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ZL - Chapter 1114- Crescent Moon Storm

Actually, Shura Goddess Amelia was a leather armor Boss but her attack was too high and she could easily kill one of us. After Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear and Wang Jian were attacked and all of them died once. But they traded and amelia's health dropped too.


After all, she was an Assassin-type boss and in less than 20 minutes, Amelia's health was down to 10%. Moreover her ultimate was Crescent Moon Storm and she used it to give us pressure. However, Jian Feng Han and I relied on Wall of Douqi, 30% lifesteal and Greedy Hand, Greedy Armor etc skills to recover. She couldn't kill us and was sliced up badly instead.

When the Boss's health was down to 2%, everyone attacked. We had an understanding that whoever killed it depended on luck. Quick Thunder Swift Wind brought two House of Prestige's close combat players to stick right onto her face and they hoped for the Boss to die to them.

I lost focus and didn't lock onto the Boss. As expected, Amelia used Crescent Moon Storm+ Seven Strike to insta kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind!

All sorts of skills exploded around her. In the end, Amelia actually fell to Lin Wan Er. Mocha smiled, "Wan Er, thank me for holding back, if not I would have stolen it..."

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Thank you Mocha!"

She quickly screenshotted Amelia. This was probably the reason why she fought for the final blow and not because of the boss's experience.

The instance that Amelia died, she dropped a bunch of equipment. But this time the amount was fewer than before. This time there were only 6 pieces and their stats appeared one by one. This time it was great for Assassins, all of them were Assassin equipment--

Heartless (5 star god weapon): Dagger, attack 13500-18400, Attack +145%, ignore defence +40%, +10% lifesteal, attack speed +115%

Cruel Blade (2 star god weapon): Dagger, 12050, 16400, Attack+130%, ignore 30% defence, +100% Attack Speed and 7% chance for lethal strike

Crescent Moon Bracers (3 star god artifact): Leather, defence +3900, _35% agility, Defence +70%, Health +30000

Green Flame Boots (1 star god artifact): Leather, defence +3120, Defence +45%, health +17000

Crescent Moon Helmet (3 Star God weapon): Leather defence +4150, +40% Agility, Defence +85%, Critical Strike +20%

Luohan Shield (1 star god weapon): Leather special secondary hand item, defence +120%, Attack +50%, Attack Speed +75%


The leather armored players were all excited. The Assassins of Zhan Long like Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, Song Han were among them. Heartless, 5 star god weapon, this was the dagger with the strongest attack and it was close to my Butterfly. Armor penetration, speed increase, lifesteal, this was the perfect Assassin item!

I prayed for Lin Wan Er to get the dagger. She was Zhan Long's top goddess so she should get a 5 star weapon!

Who knew that the heavens didn't think so,

after a series of rolls, Lin Wan Er was 4th. First was Zhan Long's other deputy. Yue Qing Qian got it!

The little girl was naturally delighted. Next was the two star dagger. Song Han got that. After which was another focus, Crescent Moon Bracers. This was the Crescent Moon Set, a three star god set, this was really attractive. Even Lin Wan Er was touched and was praying that she could get it.

This time luck was on her side and she rolled a 87 to get it!

What delighted both of us was that when it was time for the helmet, the system gave it to her automatically due to the bracers. The system recognised that once a player got one part they would get the second.

"Congratulations sister Cang Tong!" Yue Qing Qian held Heartless and said in delight.

Lin Wan Er equipped the two and she looked much more energetic, "Finally... Since we entered God Demon Well I haven't gotten any equipment..."

I was speechless, actually 100 people. There were only a few Assassins, if not how would everyone get something?

The Green Flame Boots was taken by a Legend Assassin while the Luohan Shield went to Vanguard.

