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ZL - Chapter 1106- Showing skills

The flames on the plains continued to scorch. One could even feel the heat in one's boots as one stepped on the dirt.

"Be careful, there is a monster there." Lin Wan Er looked into the distance.

Dong Cheng Yue held Aisha's Staff and ice power gathered at the top. She smiled, "That is okay, with 30 tanks going to die, we don't have to worry."

Lin Wan Er giggled, "Right..."


The frontline players were annoyed. Meng Yao held Nuwa Stone and guided her horse slowly forwards. I summoned God Dragon Horse and continued with my sister. Mocha held Cold Iron Sword and she had a wide smile on her face. Jian Feng Han, Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears too moved forwards. Ye Lai held his axe and he was raring to go. Since the start, he didn't have many chances to kill monsters so he was so frustrated.

But his chance was here.

Night fell and red sparks surged in the darkness. One look and I knew that those were eyes of beasts. Azure knew we were coming so he set up many obstacles for us. 1000+ beasts waited for our arrival. These were earth dragons with three horns on their heads. Their eyes shone red and flames wrapped around their bodies.

"Good fellow..."

Jian Feng Han's gaze turned solemn, "Level 8 Hybrid Demon, Three Horned Flame Dragon, 1200+ of them... I think we attracted the aggro already?"

I shook my head, "No, someone sent them to kill us."

Meng Yao held Nuwa Stone shield and said, "Will they attack us?"

"Yes, definitely."

I turned around and looked at everyone, "Reduce the formation and release our pets. protect the healers and ranged in the middle. Prepare for their charge!"

Apart from that there was no other way. There were too many monsters and once they scattered us we had no chance at all. Moreover, we understood how strong those level 8 Hybrid Demons were.

Fang Ge Que shared the stats of the Three Horned Flame Dragon into the party channel and we all clicked our tongues--

Three Horned Flame Dragon (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 25700-35500

Defence: 27000

Health: 3500000

Skill: Flame Shield, Horn Attack, Earthshaking Strike

Introduction: Three Horned Flame Dragon, these earth dragons were peace loving and were born with the fire element. But the evil demon powers have affected them and they became cruel and bloodthirsty. After Azure woke, he made them a part of the Hybrid Demon army and a million of them are guarding Shura World, Charging Canyon and God Demon Well.

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"1 million?" Don’t Be Foolish summoned a red mantis to assist, he exclaimed, "How many of them will be waiting for us at God Demon Well? 35000 basic Attack. I don't think we can handle that, this isn't good..."

Fang Ge Que smiled and consoled, "Don't be too worried,

guard the land in front of us. I saw that the size of them is 2-5 times of us. We can bunch up which means that each one of us will at most tank 2-3 Three Horned Flame Dragons. If healing is enough we won't die."

I said, "We have to block their horn attack first. This attack would be a rushing effect so if our formation changes shape we might get broken through."

Ye Lai agreed, "Right!"

Lin Wan Er released Little White and she smiled, "So we can't retreat, your mistakes might cause the entire team to lose."

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Six Ya smiled, "Don't worry, we hold all the honor of our guilds and we won't make mistakes."

"En." I looked into the distance, "Be careful, they are about to charge. Those in the north are about to get hit, hold on!"

Drunken Spear held the shield and spear and smiled. Him there felt like an unshakeable mountain. Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai were all respectful towards him. After all, they hope that they could recruit him but unfortunately, he was stubborn. After joining Flying Dragon he didn't think about changing guilds. Even if he faced unhappiness, even if the guild held him up, he didn't leave them.

Such a person would definitely increase the soul of the guild. Not only me, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han etc were all sure about it.

Enchanted Painting said, "I want a change of position. The pressure towards the north is huge, I am a weak Warrior that adds Agility!"

Mocha smiled, "Ah Jing please up your game!"

"Sister I am afraid I will get insta killed!" Enchanted Painting was acting cute.

Mocha looked at me helplessly, "Boss, why not Ah Jing and you swap positions?"


I looked at the Three Horned Flame Dragon so I quickly swapped. I stood next to Jian Feng Han and placed Gan Jiang at the front of my chest to welcome their charge.

Jian Feng Han looked at me and smiled, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai you don't get insta killed!"

