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ZL - Chapter 1119- Berserk God Axe

A majestic armor stood out and flew at me. The system recognised that only I had the rights to the Overlord Armor so there was no need to roll-

 Overlord Armor (Deity Artifact)

 Type: Heavy Armor

 Defence: 5450

 Strength: +545

 Stamina: +530

 Agility: +525

 Magic Attack: +520

 Bonus: Raise user's Magical Resistance by 149% and Defence +110%

 Bonus: Raise user's health by 70000

 Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 90% and basic attack by 3000

 Effect: No level restriction

 Effect: Overlord, Courage of the Gods, raise user's Strength by 3000

 Replicate: Replicate a line from a piece of similar equipment.

 Set Equipment: Overlord Set Armor

 Introduction: During the ancient era, a king swept the continent and his courage was unparalleled. Many people followed him and tens of thousands of years later, god blacksmiths collected his soul and melted it into a top treasure. These were the Overlord equipment and legend had it that people who completed the set could command the world. Obtain one part and there is a chance that other parts drop when killing high grade monsters, unique set

 Required level: 200

 Required Charm: 1000


 Without thinking, I replicated God Killing Armor's effect!

 Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate another line. Actually, if I could replicate God Killing Armor's defence state, this new armor would have 10000 basic defence. What I didn't understand was why the overlord Armor was just Deity Tier and its Defence was higher than God Killing Armor that was Epic Tier.

 The last line of stats finally appeared--

 Overlord Rebirth: summon Overlord Xiang Yu soul, all sorts of hidden stats greatly increase, moreover you can revive after death, level minus 1, all stats increased by 30%. Can stack infinitely, stats will disappear after going offline.



 System notification: Congratulations for gathering the Overlord Set, triggering the hidden upgrade stat, after the set is gathered, officially upgraded to: Overlord Set (2 Star God Artifact)!



 I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, this Overlord Set was a two star god artifact, no wonder the stats were so strong, but... Even then it shouldn't exceed a Epic Tier weapon. How could a level 165 Epic Tier weapon be easily surpassed? Was there something going on?

 Forget it, let me be happy first. No one would be able to kill me now, each death increased my stats by 30%. If I had this set and then fought Lei Ding, no one would need to lose levels. I could die 7-8 times and then I would be able to solo him.

 Lei Ding's other three drops appeared. One of them was a flame-wrapped helmet, there was a lightning axe and a pair of dark red boots. They didn't look like trash. Very quickly the helmet's stats appeared.

As expected--

 Lightning God Helmet (5 star god artifact)

 Type: Heavy Armor

 Defence: 5750

 Strength: +565

 Stamina: +560

 Agility: +555

 Magic Attack: +550

 Bonus: Raise user's Magical Resistance by 145% and Defence by 80%

 Bonus: Raise user's health by 33000

 Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 120%

 Effect: Thunder God, 20% chance to trigger lightning when attacking

 Skill: Lightning Cloud Curse, summon Lightning Cloud Curse to attack targets in a 40x40 area, last 4 seconds, consume 120 rage, cooldown of 10 minutes.

 Required level: 200

 Required Charm: 1000


 This was a great helmet, apart from the huge increase in defence, it increased attack. Worse was the super skill Lightning Cloud Curse. We all saw how terrifying it was, a player that had this would be terrifying. Moreover, the CD was only 10 minutes, one could use it every 5 minutes after drinking wine!

 We started to roll, I joined in too. If I could get it I would just give it to Zhan Long. After all, this was a five star god artifact so there was no need to let others win. All heavy armored players joined in. Even Goodbye Tears and Devotion to Buddha rolled. if they really got it, it would be a waste.

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

Some jobs were meant to be walking tanks, for example monks. of course, there were attack monks but their attacks weren't as high as berserkers and Warriors. Their Defence was lower than cavalry. In the end, they didn't have a good position. What one didn't like most was such a job, no one would want it.


