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ZL - Chapter 1120- War Soul Fragment

I asked in glee as I rubbed my hands, "Tell me quick, how do I upgrade the Overlord set?"

"Calm down."

Frost smiled, "Only Old K who has the God Refining Hammer has the ability to upgrade the Overlord Set, but... Old K is a loner. After I settle the defence of Dragon City, I will head with you to find Old K to discuss this matter."



Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both went offline to rest while I remained online to wait. The quest was done and the hundred men team separated. It was rare for the elites to all gather here to do a quest together, who knew if we would have another chance to do so.

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The Dragon City Hall was not as cold as outside. The furnace was burning timber and that sizzled. By the side of the rectangular table, many high-tier generals stood around. A few Majors some were Lieutenants and even Dragonrider Captain Qing Luo was here. Dragon City now had over 50 thousand troops and for them to expand was to be expected.

Frost slowly got up and pulled out a red flag. The flag flew out and stabbed into a corner of the map. She said calmly, "The southwest corner of Graveyard of the Heroes has always been where the Hybrid Demons have to pass to invade. There are at least over 100 thousand level 2 Hybrid Demon warriors there. I have decided to send the elite troops of Dragon City over. General Kuang Xing, lead 5000 men over to build a fortress. Start to defend against them. Set a Blazing Flame Tower to link up with Dragon City."

A bearded general stood up and cupped his fists, "Yes Lady Frost!"

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Frost looked at the map and said, "The defence of Ice Ridge Mountain is really important. Azure sent many Gravediggers to climb into Ba Huang City and Tian Ling City. We have to defend the entire peak, one sentry every 200 meters and one fortress every 3000 meters. All resources will be bought from Tian Ling City and Ba Huang City. This would be handed to Qing Luo."

Qing Luo smiled and nodded, "Yes Lady!"

Frost looked at the map and said, "What else needs to be added?"

A young general got up, "Lady, the items to feed the warhorses have been shipped from the east shore, but... The lords of the lake island said that our gold can only purchase 10 ships' worth. The wine, leather and clothes that they prepared have been shipped back."


Frost slapped the table and her face was filled with rage, "These merchants are bullies, they said 100 thousand gold for 50 ships and now it is 10. They are such bullies!"

She frowned, "Where is Silver Dragon Cavalry Yu Ping?"

The general with silver armor stood up, "General is here, what does Lady Frost have to instruct?"

Frost smiled, "Bring five Dragonriders and find their transport ships, show them our might. If they want to bargain then force them to the Dragon City shore, I will send people over."

Yu Ping laughed, "Yes, I know what to do!"

I laughed too.

A dragon rider looked at me,

he said in shock, "Why, does the Royal Army General have problems with what we do? Why are you laughing coldly?"

I smiled, "How is that possible, don't forget that I am from Dragon City, I just think that Dragon City does things more and more like me."

"Ha, so that is the case."

Frost stood up, "Then do your own things!"

She walked over and pulled my wrist, "Let's go find Old K."



Not only us, Zhi shu, Lanais, but Odelia also followed too. These were higher-ups of Dragon city. As the lord of the city, her helpers were all females. This made one really blessed when one was in Dragon City as one had many nice things to look at. These three NPCs were all beauties and Queen Zhi Shu dressed really brazenly. Even in the winter she still revealed her long legs and huge peaks. Lanais was a rational kind of beauty, apart from her exquisite face, her body was perfect too. Odelia was a rare human race expert and deep down she had a rebellious heart. She was a rose in the snow of Dragon City that one craved but didn't dare to get close. After all this rose was covered in poisonous thorns.

Clanging sounds spread from the workshop. Things were different. Apart from Old K, there were dozens of Dragon City warriors that became blacksmiths. Dragon City had always lacked resources, horses etc, weapons were also a huge problem. Frost was planning to create their own blacksmith shop to make themselves self-sufficient. Then we didn't need to always rely on Tian Ling City and Ba Huang City.

Old K was muscular and he was holding a flame wrapped hammer. He was smacking a piece of metal. Sweat flowed down his robe. When he saw us walk in, he placed down his arrogant smile and looked at Frost respectfully, "Lady Frost, why are you so free to head over here?"

Frost said, "Isn't it because of my student?"

Old K laughed and looked at me, "This kid had refined a five star God ring here previously, why. Does he need something else?"

I nodded, "Yes..."

Old K revealed an arrogant expression like if I didn't give him anything good he wouldn't help me. Frost saw that and laughed, "Li Xiao Yao is a vip here and is also my student so don't make things tough on him. If he has any requests then help satisfy it."

Old Knodded, "Yes, do you want to upgrade equipment again this time?"

I pointed at my armor and said, "Overlord Set, I heard Frost say that the set isn't just two star. You can continue to upgrade it right?"


Shock flashed across Old K's face and he walked forwards with the God Refining Hammer. He touched the Overlord Armor and closed his eyes. Golden energy surged around it and I felt as if he was seeing through my body. He suddenly opened his eyes and laughed, "As what Lady Frost said, Overlord Set are all god artifacts and a strong overlord soul is hidden within. After tens of thousands of years, this set is the top of this era. I can upgrade this set, but..."

A bright light shone in his eyes, "You have to pay a heavy price!"

I was shocked. Frost, Odelia and I said at the same time, "What price?"

Old K said, "Ancient Xiang Yu's soul had 7 fragments but only 4 are hidden in this set. You lack three pieces. You have to find them and along with top quality iron will you be able to upgrade this set."

"Xiang Yu War Soul Fragments, where can I get them from?" I asked.

Old K shook his head, "I have no idea but I can sense that they have fallen into the hands of others. Xiang Yu has always been arrogant and the person with the fragment should be too. You have hundred thousand Royal Army troops so you can kill those with the aura. You would definitely be able to gather the three fragments."

My mood dropped, "Damn, if Azure has the aura then don't I have to die?"

Frost laughed and held my hand, "No rush, I can sense that Azure, Igoras, Sif, Dalun etc don't have it, you don't have to worry."

"Oh, then... I also have no idea where to look?"

"This... I will help."



I didn't know how Frost would help but I believed that she had a plan. After all, she was the only true god in the human race camp and she was the only one that could help us face Azure. She should have the ability to help me gather a set.

We returned back up and Zhi Shu, Odelia and Lanais went to do their things. Frost and I came to the watchtower.

Frost looked at the border and held my wrist. She sensed the Overlord Bracer's aura and closed her eyes, "Don't say anything."

I naturally didn't say anything more and looked as the snow drowned us. Snowflakes fell onto her hair, onto her exquisite armor, onto her cheeks and melted. They fell onto her brows and shook. At the same time, power flowed out with her at the center. As expected, she was trying to help me search for the other three fragments.


After ten minutes, she opened her eyes and smiled, "I found one!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.