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ZL - Chapter 1115- Heaven Arrogance Staff

At 3am, the Human-faced Lions on the 4th floor had all been cleared. This time the system notified us that a Boss had spawned and it was nearby, less than 100 meters away. It was an old mage holding a staff. When Li Mu, One Second Hero etc walked close, he warned us with a shaky voice, "You ignorant adventurers, do you want to continue into the God Demon Well? You are asking for death!"


"It is a Mage type Boss." I said in the party.

Jian Feng Han said, "My magic resistance is low so I won't tank this."

I asked, "Whose one is high?"

Goodbye Tears said, "Let me do it, my armor, bracers and boots have high magic resistance and add over 100% magical resistance. My shield has 3000 points in it too, I should be able to tank this boss."

Fang Ge Que nodded, "Then you go, be careful."


I shared the Boss's stats on the party channel. Level 210 five star god boss, its stats really were strong--

Windwalker Alcador (5 star God Boss)

Level: 210

Magic Attack: 35500-47500

Defence: 27000

Health: 220000000

Skill: Windwalking Technique, Cold Breeze, Wind Dragon Strike, Storm Region

Introduction: Alcador, a genius born with talents in the wind element. Since young Alcador was good at all sorts of wind magic and when he grew up he became one of the strongest younger generation mages. After which, the empire fell into chaos, Alcador broke through and became one of the strongest lone mages, giving him the name Windwalker. Years later, Azure found him and forced him into joining his side. Alcador finally became a member of the Dimension Legion.


The old mage was dozens of meters away from us and he was just waiting for us. Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, Drunken Spear, Mocha and I just stood there. After all, this Boss had 50 thousand base Magic Attack, who wanted to try that out?

Goodbye Tears rode his horse forwards and a golden bell covered his body. His blade shook and another green light covered his legs. Those were skills to raise magical resistance that only Monks had. His Magical Resistance was no lower than mine and he was tanky. Indeed he was much more suited to be the tank.

He slashed out with his palm and light flew out. This was Buddha Light!



Buddha Light turned Defence into Attack and that caused Alcador to lose much health. His face was filled with rage and arrogance as he smashed his staff onto the ground. Wind energy wrapped around his legs and gave him the ability to fly. Even without his staff waving, a storm exploded beneath Goodbye Tears's legs. He used a basic wind blade and before it even landed, a wind dragon swept Goodbye Tears's bodies. Damage numbers rose up and they were terrifying--





Another Wind Blade Technique,

Goodbye Tears's health was nearing the end and his face turned ashen white, "Damn what kind of magic attack is that, too terrifying? I want to switch off!"

Although he said that, he still slashed his blade into the Boss's shoulder. I flew over and said in the channel, "Damage, healers focus your heals on Goodbye Tears!"

I didn't get close and just used Great Realm of Desolation+Blade Spin from afar to damage the boss. At the same time, I placed a few Azure Dragon Crossbows to attack.

Goodbye Tears wasn't in a good situation and his health started to drop. The Boss's Wind Blade+Wind Dragon Strike+Cold Breeze was too strong. Moreover, he hadn't used his last skill. Once he did, Goodbye Tears's 20% health wasn't enough to tank.

Lin Wan Er held her iron umbrella and dodged between the gaps of the Wind Dragon Storm. She stabbed into the Boss's chest and triggered Gouge. She pressed her arm onto the ground and used Crescent Moon Storm. One had to say that Lin Wan Er's mechanics were nice to look at.

The moment the boss went berserk and used Wind Dragon Strike+Wind Blade at her, she opened her umbrella to block the magic attack, reducing over 30% of the damage. This stunned Goodbye Tears. The Moon Spirit Race really was best at dealing with magic attack bosses!

At this moment I recalled Zhan Long's Moon Spirit Cavalry. Actually, it was best if we let Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan tank this Boss. Their levels weren't low and with the umbrellas and the cavalry's health, it was not possible for the boss to kill them.

But I underestimated this five star god boss.

"Kong, all of you die!"

The first time he used his final skill, Storm Domain. Instantly a storm wrapped around the field and the killing strength of this was shocking. I retreated. Goodbye Tears and Drunken Spear were close and were directly killed. Not only that, two Healers and a few Archers were killed too. The entire situation was in a mess!


"Hold on!"

Fang Ge Que used Black Tortoise Shield to block the domain's attack and also used Spiral Ice Dance to counter the boss. His Streaming Cloud Fan shook and flames wrapped around his body. His hair danced and he hollered as he channeled his abilities. He used Pillars of Fire and Ice and even the Boss was forced back. The Storm Domain was interrupted.

Everyone was stunned and they all continued to attack the boss.

Windwalker Alcador continued to attack and his spells killed many of us. Even One Second Hero was insta killed. Zhangba Snake Spear fell to the ground and to House of Prestige players got close and wanted to pick it up.

I coughed, "Guild Leader Bai Li Ruo Feng!"

Bai Li Ruo Feng glanced and shouted, "No touching it, that belongs to Zhan Long."

The two players stopped and retreated to continue to attack. One Second Hero was revived by Darling Duck and picked up the Zhangba Snake Spear. Lin Wan Er smiled at me. Zhan Long was not weak anymore and if they really tried to steal our equipment, we would take revenge!

In the entire China Region, no guild would be willing to face us, that was undeniable.


Spells ravaged the area. Our ranged players were strong too. Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Simple were top class and after Fox got a new skill, he fired three shots at the boss. Each dealt over 90 thousand damage!

Although Windwalker Alcador's attacks were shocking but he was a mage so he wasn't able to tank so much damage. In just 20 minutes he fell to my sword. The last hit was with Wind Carrying Slash. That was good, my charm was the highest so we would be able to gain most from that.

In the end, this boss dropped even fewer equipment, just five but the stats were quite good--

Heaven Arrogance Staff (5 star god weapon): Staff, Magic Attack 14500-18900, Magic Attack +175%, Magic Penetration effect +50%, +10% Spell Vamp, Skill cooldown reduction +30%

Space Robe (4 star god artifact): Leather, defence +2950, Magic Attack +120%, damage reduction +25%, health+30000

Space Ring (3 star god artifact): Ring, magic attack +115%, +15% Spell vamp, cooldown reduction +20%, health +17000

Windwalker Cape (2 star god artifact): Cape, Defence +4720, Defence +70%, Magic Attack +85%

Windwalker Pendant (3 star god artifact): Necklace, Magic Attack +145%, mana +40%, Magic Attack +20%, skill: Windwalking, user can fly for 5 minutes, consume 100 rage points, cooldown of 60 minutes


They were all god weapons.

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

The Heaven Arrogance Staff was really strong, the Space Cape's defence was really high and the other three were decent but all of them were mage equipment so we had nothing to do with them.

Time to roll. Everyone wanted Heaven Arrogance Staff. The mages rolled and Simple, Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands all were lower than 70. Only Fang Ge Que rolled 83 and he took it away.

The second one, the Space Cape was taken by Simple.

Space Ring with decent Magic Attack and Spell Vamp was obtained by Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands.

Windwalker Cape was taken by Vanguard's North Pole.

Find the original at *hosted* novel.

The last god weapon Windwalker Pendant, the pendant that allowed one to fly was obtained by simple!


All the equipment was split. Windwalker Alcador's mission was just so simple, kill dozens of us and then drop a bunch of god artifacts. not bad, during the next country war our Mages would be stronger!

Continue, search the 5th floor. The Boss here was our final target-- Berserker Leiding, a boss with Lord-level strength!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.