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ZL - Chapter 1108- One more King Slime

"My flying effect is an individual one so I can only bring one person at a time."

Drunken Spear said, "I have a Wind Dragon Mount, its combat strength is low but I can carry 2-3 people at once. Due to it being dragon race, there are no gender restrictions."

Lin Wan Er said, "My Little White can carry 7."

Yan Zhao Warrior was embarrassed, "I have a giant bat that can carry one but there are no gender restrictions."

Don’t Be Foolish was even more embarrassed, "I have a flying skill, but... It is a wild chicken and I can only fly myself but there aren't any height restrictions."

Goodbye Tears teased, "You really dare to ride a wild chicken to meet the top Boss?"

"Don't judge looks!"

"Wild chicken has no looks!"

"What makes you say that, there are 500 dollars a night and 100 dollars a night ones!"

"Damn, was I talking about that? !"


After a short discussion, there were 7 people with flying abilities. Fang Ge Que and I discussed. Lin Wan Er could carry the most people and she flew the best so she would lead the core players to open the path. Fang Ge Que, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Simple were among them. Mocha wanted to avoid some awkwardness with Fang Ge Que so I would lead her over. Yan Zhao Warrior summoned a giant bat and brought Six Ya down. Drunken Spear brought Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K. Then was Don’t Be Foolish that rode the wild chicken.

He really summoned a wild chicken. Although it was bigger than normal chickens but it definitely didn't do much damage. Its wings were no more than 1 meter and Don’t Be Foolish held his spear. He touched its neck and said, "Honey let's go, let's begin our flying journey!"

In the end, his armor was too heavy and the chicken was getting squished. It laid an egg and instantly both Xue Rou and Xue Jing started laughing. Yan Zhao Warrior kept the egg into his bag while Don’t Be Foolish tried to keep calm. He pushed with his spear and along with the chicken he started to 'fly', Let's go!"

"Da da!"

The chicken flapped its wings and feathers flew all around. However, the hot wind at the side of the God Demon Well blew it back. Don’t Be Foolish flew up once more with the chicken.

"Can it even work..." Jian Feng Han stood there awkwardly.

"Don't worry guild leader, you know my ability!" Don’t Be Foolish consoled.

Jian Feng Han nodded and said confidently, "Good luck."

Finally after he tried three times, Don’t Be Foolish rode this chicken into the abyss. There were tears dripping down from the red crown of the chicken.

"Let's head out too!" I was afraid that Don’t Be Foolish and his chicken would get killed. I grabbed Mocha's waist and flew down with Icy Wings. Lin Wan Er's silver dragon and Yan Zhao Warrior's bat also followed.

Flames blew from the deep abyss, these were warm winds from hell and it was so hot that it made one feel unbearable. Don’t Be Foolish's wild chicken was scorched so much that it was about to become a KFC meal. I was worried that it would get fried and then Don’t Be Foolish would bite into its leg, falling down into the 7th floor of hell with tears.

I looked around,

confirming the geography here quickly. There were flames spreading in the middle connecting the first to the second floor. This was a fire net to prevent players from flying straight to the 5th floor to kill Lei Ding. One had to find the second floor and head down floor by floor.

There were monsters all around the path. We could only find a spot with fewer ones of them so that we can gain a footing on this floor.

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I pointed my sword forwards and said, "There, there are fewer monsters there."

Fang Ge Que nodded, "En, let's go!"


The monsters on the first floor of God Demon Well were all new. We were probably the first batch to see them. It was a slimy looking monster with a red crown, the typical monster, a slime!

After I flew close, I got its stats and shared it with the party--

Blood Crown Slime (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 206

Attack: 24400-31200

Defence: 27000

Health: 7000000

Skill: Steel Defence, Fatal Poison, Death Whirlpool

Introduction: Blood Crown Slime, this was a monster type living in hell, they live on swallowing ghosts and after years have obtained the power of hell. Don't underestimate them, the Blood Crown contains its most terrifying weapon-- poison, don't get poisoned or you will regret it.


