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ZL - Chapter 1117- Endless Madness

"Where?" I asked excitedly. Once Berserker Lei Ding appeared, this meant that my Overlord Armor was going to appear. I had looked forward to that for a long time!

"Where we first entered!" Jian Feng Han said in the party channel.

I flew over. From afar, I saw the players surrounding but there were no tracks of the Boss, "What is going on, there is no boss?"

Yue Qing Qian pulled my arm and pointed into the distance, "He is probably appearing there!"


At that moment, there was suddenly a loud explosion. I felt a heavy blow on the ground and once more after three seconds. Stone pieces scattered from the path and the ground started to protrude. To be able to pierce through such thick stone, what kind of strength was that? I felt that my own strength was high and my two weapons were really sharp but I only left a small hole when I slashed into the stone when attacking the Spirit Umbrella Bugs. Who knew that the thing underground was much stronger than me!


"Peng! Peng!"

Two hits and the ground protruded. Pieces of rock were ripped apart and a shining axe pierced through the ground. Next was a strong hand and then a person drilled his way out. He jumped up and slashed his axe at us.


We were caught off guard and Xuan Yuan Feng was targeted. He raised his shield to block but his shield was unable to. "Puchi", his shield was ripped apart. This was a destructive blow and his equipment's durability was emptied out. Berserker Lei Ding smiled and slashed into his arm. He roared as lightning swept around, swallowing Xuan Yuan Feng and huge damage numbers jumped out--




Insta killed!

Legend's top cavalry was insta killed just like that! Moreover, Xuan Yuan Feng's equipment and level were decent and he was at least top 3 in the server. No one could believe that he was actually insta killed like that!

At that moment, Lei Ding was opposite us. He held his axe and his arms were shown. His muscles were totally full and his skin had a layer of lightning glow. This was the feature of his strength. This Lord Tier Boss's stats also appeared and was shown to our party channel--

Berserker Lei Ding (God Lord Tier Boss)

Level: 215

Magic Attack: 48500-67500

Defence: 36000

Health: 500000000

Skill: Berserk, Lightning Rider, Lightning Rage, Axe Slash, Endless Anger, Lightning Cloud Curse, Thunder Trampling King

Introduction: Lei Ding, was deemed as the god of the barbarians. He is violent and direct but his strength was enough for him to look down on everyone. Even King of the Hybrid Demons Azure isn't as strong as Lei Ding. After falling into the dark side he obtained Lightning Rider Skill and became one of the strongest gods of darkness in the continent. With the Hybrid Demon Lords falling one by one and Lanais's betrayal, Lei Ding and Igoras have received more love from Azure. Lei Ding promised that if he couldn't defend God Demon Well,

he would choose to die. So, humans that enter God Demon Well, you have only two choices, either kill Lei Ding or get killed by him.


"Damn, seven skills..." Drunken Spear held his spear and smiled. But everyone was really careful and nervous. Maybe he felt that laughing was not appropriate so his expression turned solemn, "Boss, how should we fight this boss, our spears crave his blood."

Ye Lai held his axe and said, "The last Boss's Attack upper limit was 47000. This Lei Ding's upper limit is 67500. Xuan Yuan Feng died for a reason, anyways, this boss... I can only hit and run. I might not be able to tank a head-on hit."

After Xuan Yuan Feng revived, he healed himself and said, "Damn, I am so unlucky..."

I saw much weird red glows on Lei Ding's body. That was definitely a set equipment. The Overlord Armor was on his body. I looked towards Jian Feng Han, "Lei Ding is a physical damage dealer, Jian Feng Han you tank or I tank?"

Jian Feng Han buffed himself with Greedy Wolf Armor and he said solemnly, "My upper limit isn't as high as you. You tank. Moreover, Lei Ding has Lightning Rider and that is magic defence."

"En, I will tank then."

After buffing myself with Wall of Douqi I looked at Lei Ding. He just stood there after killing Xuan Yuan Feng and he looked at us with a teasing expression. We were just a bunch of pitiful beings waiting for death.