Right at that moment, the final item floated out. It was a purple skill book and when we saw its stats, the breathing of all the Assassins stopped--

Crescent Moon Storm (God Tier skill): Summon the crescent moon to deal killing effects on targets in a 20x20 range. Moreover, you can interrupt their movement techniques and absorb them towards the center for one second with a 25% speed reduction lasting for 7 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds and learning it will consume 120 points of charm. Required job: Assassin, required level: 192.

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.


As the skill needed level, the Legend, Vanguard and Prague Assassins didn't have the rights to roll for this. Thus only two people could roll, one was Lin Wan Er and the other was Yue Qing Qian. Wan Er was 194 and Qing Qian was 192. Wolf and Yue Wei Liang were sad as they were both 191 and lacked a level.

Numbers appeared and Lin Wan Er was the final winner. She got Crescent Moon Storm!


A green light rippled as the beautiful girl learned a new god tier technique. This meant that her damage was stronger. Moreover, the storm not only increased killing ability, it reduced speed. It was a combination of control, explosiveness and speed reduction, this was a god killing technique!

Fang Ge Que walked over with the Streaming Cloud Fan and smiled, "Congratulations goddess Cang Tong you really gained so much this time. The Crescent Moon Set along with Crescent Moon Storm perfect!"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Thank you guild leader Fang Ge Que, we were able to get the drops because everyone worked together."

Yan Zhao Warrior held his sword, "A god tier skill is so rare. Even in such a top map only two dropped. Congratulations Zhan Long, one Crescent Moon Storm and one God Killing Cannon. This is enough to raise Zhan Long's strength to a whole new level, so terrifying. Such a guild..."

I slapped his shoulder, "What is uncle Yan Zhao saying? Zhan Long and Prague are friends, no matter how scary we are, we are protecting you. Now we are focusing on the outside, Zhan Long won't join internal battles anyways. That is our promise here."

Jian Feng Han smiled, "That is true, who would be free for internal battles?"

"That is hard to say."

Yan Zhao Warrior looked into the sky, "We don't want to fight doesn't mean others won't. Maybe people want to control Tian Ling City during the break?"

I looked at Fang Ge Que, "No one has the ability right?"

Fang Ge Que nodded, "Who cares, I think a person with such an ambition is a joke. Let's level and go to the 4th floor!"



God Demon Well's third level barrier had released and the path to the 4th floor had opened up. I grabbed my swords and looked at my equipment. As I had tanked for too long, my armor and bracers were down to 1-%. I found Legend members to repair it and then brought Mocha down. Actually, Mocha's damage was really decent but she wasn't in the top 10. She was just here to gain experience. She was smart and the moment we reached the Boss she would retreat and just gain experience for nothing. But level 8 Hybrid Demons were fierce and with her mechanics, she could still crush them.

A fog spread around the 4th floor and it was silent. But the monsters here weren't invisible. On the rocky corridors, many beasts lay on the ground. These were human faced lions, a whole new type of monster. They had energetic faces and their legs were really powerful. Their bodies were covered in red fur and they roared out loud.

I read the first lion's stats and shared it into the party--

Human-faced Lion (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 209

Attack: 32700-37000

Defence: 25000

Health: 4000000

Skill: Roar Strike, Bloodthirst Bite, Human Face Beast Heart

Introduction: Human-faced Lion, a bunch of humans that were cursed. They did many evil things and weren't able to reincarnate. Their souls were punished to merge with a lion and they ended up neither ghost nor human. Human-faced Lions have strong attack and are used to using their human faces to mock opponents. Kill it quick or you might end up as its food.


I charged and Mocha and I dealt with one side by side. Butterfly and Gan Jiang slashed and this level 209 Hybrid Demon was unable to stop me. The introduction said we had to deal with it fast. Human Face Beast Heart was a taunt and it would reduce defence by 5%. If one gets mocked enough, one would be sliced through like butter.

But no matter what, they were easier than the Crescent Moon Nuns. At least they weren't invisible.


It was late and the 100 of us continued to toil in the God Demon Well.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.