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ZL - Chapter 1107- Azure's dinner

"Pay attention to the sky!"

Fang Ge Que waved Streaming Cloud Fan and used Flamestrikes on the monsters. At the same time, he raised his head to warn us.

Above us were over 100 Sword Spirit Cavalries charging down. There were also a bunch of Two-winged Demons that attacked together. Since the monsters on the ground couldn't break our formation, these Hybrid Demons started to find a way through from the sky.

We didn't have many attacks towards the sky. Just Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Simple and Lin Wan Er's Little White. This was far from enough!

"Let me!"

Drunken Spear smashed his shield and a blue light surged from his body. It surged into the sky and rain spread around forming a 50 yard umbrella effect. At the same time, the words Seven Treasure Umbrella Barrier appeared above Drunken Spear's head.

"Peng peng peng..."

In the sky, many Two-winged Demons and Sword Spirit Cavalries smashed into the barrier. Blood splattered and all of them shattered. The recoil of the barrier was shocking and the killing strength of it was really high. The Three Horned Flame Dragons that attacked us were also affected. Any monster that hit the barrier suffered 200 thousand damage.

Everyone was stunned. Yan Zhao Warrior held his sword and muttered, "This... Barrier skill is too overpowered? Terrifying..."

Drunken Spear smiled, "The skill of a four star god artifact is obviously strong but it only lasts for 12 second. The function of it will be limited."

Fang Ge Que was shocked, "That is strong enough, its repel effect can catch people off guard."

"En." I nodded, "How long is the cooldown?"

"120 minutes, 1 hour if you drink wine."

"Okay, keep it, we might need to use it against the Boss later."



In the end, Drunken Spear's skill saved us. Along with the pressure on the ground reducing, I flew into the sky and attacked those Sword Spirit Cavalry along with the ranged players. I saw smoke bellowing at God Demon Well and many Three Horned Flame Dragons charged. It seems like our traces were exposed. Azure sent at least 10 thousand Hybrid Demons towards us, they really respected us so much.

Our 100 men team was hit time after time and that definitely didn't feel good. Even my Twin Dragon passive was triggered. Sword Spirit Cavalry and Two-winged Demons focused onto me and they dealt really high damage. Fortunately, I had the effect of the Overlord Helmet and I didn't get stunned.

"Be careful, Drunken Moment can't hold on!" Lu Chunyang shouted.

On the ground, one of Legend's Flagbearer, level 187 Cavalry Drunken Moment groaned as he fell his horse. A Sword Spirit Cavalry and a Three Horned Flame Dragon focused onto him and he was actually insta killed from half health.

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Li Mu held his Flame Scorching Sword and covered up. He used Covering Sword Slash+ Absolute Authority to force the few flame dragons back. At the same time, he said, "Revive and don't let the breach get bigger!"

We had a limited number of people and we couldn't afford many deaths. So those players who died had to revive right away.

A few seconds and Drunken Moment was revealed by Chang Sheng Jue. He summoned his horse and joined back in.

Not only Drunken Moment. We had over 10 people in the team that had already died but we had no choice. No one expected us to be treated like this. Level 8 Hybrid Demons could challenge first rate players, now they were surrounding us. Attack after attack. One could say that it was quite tough for us to maintain shape. Maybe some other 100 would have collapsed dozens of minutes ago.


After 1.5 hours, Don’t Be Foolish held his spear and forced a Three Horned Flame Dragon back, "How many of them, they seem endless!"

I slashed to slice three Sword Spirit Cavalries at once. I looked towards God Demon Well, "The number is reducing. In 30 minutes we can clear this batch out."

Goodbye Tears's shield was covered in many holes. Those holes were from the Three Horned Flame Dragons, he smiled helplessly, "Before we eve get in we would need to repair our equipment."

Fang Ge Que shook his head, "Don't worry, I considered that point."

"How so?"

In the crowd, a Legend player slashing his sword turned around. This was one of Legend's elders Xuan Yuan Feng who smiled, "I learned a special skills a few days ago called Repair Skill that can repair all equipment. Only 20% of my bag space was potions and the rest were materials. Legend's brothers brought some materials too. The 100 of us don't have to worry about durability. Those whose durability is below 10% can find me, I will help you repair them for free!"

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I smiled in surprise, "So nice, that is great, we don't have to waste time."

Fang Ge Que nodded, "En, I think so too. Such a skill is so important for people like us that train for at least 24 hours at once."

Legend was the top guild so as expected there were many talents.

Beside me was originally Legend's top close combat player-- Little Demon. After I landed, she fought alongside me. She used the Cold Iron Sword to force back the Hybrid Demons while launching skills into the crowd. Her damage was high and they looked nice too. Mocha avoided Fang Ge Que and stuck with me. It was as expected as she was originally under huge pressure when leaving Legend. As the boss, I joked around with her so that she didn't feel awkward. Song Han,, Old K, Fox etc realised that and they crowded over.

But since Mocha was back, Zhan Long's studio had to change locations too. After all, the three room house was too small. Times had changed and Song Han, Old K etc had millions. As for Mocha, she might even have more than 100 million. For such a rich group to live in a thousand dollar rental didn't make sense. So Mocha discussed with me that once she returned, she would rent a villa. Then Furious Milk, Xu Fang, Zhao Feifei etc friends will join in and stay with the three from Zhan Long's studio.

That made sense, we might even help solve wolf and Old K's problem of being single. Although Wolf was intelligent but he was dumb in front of girls. Old K was too ugly and Fox didn't have over 5 digits in his bank. These were all problem kids.


In the next half an hour, those Three Horned Flame Dragons were finally cleared by us. The system refreshed but the monster corpses still pilled up around us. In the middle were many Sword Spirit Cavalry and Two-winged Demon corpses. Most of them were caused by Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Simple, Fang Ge Que and I. One had to say that this quest helped to make all of us closer and that was good for the third country war.

We cleaned up the battlefield and those better pieces of equipment were rolled. Next were the useless ones. Everyone here was famous and no one would fight for them.

Li Mu and I walked at the front and this time it was down to Zhan Long to scout.

The hooves of the warhorses stepped on the plains and we walked into the distance. A few miles later, God Demon Well was in front of our eyes. This was a giant abyss that stretched many kilometers. Moreover, the moment we stepped into range, we received a warning--


System notification: Please note, you are entering SSS Grade map-- God Demon Well!

Map introduction: After Blood Abyss Azure woke up, he used his power to reshape God Demon Well. God Demon Well's bottom stretched and pierced through dimensions to connect to hell. He sent all his generals to turn God Demon Well into the true seven layers of hell. Azure was located on the seventh floor!


At this moment our quest refreshed too--


Quest notification: Final quest target set, head towards the fifth floor of God Demon Well and find Berserker Lei Ding to kill him. Bring his head back to Dragon City and you will obtain huge rewards! Please note, be careful not to awaken Azure who is sleeping on the seventh floor or Igoras who is on the sixth if not your quest will turn into Hell Tier that can't be completed!


Enchanted Painting sucked in a deep breath, "How terrifying... I am so scared..."

Mocha smiled, "Don't be afraid, sister is here."

I, "..."

Drunken Spear held his spear and looked around, "How do we head down, there doesn't look like there is a staircase. If we jump... We would drop to the seventh floor. Azure can eat us up right away."

I laughed and didn't say anything.

Fang Ge Que said, "The first floor should be inside the earth's surface so let the flying players send us down one by one? Who has the ability to fly for unlimited heights?"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.