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ZL - Chapter 1112- Crescent Moon Face

This was how Fox got the nickname Zhan Long Liu Sanpao. After obtaining the God Killing Cannon skill, he dealt so much damage to enemies. Fox didn't ghave other strong skills and he only had this one. Three shots along with his own Attack and his Critical Strike, very few could blow it. This made Fox's position jump up and he even found a girlfriend.


After getting God Killing Cannon he learned it right away. Fox was afraid others would steal it. Xing Lie and Piggy were so envious that they were about to kill him.

The Boss's body disappeared and 7 pieces of equipment floated in the air. Their stats appeared for all to see and then we were prepared to Roll--

Flame Long Spear (4 Star God Weapon): Attack 12500-17400, Attack +145%, ignore defence 40%, +10 lifesteal

Flame Pistol (3 Star God Artifact): Attack 11350-16700, Attack+137%, Ignore 30% defence, +85% Attack Speed and 10% chance of lethal strike

Flame Mark Armor (1 star god artifact): heavy armor, defence +4400, 12% damage reflect, health +27000

Element Bow (Divine Tier): Attack 9920-13400, Attack +85%, Attack Speed +60%

Flame Mark Leggings (Demon Harvest): Leather armor, defence +3450, Attack +20%, Defence +45%

Flame Soul Helmet (2 Star god equipment): Defence +4700, Defence +135%, Health +40000, effect: Flame Soul Set

Cold Ice Dagger (1 star god weapon): Attack 11000-15540, Attack +110%, ignore 50% defence, +55% Attack Speed


Flame Long Spear, cavalry players' weapon, four star. It was much better than all other cavalry weapons except for the Country Weapon Zhen Yue Sword that Death God's Elegy had. Naturally, everyone wanted that. A four star god tier boss dropping such a weapon was already its max and players were all happy about it. After all, this spear had nothing to do with us Warriors and Assassins.

The cavalry players rolled and in the end Yue Yao Yan from Zhan Long got it with 93 points. Li meng Yao rolled 91 and missed out on it.

The second one was the Flame Pistol, a gun for Musketeer. But this time the goddess of luck wasn't on Fox's side and Piggy got it with 57 points. Fox had 31 whereas Xing Lie got 18.

Flame Mark Armor was rolled away by Goodbye Tears with 99. The staff was dealt with and the leggings were taken by a Legend Archer. Cold Ice Dagger was won by Yue Qing Qian.

As for the helmet, actually, I thought that this one was the most valuable one. Everyone knew that set equipment was all connected and you could use various methods to complete the set. This Flame Soul Helmet was one example and one would be able to draw out the other four. This looked much better than my Overlord Set!

Thus, I joined into the roll but my luck here wasn't that good. The dozens of heavy armored players rolled together and Jian Feng Han got it. This meant that the Vanguard leader was on the path to completing his set.


All the equipment was split so we continued down to the third floor.

When I flew down with Mocha, we were terrified. There was no movement at all and it was empty!

"Where are the monsters?" Mocha blinked

"Do we get a free pass?" I said.

Mocha smiled, "Boss you are dreaming! Wake up..."

I continued, "Then there is only one explanation."

Fang Ge Que sat on the silver dragon, "What?"

Yan Zhao Warrior rode the bat over, "Quickly say it."

I waved, "The monsters are hidden, who wants to die?"

Jian Feng Han stood behind Drunken Spear and smiled, "Not me anyways."

Don’t Be Foolish rode the flying chicken, "Why not use skills to get them out."

"The key is whether or not they can get hit?" I frowned, "No point talking about all this, Fang Ge Que can you use Starry Night to shine onto them..."

Fang Ge Que slapped his own head, "Damn, I actually forgot that I was a mage."

Mocha smiled, "Tsk..."

Fang Ge Que looked at her, "Don't think that I won't dare to punish you just because you are not under me. Xiao Yao let me tell you, her specialty is ignoring commands and she would often use the guild's account to buy snacks on Taobao, you need to be careful..."

