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ZL - Chapter 1121- Dragon Flame Thief Guild

"Where?" I said excitedly.

 Frost pointed towards the southwest, "Ice and Fire Plains, 15 degrees southwest of Fan Shu City, around 200 kilometers there is a reaction. That should be a city so you should bring more people over. The person with the soul fragment shouldn't be too weak."

 I was delighted and nodded my head, "Okay, I understand!"


 I said goodbye to Frost and returned back to Fan Shu City! Overlord Set was just too important to me, after all, I had even killed a Hybrid Demon Lord to get it. Moreover, Q-Sword was looking for the level 190 two star god set Rising Dragon Set and Jian Feng Han was searching for the Fire Soul Set. I couldn't fall behind. Before Mocha's equipment and level increased, the three of us would be the top three close combat players.


 I appeared in Fan Shu City and there were dragon roars from the dragon nest. Those were the sounds of Cliff Dragons hatching. Although they were not real dragons but they were definitely low-grade ones if not their stats wouldn't be so strong. The hawk nest also produced many flame hawks. Fan Shu City was resting up and our troops were climbing.

 I looked at the time and it was already 4am. Forget it, time to search for the first fragment. I didn't want to wait anymore.

 I flew towards Flaming God Mountain Range and there were many troops there. This was where Royal Army's camp was at. After the country war, I arranged Han Yuan, Xiao Lie and the others to lead the Royal Army over here and not Fan Shu City. To an extent, it reduced the economic pressure on Fan Shu City. More resources were free to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry.

 "Commander in chief you are back?"

 A messenger soldier looked at me and smiled. I haven't been back in a long time so it was no wonder why he would be excited. He nodded, "I shall inform Generals Han Yuan and Xiao Lie right away!"

 I shook my head, "No need, I will head over myself!"



 I flew over and landed in front of the main camp. I pulled open the curtains and inside was Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, Long Xing and Autumn Leaf who were all eating. Han Yuan smiled, "General why didn't you inform us, we are... Ah, Haha..."

 I was speechless, "No drinking in the camp, wasn't this rule set a long time ago?"

 Han Yuan said, "Didn't the war end, Tian Ling City can rest for a period of time, if not we wouldn't dare to do this!"

 I frowned, "Military orders and orders, no drinking in the camp. Those are rules! Men, all the generals here are fined three months' pay, record it down!"

 Xiao Lie stood up and said respectfully, "Yes, I shall remember!"

 Long Xing and Autumn Leaf were solemn and they stood up, "General, you didn't come here just to fine us right?"

 The lowest one of them was a one star general so I didn't make things tough on them, "Sit down, next time if you want to drink then head to Fan Shu City. Fan Shu City has so many inns and the girls are pretty too so why stay here?"

 Han Yuan smiled, "Yes General. General you came here with orders right?"


 He was excited, "We hadn't had a mission in a long time,

my blades are about to turn rusty. Haha, finally we have something to do!"

 Han Yuan was a war maniac. I walked to the front of the sandboard and asked, "15 degrees southwest of Fan Shu City around 200 kilometers. There is a city there, what is it called?"

 Long Xing was stunned, "Ah? Isn't that Ice and Fire Plains? That place is a wilderness what city is there?"

 Xia Ye was shocked and stood up, "How does sir know that there is a city there?"

 "What city is it general Autumn Leaf?"

 Autumn Leaf smiled, "That city is called Earth City and its defence is really weak. It is where merchants rest. Beside it is a Greenland with grain and water. It is occupied by a bunch of jerks called Dragon Flame Bandit Group. I heard that this bandit group has 7000+ troops. They are one of the strongest in Moon City, Tian Ling Empire and Swirling Abyss City. The villages in the west have often been disturbed by them but we have no choice. It is too far away and the empire didn't send any orders. Once we try to attack them and fail, we can't deal with the consequence."