"Slime..." Fang Ge Que's face was covered in a smile.

I charged over and said, "Let me lead."

I placed Mocha down. She summoned her mount and two slimes were already charging over. I waved Butterfly and Gan Jiang to use Double Hit!

"Peng peng!"

Two hits and the two slimes were forced back by Blade of the Champion. One of them were stunned and one had to say that their Attack was far lower than the Two-winged Demons and Courageous Hell Spearmen. However, they were very tanky and their health was high too. A none Boss monster had 7 million health, who would believe that!

Sword slashed across and I slashed four times.

The slime opened its mouth and its liquid-type body turned into a pillar. This was Steel Defence right?

"Keng keng..."

Gan Jiang and Butterfly gave off sparks as I dealt only 50 thousand damage. Such terrifying defence, this Steel Defence raised its defence by over 400% right? If not my damage wouldn't be so low right?

Mocha charged over too and she slashed twice with the Cold Iron Sword. She slashed from two angles and showed off her mechanics.



This time I could confirm that the Steel Defence was really terrifying.

"Damn..." She was nearly about to curse. She spat out her tongue and said, "What kind of defence is that, soo sick!"


I focused on the slime. In the defensive state it wouldn't attack and its head had a skill channel bar. Good, I shall wait for the effect to end before I attacked. Each attack dealt over 140 thousand damage, that was normal!

Lin Wan Er's silver dragon landed. Fang Ge Que, Darling Duck and Dancing Forest all stepped onto the first floor. Wan Er looked at me, "Piggy continue, I will go pick more people up..."

I nodded, "You are working hard!"


The moment I said that, Don’t Be Foolish landed with the chicken and was spat in the face by the slime. he raged, "I have 40 thousand defence so why would I be afraid of your spit? I.... Damn, poison..."

As he said that, he knelt down in front of Yan Zhao Warrior. The uncle's face turned ashen white, "Foolish, I can't accept such a huge gift..."

He fell on the ground and his eyes were right at his nose, "You think I want to, I am numb..."

Fang Ge Que waved his Streaming Cloud Fan to force the slime back, he said calmly, "This is the slime poison's effect and it lasts for 2 minutes, that... Beautiful healer try to purify him?"

Darling Duck waved her stuff and after she used purify, Don’t Be Foolish was back to normal. He jumped up and charged at the low health slime.


In less than 10 minutes, all 100 people were transported to the first floor and we started to kill monsters. We pushed forwards in teams of ten. The arrangement of jobs was clear so there wouldn't be any big mistakes.

Each team had 2 healers so we didn't have to worry about the slime poison. But we quickly realised that the purify spell had a 50% chance of success. As such, many people were laying on the ground waiting for the CD of purify to be up.

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Fortunately, the poison had no effect on me. My 10 men team was all Zhan Long elites. Wan Er, Dancing Forest, Mocha, Meng Yao, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc were all here. We pushed forwards and gained large amounts of experience and equipment.

God Demon Well's first floor was just huge such that we spent 3 hours before we managed to kill the slimes. The moment we cleared those slimes out, Fang Ge Que questioned, "Where is the boss?"

I shook my head, "I don't know."

Jian Feng Han said, "Is it hidden in the map?"

Yue Qing Qian shook my head, "No, I paid attention along the way, there is no map within the map."

Yan Zhao Warrior pointed at the body of a slime, "Look, the slime's body is moving, there is a situation, there is definitely a situation!"

I raised my hand and pulled out Gan Jiang, "Pay attention, don't get sneak attacked!"


In the end, numerous slime bodies started to twitch and turned into a green light that flew into the center of the map. They gathered together. This meant that the Boss was about to appear.

Lin Wan Er raised her head to look at the gathered boss bodies and laughed, "I am actually looking forwards to it, what will the dumb looking slime end up like?"

"It will definitely be the King of Slimes..." I said.


A few minutes later, after all the slime corpses were swallowed, a giant body was formed. The King of Slimes was here!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.