Tian Nan had to respect me.

Of course, if I were to be his son in law, I had to respect him even more. Anyways, our relationship was getting better.


In the afternoon, I had a good meal with Lin Tian Nan. Anyways with such a richer person paying the bill, we didn't have to hold back

I returned to work but around 3pm, an unexpected guest appeared.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.