 Numbers turned and finally, someone rolled a 100. It was Enchanted Painting, so lucky! Enchanted Painting got the armor. Fang Ge Que said something to Xue Jing and Xue Rou smiled, "Ah Jing you are so lucky, I only rolled a 71, that was so sad."

 I said, "That is decent, Old K only rolled a 6, so embarrassing!"

 Old K stared, "Your 8 isn't any better!"

 "Are you trying to rebel..."

 Mocha giggled.

 The next one was the lightning axe, it looked like the one in Lei Ding's hands? Of course, when the stats appeared, everyone sucked in a deep breath. We all knew that the Boss would drop a five-star god weapon but we didn't expect him to be so generous to drop an Epic Tier Weapon!

 Berserker God Axe (Epic Tier Weapon)

 Attack: 17400-25500

 Strength: +675

 Stamina: +660

 Magic Attack: +655

 Agility: +650

 Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 225% and Attack Speed by 60%

 Bonus: Ignore 50% of Defence

 Effect: Strong, durability loss speed reduced by 70%

 Effect: 10% chance to trigger Rage God Power, deal 7 times damage to target

 Effect: Well trained, reduce level required by 30

 Skill: Rage God Descend, raise one's Defence, resistance, Attack and players lower leveled than you will deal 80% less damage, last 120 seconds. Consume 100 rage, cooldown of 1 hour

 Unique effect: Rage God, increase damage dealt to players by 75%

 Required charm: 1500

 Required level: 220


 Destiny's top axe finally appeared. This Berserker God Axe was far better than all other axes including Old K's Greedy Nine Headed Snake. The moment it appeared, Old K, Ye Lai, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Bai Qi etc started to drool. Ye Lai clenched his fist, "If I can get this, I will give one person 100 thousand!"

 This person went mad!

 But Ye Lai was rich, he had a few companies so he didn't care about 10 million.

 The Berserkers started to roll. As expected, maybe the system wanted GDP to increase, Ye Lai rolled 94 and got it!

 After having the Berserker God Axe, Ye Lai was a true Berserker God. The explosiveness when fighting super first rate players was no joke. If you faced him, unless you had control skills or dodged his attacks, you would definitely lose. In the entire server, no one was 100% sure they could dodge one set of his attacks. At least this Berserker God Axe would turn Ye Lai into a god for the near future.


 Ye Lai happily sent us money.

 Very quickly, the last equipment was rolled for. It was a two star god boots and Wang Jian got it.

 I walked forwards and sliced off Lei Ding's head but I wasn't able to put it into my bag so I locked it to my waist. Igoras guarded the sixth floor and it was close to Azure on the seventh. Azure was sleeping and it would be bad if we woke him up. We took City Return Scrolls and left. Gather at Dragon City!


 We returned to Tian Ling City and I rode Lin Wan Er's silver dragon to submit the quest.

 Many people weren't here yet so we waited for quite a while.

 Finally, the hundred had gathered and this expedition reached a perfect end. I walked into the hall with Lei Ding's head. The hall wasn't huge and 100 people filled it up. Frost was shocked and when she knew we were here to submit the quest she was delighted, "You... You really killed Lei Ding?"

 I took out his head and said, "En, this is proof."

 Lanais smiled, "It is Lei Ding, this fellow actually died like that. Scoff, what a waste, I thought he would die to me."

 I was shocked, "Do you have animosity with him?"

 "Nope, I just find him annoying."



 Frost started to give out rewards. Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er etc got levels and charm. Some were even lucky to get God Tier weapons. Everyone was on cloud nine. Only I didn't get a reward and I was speechless. I looked at Frost, "Why didn't I get anything..."

 Frost looked at my armor and smiled, "I want to give you another reward do you know? Overlord Set is far from this grade, you can refine it to level it up!"


 I was delighted, it was not only a two star god set?

 This... I was going to get rich!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.