I smiled, "Don't worry, even if you get insta killed twice, I won't die!"

I wasn't being arrogant. With my Defence and Twin Dragon effect, that was the case.


A few seconds later, Three Horned Flame Dragons charged over. Jian Feng Han, Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears all faced north!

The Three Horned Flame Dragon at the front roared. The heavy body was like a small tank that smashed into Don’t Be Foolish's shield!


The heavy strike caused Don’t Be Foolish to take half a step back.

Jian Feng Han was much smarter and slashed with his sword. He used a Double Hit to slow down the earth dragon and perfectly blocked the monster's momentum. With the first monster as a shield, the momentum from the back wasn't so scary anymore.

I used the level 20 Double Hit and slashed 6 times. I triggered Blade of the Champion. My strength was higher than the earth dragon so not only did I knock it back, I stunned it for a second.

But Quick Thunder Swift Wind couldn't handle two charges so Bai Li Ruo Feng quickly stunned one of them. The other roared and smashed onto the ground. It was an Earthshaker strike and energy shot out from the ground to toss Quick Thunder Swift Wind off the ground!

"Ah? !"

Quick Thunder Swift Wind astonished, "Oh god!"

Fang Ge Que saw that and said calmly, "Xuan Yuan Feng!"

Xuan Yuan Feng held his spear calmly on the left and raised his palm. Silver light shone from his ring and added a shield to Quick Thunder Swift Wind. This was a protection skill. When Quick Thunder Swift Wind landed his health had recovered to 50% and he had survived.

Three Horned Flame Dragon surrounded our formation. We had three layers outside and three inside. Moreover, the Three Horned Flame Dragons around used Earthskaker Strike to try to break our formation. Meng Yao looked at me, "Brother?"

Meng Yao smashed Nuwa Stone onto the ground and shockwaves spread out. She added a Nuwa Protection shield for everyone. The shield durability was her Attack+Defence added together so one would know how much that was.

Death God's Elegy held Zhen Yue Sword and after slicing, I activated Zhenyue Warsong to greatly increase the Attack of surrounding players. More Three Horned Flame Dragons attacked. The Hybrid Demon Lords gave us such a huge present so we didn't have to conserve skills.

A few dots appeared in the sky and those were Sword Spirit Cavalry and Scavengers.

"Be careful." Fang Ge Que looked into the sky and said, "Beauty Cang Tong, take care of your dragon, don't let it get insta killed!"

Lin Wan Er nodded, "Yes."


I slashed and when many Sword Spirit Cavalries appeared above, I couldn't take it anymore. Ring of the King spun and activated- Kings Domain. Images of a king's sword slashing formed buffs above our heads and increased our Attack and Defence by 150%. 10% of our health recovered each second lasting for 10 minutes. At least within these 10 minutes, no one would die.

Don’t Be Foolish exclaimed, "Damn, such an IMBA skill, feels good!"

Dancing Forest activated Huangzhong Bow's effect and raised the damage of the ranged players.

Legend members didn't fall behind either. Lu Chunyang jumped up and sliced into the ground. Many mountain effects pierced the monsters around. Another AOE attack. Jian Feng Han slashed and a golden energy current swept the crowd. At least within 100 meters, the Three Horned Flame Dragons were hit 3 times.


This was too frightening. We hadn't had an internal war in a long time so we didn't know how many skills each person kept. This adventure was a chance to draw out each guilds' main player's abilities.

Fang Ge Que smiled, "It seems like... No one needs to hide anything."

Ye Lai laughed and tossed his axe out. An Axe covered the entire sky and it slashed the plains, turning it into a canyon. Not only the Three Horned Flame Dragons on the ground, but many of the Sword Spirit Cavalries in the sky were also hurt.

I didn't hide anymore and activated the skill on the Overlord Leggings-- Dragon Totem!



The monsters went insane and many god dragon images broke out of the earth heading right towards the sky. All of a sudden, 200 thousand damage numbers rose up and everyone was stunned.

After the seven seconds were up, I used Thundering Heavens!

Jian Feng Han, Bai Li Ruo feng, Fang Ge Que etc were all shocked. Everyone felt like it was too difficult to be enemies with such a person.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.