Fang Ge Que said, "All healers lock onto Guild Leader Xiao Yao. I believe not many in Tian Ling City can tank Lei Ding."

I clenched onto the sword, "Start now?"



After all sorts of buff, Death God's Elegy held his Zhen Yue Sword and said seriously, "Guild Leader, my defence and health are high so why not I try. Even if I die I can force out a few skills and can strengthen our understanding of him. We won't end up just charging without knowing anything."

I shook my head and slapped his shoulder, "Good brother, there is no need. I will do it. Anyways I need to kill this boss for the final set equipment. You lost enough levels in the country war, now is my turn."

He was stunned and nodded his head heavily, "Okay, be careful guild leader!"



I aimed at Lei Ding and after placing two Azure Dragon Crossbows, I raised my hand and used Great Realm of Desolation+Blade Spin. "Ka ka", the five star god weapons sliced into the lord tier Boss's body.

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Lei Ding's attacks were strong and his defence wasn't weak either. It was quite good that I could break his defence.


Lei Ding charged with his axe and he hollered in rage, "The Executor Li Xiao Yao, you made Lanais betray us. I will rip you to shreds and consume your flesh!"

Berserk was buffed and Lei Ding slashed down. I raised Gan Jiang to dodge but who knew that the strength of a mountain would press down onto me. I couldn't block that axe and it pressed down, causing sparks to fly off the God Slaying Armor. Pain swept my body--


Not only that, Lei Ding's attacks were really quick and he kicked my stomach. Lightning Rider was activated and streaks of lightning pressed onto my chest from his left hand!


Fortunately, Darling Duck, Chang Sheng Jue, Who’s Blue were all top healers and helped to pull back my health. I used Strength of a Thousand Men+Wind Carrying Slash to heal health too. My health dropped by a lot. Lei Ding stepped onto the ground and used Lightning Rage!


Along with Lightning Rider, he didn't give me a chance to heal. I was near death and Twin Dragons wrapped around me to ensure that I didn't die. Fang Ge Que used Roar of the Fire God, "Don't let Li Xiao Yao die. Buff him!"

Chang Sheng Jue, Six Ya, Drunken Spear all buffed me with shields but we were unable to block Lei Ding's attacks. He pointed above and used Lightning Cloud Curse. Blood clouds appeared above and numerous streaks of lightning shot down. Who’s Blue and Darling Duck died right away. Chang Sheng Jue retreated, Yan Zhao Warrior, Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er etc tried to survive.

"Now you can die?"

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Lei Ding hollered and activated Endless Anger. He ignored stuns and sleep effects, all his attacks had 100% lethal damage. I didn't hesitate to use Invincible Body. I had to block him if not we would get wiped. We couldn't handle the consequences. Apart from losing equipment, whether or not we could come back was uncertain. Even then our morale would drop and we wouldn't be able to clear him.


I sliced his body. Although I used my invincibility but I was still barely surviving. I had to attack to lifesteal. It was chaos all around. Mocha, Meng Yao covered Dancing Forest and the other Zhan Long players to retreat. Bai Li Ruo Feng, Ye Lai, Simple used their invincibility skills to retreat. Who knew that one round of Lei Ding's skills would force all our skills out.

"Revive Who’s Blue and Darling Duck, quick!"

I rushed them.

With the two healers reviving, everyone continued to revive. When my 25 second effect ended, the bunch of healers and half-health cavalries were behind me.

"Focus your heals on Guild Leader Xiao Yao." Fang Ge Que tossed a Fireball Spell while shouting. He was anxious. Lei Ding was far stronger than we expected.


He was about to attack. Lei Ding used Axe Slash and he dodged our attacks while slashing me thrice.





I was insta killed!

This time there was nothing special. I knelt onto the ground and only heard Darling Duck's voice, "Jian Feng Han block one attack. Xuan Yuan Feng help tank. I will revive the guild leader. Quick!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.