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100000PSI - Chapter 93.2: I Can’t Act Her (2)

After a long interrogation process, both Father and Mother Ji had gone silent. It was then that Mother Ji realized the call with Ji Fanyin was still connected and quietly ended it.

That did not faze Ji Fanyin. She went back to the group chat for updates on the incident.

Just then, the hunk came online and apologized for the commotion and said that they had given their statement before uploading a photo taken in the police station.

The photo featured Father and Mother Ji seated anxiously at the police station, giving their statements. Ji Fanyin burst into another fit of laughter and forwarded the photo to Ji Xinxin.

Nonetheless, it had not occurred to her that these photos would make its rounds on the internet the following day.

… The girl who got slapped by Father Ji had uploaded the photos onto the internet out of spite, wanting to publicize the outrageous actions of Father Ji. However, that also meant the leaking of those embarrassing photos of Father and Mother Ji.

By the third day, the news had spread to Zhang Ning.

Zhang Ning popped by Ji Fanyin’s office mid-day despite her busy schedule to ask about the photos. “They were at your apartment? What happened?”

“That was the apartment I was previously living in. They don’t know I’ve moved.” Ji Fanyin recounted the events for Zhang Ning.

“The photos had already made its round in the circle. Even my father had heard about it.” Zhang Ning was overjoyed. “This time they have truly embarrassed themselves. You know how prideful your parents are.”

Ji Fanyin’s brows shot up. “The news had traveled that far?”

Father Ji who had always maintained the appearance of a high society person must be quaking with anger.

“It’s not just that. There’s a bonus.” Zhang Ning winked at her secretively. “He was originally in talks to secure a loan. With this incident, that possibility of securing that loan had also gone down the drain.”

“Does that mean his company is going bust soon?” Ji Fanyin asked.

“Highly probable.” Zhang Ning seemed to have thought of something and added, “But isn’t the Ji Family house massive? They should be able to fetch a good price to tide them over if they sell it.”

Ji Fanyin thought about how much Father and Mother Ji adored the house and raised her eyebrows in silence.

To resort to selling their source of pride, they must be in a pretty dire state.

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Father and Mother Ji had visited the hospital for a check up after giving their statements at the police station.

After two days of bed rest, Father Ji was presented with the news of the loan rejection.

It did not help that the reason for the rejection was because of the photos of them in the police station circulating online.

The fortunate thing was that his company was not listed. If it was, they would see a major dive in stock prices the moment those photographs made its way onto the internet.

Father Ji almost passed out from anger. In the end, he could not resist getting Ji Xinxin to seek help from Li Xiaoxing.

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He dialed Ji Xinxin’s number but the call was not connected. It was only on the third try that Ji Xinxin picked up the phone.

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by ru.