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ZL - Chapter 1127- Final war soul fragment

The red dragon queen Zhi Shu was now the administrative and finance head of Dragon City. She said towards me, "Dragon City has stored many dragon crystals but we don't have the human's technology and we can't turn them into ammo. See what you can do. Anyways, Frost nearly cried to convince me to hand over four dragons, so how are you going to repay her?"

 I looked at Frost, her face was still red and she lowered her head to avoid looking at me. She didn't look like a god at all, she was just like the neighbor's daughter.

 I bargained with Zhishu, "So how much ammo would you like me to add?"

 "50 thousand would be enough."

 "Damn you are a robber, the entire Royal Army might not have so many Dragon Crystal Cannonballs. Forget it, it is too much, we can't hand over so many. Even if the Fire God Mountain's Dragon Crystal Mines were dug dry we won't be able to make so many."

 "Then 20 thousand, no less!"

 "No, 5000." My face turned red from anger.

 Queen Zhi Shu was angry too and her aura was not calm anymore. Her chest rose up and down and her twin peaks were about to break out from her armor. She pointed at my nose, "I didn't expect Master to be such a petty person, 15000, no less or I will get angry!"

 I was furious, "10000, any more and I will hang at the entrance of the Dragon City hall."

 Zhi Shu was furious, "You are so petty, at least 12 thousand!"

 Frost couldn't take it anymore, "Ten thousand then, stop fighting. One of you is the empire's Marshal, the other is the queen of the red dragon race, the two of you are debating for such a small matter, where is your pride..."

 Zhi Shu said, "Scoff, who is the Dragon City owner, the goddess, she was so shy like a girl in love!"

 Frost pulled out her sword, "Can we still talk nicely?"

 "You are wise..."


 In the end, we managed to discuss everything and Royal Army will provide Dragon City with 10 thousand dragon crystal cannonballs. But the price would be that we would move a batch of pure dragon crystals from here. These were obtained from the dragon tomb so they were much purer than those in the dragon crystal mines.

 Not long later, Han Yuan was first to ride a dragon down. He had managed to sign the contract with the thunder dragon. He jumped off, "General, this dragon is so good!"

 I nodded, "Good that you know!"

 After a few minutes, the other three generals landed. The joy on their faces was obvious.

 We returned back to the city and I ordered them to bring people to transport the dragon crystals. I talked to Frost for a while. I promised that after we moved the dragon crystals back, we will get more cannons and if there are enough, we would be able to supply Dragon City with cannonballs. This was also what Frost wanted the most.

 When I walked out of the hall, a bright sun pierced through the cloud layer. It was a rare day with no snow. The golden light from the sun was really eye-piercing. In the distance, the dragonriders were getting trained. They rode their dragons to dive down and activate dragon spear energy and dragon breath to attack.

Han Yuan, Xiao Lie etc were among them. They probably told the deputies to head back while they remained here to learn basic skills with Qing Luo.

 "Do you want to know where the final soul fragment is?" Frost sat by my side and said.

 I was stunned, "Where?"

 "Nine Heavens City. Summer Fire Army General Philly is the strongest in Nine Heavens City. His soul has merged with the final fragment. To get it, you have to rip it from his soul!"


 I was shocked, I didn't expect the final fragment to be there. Summer Fire Army was Nine Heavens City's strongest army. To get the fragment from their general, how would it be easy? Moreover, the deputy was Demon Mountain, this was a problem!

 "What should I do?" I asked.

 Frost said, "Two choices. One is for us to lead a small number of people out to sneak attack his camp or his residence. We will knock him out and take out the fragment. The other is to declare war on Nine Heavens City and force Philly out!'

 I sucked in a deep breath, "Both methods aren't simple. He is a General, there would be many protecting him right?"

 Frost smiled, "Based on what I know, Philly is really arrogant and he would bring 2000 people every time. All of them are experts..."

 I looked at her with no words, "Why are you laughing..."

 She grabbed my hand and continued, "Don't worry, we will definitely complete it. Go gather some experts, not many. I will lead some dragonriders and we will head over. We will be low profile, let's try to find a chance."



 As for finding helpers, I didn't consider much. I only found two people, one was Lin Wan Er and one was Mocha. I chose Wan Er because of her disguise ability that could be of help. I chose Mocha because she knew Demon Mountain even better than me. Her level and equipment were getting better and she was reaching level 190. It would be useful to bring her there... But her gentle temper in the studio previously was probably fake, in her bones she was probably a feisty goddess, if she fought with Demon Mountain... Forget it, bring her first. If we really fight then I shall help her to kill Demon Mountain.

 Not long later, Lin Wan Er rode the giant dragon and carried Mocha over. The three of us were in a party. I flew up with Icy Wings and landed on the dragon's back. I sat next to Lin Wan Er and looked at Mocha's equipment, "How are your equipment?"

Mocha looked at her chestplate, "I can't say that they are godly but I have three god artifacts. My defence and attack are decent but I lack a secondary weapon. I can only a two handed sword and then my secondary weapon to block. This would affect the Pulse Breaing Style."

 I thought about it and tossed the God Killing Armor that had lost the God Killing Effect, "En, here is another good equipment!"


 Mocha's mouth was agape, "Epic Weapon, thank you, boss!"

 I laughed and then Lin Wan Er said, "Are we really going to find trouble with Demon Mountain?"

 "I hope that he is asleep and then we can sneakily complete this matter."

 "We mustn't be careless..." Lin Wan Er was worried, "Demon Mountain is the symbol of Nine Heavens City. We must think about it before attacking. After all Demon Mountain isn't our enemy so we need to maintain this state or we would be passive in the next country war."

 I nodded, "En, let's try not to spoil our relationship with Demon Mountain. If we can't get the fragment I have no chance to upgrade mine."

 Mocha giggled, "That is okay, if he doesn't listen then let's beat him up!"

 I was speechless, this fellow was too violent. Little Demon was not only the sign of violence but intellect. How could a girl that was dumb study all the strategies and skills of the game to such a level? Xue Rou was a girl that was rough but detailed at the same time. One could tell from how she dealt with Demon Mountain and Clear Black Eyes previously.


 "Kong kong..."

 A dragon roared from behind me and I saw Frost flying over with her hands behind her back. Behind her, were a few dragon riders. Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Fire Dragon, Ice Dragon, Crystal Dragon etc. I was stunned. Frost sent 50 dragonriders and she told me that we were going to be low profile?

 Forget it, this was better. Such strength would be able to scare off Demon Mountain

 We flew really quickly and maintained a high altitude. Giant dragons could fly much higher than normal birds and War Hawk Knights couldn't reach such a height so it was hard for them to notice us. We could use the map to see where we were. Many red dots appeared on the map. Lin Wan Er knew where the Nine Heavens City troops were at. She marked all of them. Summer Fire Army, Dragon Beard Army and Ice Shield Army were in a triangle to protect Nine Heavens City. Summer Fire Army was at the front.


 "How? Should we go down?" Mocha asked.

 Lin Wan Er shook her head, "No. At least we can't with so many NPC dragonriders. Mocha, use your connections to confirm where Philly is at!"


 Mocha was silent for a few minutes, "Based on my friends in the army system, he is in the Summer Fire Army tent and hasn't done anything in a week."

 I sucked in a deep breath, "This is problematic."

 Frost flew beside me and smiled, "What is problematic. Just sneak attack it and grab Philly."

 I nodded, "That is all we can do. But someone has to draw him out."

 Lin Wan Er smiled, "Let me go, I am good at that."

 "En, be careful!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.