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ZL - Chapter 1126- 4 dragonriders

The sun set and the setting sun shone on the armor of the cavalries, reflecting many different colors and shapes.


 On the path beside Deer Lake, one could hear horse hoof sounds. To protect this batch of items, I sent 30 thousand Royal Army troops and 20 thousand barbarian infantry. With these 300 Dragon Crystal Cannons, we weren't worried that someone was bold enough to try and intercept us. With our strength, we could defend against at least 200 thousand enemies until we get reinforcements. Royal Army was far stronger than any other army in the empire.

 We crossed Ziwu Mountain and entered Green Qilin Valley. Han Yuan smiled, "This time no one will ambush us?"

 I laughed, "Don't worry, Zhu Hai is not Luo Xun and he isn't so bold. Moreover, he doesn't have as many troops. He won't do things that he has no chance of winning."

 Xiao Lie held his spear and said, "Sir, 100 of these 300 cannons belong to Royal Army. You really are willing to give away such treasures."

 I was speechless, "No choice, Dragon City is one of us. Don't forget that during the last few wars, they sent their dragonriders to save us."

 Han Yuan laughed and lowered his voice, "General allow me to speak."

 I glanced at him and knew that nothing good was going to come out of it, "What do you want?"

 Han Yuan laughed, "That... Does Dragon City have extra giant dragon mounts? General look I have the strength and with my personality, can't I become a noble dragonrider?"

 "Ah? You want to become a dragonrider?" I was shocked. I didn't expect Han Yuan to have such a thought.

 Han Yuan said, "Dragonriders are one of the strongest soldier types in the world so naturally I would like to become one. General, you saw that the entire Royal Army doesn't even have one. That doesn't make sense."

 "What do you mean, the entire empire don't even have one."


 Looking at his desire-filled gaze, I laughed, "Once we reach there, I shall ask Frost. If she does then I shall introduce you and let Frost allow you to pass the Dragonrider's trial. But if you want to become a Dragonrider, you have to pledge loyalty to Dragon City."

 Han Yuan said, "Dragon City and you are one, naturally I am loyal!"

 Xiao Lie, Long Xing and Autumn Leaf all said, "If Han Yuan can become a Dragonrider, the three of us are willing to be loyal to Dragon City and sir and become one too!'

 I thought about it, actually, it wasn't any worse, at least I could get four strong dragonriders for Royal Army. It seemed like I have to talk to Frost about this, after all this was really important to Royal Army and also to use in the future country wars. The stronger the Royal Army, the stronger the troops I had in my hands!

 After the second country war, we had three main cities. Nine Heavens City and Waterfront City were also our subordinates so only Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City could fight us. So the third country war was really important and it would be a decisive one.

 I arrived at Dragon City late at night and pushed the Dragon Crystal Cannons up onto Dragon City. Then the Dragon City warriors excitedly moved the cannonballs.

5000 dragon crystal cannonballs are enough for each cannon to fire 16 times. But this was far from enough. One war would end it all. Forget it, every army lacked dragon crystal cannonballs so this was already the norm.


 "Eh, here it is."

 Frost smiled and looked at the dragon crystal cannons outside. She smiled and placed the second fragment into my hands, "Thank you for bringing 300 cannons over. Now we are really confident in Dragon City's defence."

 Both of us stood on the watchtower and looked at the dragons in the distance. That was Qingluo training the dragonriders, I said, "Frost, does Dragon City have ownerless mounts?"

 "Ah, why did you suddenly ask that?" She looked at me in shock and then giggled, "Do you want one? Actually... You should have said it long ago. There aren't any Holy dragons and the rest are just below average, they aren't suitable for you..."

 I laughed, "If there are better ones then leave them for me, but I didn't ask for myself but for my four Majors. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing and Autumn Leaf all wanted one and are willing to be loyal to Dragon City."

 Frost was stunned and then she smiled, "Such a good thing. If the four generals of Royal Army want to be a dragonrider, can they come when we ask them to?"

 I nodded, "As long as Dragon City needs, my entire Royal Army would come over, much less these four."


 Frost clenched her fist and said, "We have 9 ownerless dragons left and 5 of them are average thunder dragons with decently pure bloodline. They are the closest to the god dragons and they are strong too. They can spit out dragonbreath and summon lightning, form shields. Why not let your generals form the contracts with these four thunder dragons?"

 "En, bring me over!"



 The two of us flew down the watchtower as Qing Luo and Zhishu walked over. After understanding everything, I brought Han Yuan and the others over to the dragon nest. It was in the mountains near the dragon tomb. There was no snow and the weather here was better. Many dragons were either resting in the caves or the giant tent. The dragons flapped their wings and gave off a terrifying aura.

 Han Yuan held his blade and followed me, "General, can we really become dragonriders? if that is the case, it would make things easy at Fan Shu City, those idiots wouldn't charge me anymore!"

 I stared, "Be serious, you are going to sign a contract with the giant dragons!"



 We came to the resting place of the four dragons. They were rushed to maturity using the dragon god essence and were huge. They looked scary when they spread their wings. Beside them were the corpses of many cows and sheep. To make them grow, we definitely couldn't hold back on food. Queen Zhi Shu walked to a Thunder Dragon that was about to go berserk and touched its head, "Little fellow be quiet or I will rip you from your mouth to your ass!"

 That dragon calmed down and rested on her legs.

 "Who first?" Zhi Shu smiled.

 Han Yuan said, "Me, me, what should I do, big breast queen? Oh no, I meant... Red Dragon Queen?"

 Her wrist was covered in scales and she was about to kill someone. But Han Yuan knelt down and begged so she gave me face, "Bite your finger and cover its head. After the contract is formed ride it. Remember, grab its horns. You definitely can't fall off or the contract will fail."


 Han Yuan slashed his hand and blood-splattered, he nearly sliced his whole arm off. I was stunned he lost so much blood.

 When Han Yuan covered the dragon's head with his palm, and instantly both the dragon and him were covered in lightning. Their soul, their mind and their senses started to merge. Han Yuan stood there and his whole body shook like he was being electrocuted. They were in pain.

 "Now, ride, ride for the first time!" Zhi Shu shouted.

 Han Yuan jumped up and hugged the dragn's neck. At the same time, Han Yuan shouted like a pig was being killed Even if he was the fiercest general in Royal Army, he was still afraid when he flew for the first time.



 Queen Zhi Shu didn't want to waste time so she made Xiao Lie, Autumn Leaf and Long Xing sign the contracts. Three shouts and they all flew into the sky.

 I looked up nervously, what if they fell? Falling and dying was a small issue, the embarrassment was worse!

 Frost rested on the stone beside me and looked at them. Zhi Shu walked over and said, "Master, Dragon City helped Royal Army provide three dragons, what does Master have to say about it?"

 I hugged her shoulder and kissed her cheeks, "Thank you Frost!"

 Frost's face flushed red and she just stood there.

 Zhi Shu raged, "Dumb Master, did I just want you to kiss your teacher once? If that is the case, you must at least do her. No, you need to sleep here for three years!"

 Frost's face flushed red, "Zhishu what are you saying!"

 Qingluo laughed.

 Zhi Shu calmed down and said, "Frost is not thick skinned so let me tell you about it, 300 dragon crystal cannons, 5000 rounds. Once they are used up won't they become a pile of useless metal? You know about the number of Hybrid Demon troops, 5000 rounds are nothing."

 My body shook, I knew it, this was going to kill me!

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