Mocha's face flushed red, "When did I, boss don't listen to him..."

I laughed, "Stop talking and let's kill the monsters!"

Actually, I was quite happy. Mocha always felt guilty even if she left Zhan Long or Legend. This was Fang Ge Que's charm, he was magnanimous and that would gain respect. Since he couldn't keep her, he would forgive her. Since she couldn't be his, they could at least be friends. Fang Ge Que was more rational than 90% of the guild leaders in the Chinese server.

Mocha and Fang Ge Que's grievances ending was what I looked forward to the most.



A flame light charged over and landed on the corridor. As expected, many monsters appeared. They held daggers and were dressed in leather armor. They bent their backs and their faces were covered in a black veil. Their bodies exposed their gender and a crescent moon appeared on their shoulders. They had a nice name-- Cresent Moon Nun. I flew over and read one of their stats and shared it into the party chat--

Crescent Moon Nun (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 208

Attack: 32400-36000

Defence: 27000

Health: 4200000

Skill: Stealth, Bone Strike, Crescent Moon Look, Crescent Moon Storm

Introduction: Crescent Moon Nun, these nuns were girls that looked good and most of them were beautiful. They had either became concubines and were tortured and humiliated. Their souls were lost and Lanais kept them and trained them to kill. After Lanais betrayed Hybrid Demon Territory, Azure accepted them and gave them the power to control the moon. He trained them into true killers. Don't panic and run when facing them, they will use their looks to charm the target. If you end up as their target don't run, you won't be able to escape. Accept them and maybe you can enjoy them before you die.


I held Gan Jiang and looked at everyone, "Who wants to enjoy?"

Don’t Be Foolish rode his chicken over and stabbed into one of them. The damage he dealt wasn't high. The Crescent Moon Nun was a perfect soldier type with high defence and attack. Moreover, the skills looked strong. After being attacked it just moaned and then used Bone Strike. The daggers sliced Don’t Be Foolish's shield. Luckily his defence was high and he could hold on.

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I charged over with Mocha. I saw that after that Crescent Moon Nun attacked Don’t Be Foolish, it didn't move at all and gave a devilish smile. Don’t Be Foolish stood there and his saliva started to drop. This was an attack on the mentality of the players. Don’t Be Foolish was not a determined person!

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"What did he see?" Mocha looked at him in disdain.

That Crescent Moon Nun waved its daggers and Don’t Be Foolish was down to 40% health. It dealt its final skill- Crescent Moon Storm. Moonlight and winds blew and Don’t Be Foolish was down to low health. Without Darling Duck's heal he would have already died. The Crescent Moon Nun's attacks weren't strong enough like the Hellfire Skeleton if not they would be scary.

I found another and used my skills to bring it down low. At that moment, this Crescent Moon Nun looked at me and used Crescent Moon Face. My body shook and my mind was invaded. The Crescent Moon Nun's face turned clear and her clothing scattered. It was naked and moving about right in front of me.


Butterfly stabbed into the Crescent Moon Nun's chest. I got out in just a second. As a Blazing Sun Realm expert, my mental strength was far above normal people. It was impossible to invade my mind.

Very quickly, Mocha was affected by Crescent Moon Face's attack but she was a girl. She fought back and the enemy's attacks were useless.

Lin Wan Er rode on the dragon back and her face flushed red. She saw something. She could mindread and her mind couldn't be invaded. So she probably just saw a little.


But Li Mu, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Ye Lai etc felt good. They clashed against the Crescent Moon Nuns and fought more and more valiantly. Ye Lai even leaked and said, "Damn, since things got blocked I have not gotten such benefits..."

Of course, these super first-rate cavalry dared to have such an attitude. As for the others, they were wary as they might get insta killed.

But, the monsters on this floor... This journey was quite enjoyable and I even wanted them to invade my mind for a few more seconds.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.