 Han Yuan spat, "Scoff, I told you to attack that Earth City but the Fire Rhino Army's Shao Shiyang didn't want to, he said that without the emperor's orders he didn't dare to. Scoff he is just afraid that we claim the credit, so annoying!"

 Shao Shiyang has always disliked Royal Army and I, that was something I knew but there was nothing I could do. Royal Army was so powerful in Tian Ling Empire and be it reputation or strength, no other army could compare to us. It is normal that they were jealous. But the Royal Army general was me, I was The Executor, Suiding Duke, no one dared to say anything.

 I asked, "General Xia Ye, who is the leader of Flame Dragon Bandit Group, is he strong?"

 Xia Ye nodded, "Yes, he is called Tan Taiyan, he is a general with an understanding of flame techniques and he used to serve Moon City. When the general led the Hybrid Demon army to attack Moon City, Tan Taiyan returned late and was blamed by the exiled king. He was kicked out and ended up in Earth City. He gathered 7000+ bandits, any merchants that pass would have to collect 20% fees if not they would be killed. Moreover, if the girls looked good, Tan Taiyan will take them down."

 I was shocked, "Damn, this Tan Taiyan only has Xiang Yu soul's fierce nature but not his loyalty..."

 "Eh, why is sir talking about?"


 I stood up and asked, "How many troops do we need to take it down?"

 Autumn Leaf smiled, "Ten thousand cavalry is enough but as it is close to Lion City and they are now occupied by Flaming Cloud City's 13th son and 100 thousand troops, so we need to bring more troops. 30 thousand Royal Army cavalry should be enough."


 I nodded but in my mind was Clear Black Eyes's body. She was definitely the one that pushed for that king in Lion City. After losing Waterfront City and Flaming Cloud City, the Indian players had nowhere to go. But I saw Lion City before, its defence was lower than a secondary city so it definitely wasn't enough for Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple. They would definitely find another location in the next country war.


 I sent my orders and in less than half an hour, 30 thousand Royal Army troops were prepared. The cavalry was at the front and grain was at the back. 200 miles wouldn't take more than a day in the game and it would just be 3 hours in real life. Along with the ten thousand infantry and dragon crystal cannons led by Autumn Leaf, even if Clear Black Eyes attacked us we wouldn't be afraid.

 I summoned God Dragon Horse. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing and I led the cavalry to attack at the front.

 Horse hooves shook the ground and the 30 thousand Royal Army troops caused dust to bellow. I was in charge of this sneak attack so I wouldn't be blamed by Tian Ling Empire as I was The Executor. I had the right to use any troops. Moreover, I was just sending Royal Army.

 I had to be careful as Zhu Hai and Shao Shiyang were waiting to pull me down from my spot as Marshal!


 We traveled for hundred miles and the stars were shining bright. When the sun rose up we were already around Earth City. As expected the defence was really slack. The few scouts were shot by the archers. No-one stopped us. From afar, a badly stacked up city wall appeared in front of us. It really was Earth City, there was no defence at all!

 There were even some merchants on the path. Xiao Lie rode at the front with Royal Army's flag, "Tian Ling Empire Royal Army is on orders to attack the bandits, move aside!"

 These merchants just wanted money so no one dared to stop us. They moved aside and the cavalry rushed ahead.

 "As expected they are just a bunch of random people..."

 I nodded, "End this fast, don't hurt the innocent merchants."



 When the first line of heavy cavalries reached the walls, the rising sun broke through the darkness and brought light to the trading city that was in the hands of the bandits.

 "Be careful, enemies are attacking!"

 The bandits finally noticed and knocked the drum at the side. Although they were shot by Long Xing and they fell to the ground but this alarm was already sounded.

 We pushed forwards and killed any bandit we saw. Very few people in the bandit squad didn't have blood on their hands so there was no need to show mercy. Moreover, this was a dog-eat-dog world and if one joined the bandit group without strength, they were already walking on the edge of death.

 "Stop them!"

 Archers formed from bandits pulled their bows and fired.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.