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100000PSI - Chapter 84.4: At Least A Few Hundred Millions (4)

Ji Xinxin was so distracted by her thought that she accidentally nicked her finger while slicing a sausage. Blood immediately oozed out from the wound. 

She impassively wiped off the blood before grabbing the first aid kit to disinfect it and slap on a band-aid.

Secretary Fan happened to return then. He still looked the same as ever, a young balding elite. Upon noticing Ji Xinxin, he acknowledged her presence with a nod, followed by a “Hello”.

Ji Xinxin closed the first aid kit before. She forced a smile at Secretary Fan and said, “You must be aware of what has transpired among me, my big sister, and Xiaoxing by now, right?”

Secretary Fan looked at her calmly, neither admitting nor denying the matter.

“It looks like even the doctors aren’t able to do much to help Xiaoxing. If my big sister can really allay his pain, I fully support getting her help.” At this point, Ji Xinxin bit down on her lips. “About my big sister’s fees… I’m aware of it too. I know that it’s pricey, but I… I’ll try to persuade my big sister with my parents.”

“You know about it?” Surprise was written all over Secretary Fan’s face. “I thought you were unaware of it.”

“Mm… I found out by chance not long ago,” replied Ji Xinxin with a sigh. “I thought that my big sister was strapped for cash, so I didn’t probe any deeper.”

“Strapped for cash?” Secretary Fan propped up his spectacles. “Given her rates, I can’t imagine her being strapped for cash.”

Ji Xinxin lowered her voice before continuing on, “Given her rate of 100,000 dollars per hour, it should take her quite some time to earn ten million dollars.”

Secretary Fan looked hesitant, as if he was about to say something but uncertain about how to proceed. 

“W-what’s wrong?” Ji Xinxin was bewildered by his reaction.

Secretary Fan subtly informed her, “Her rates were updated six months ago.”

Ji Xinxin widened her eyes. She was shocked at how quickly Ji Fanyin was increasing her rates, but she also didn’t think that Ji Fanyin had been doing this for such a long period of time. 

“Then her current rates are…” 

Secretary Fan interjected halfway through her words with a wave of his hand. “My apologies, but I’m not authorized to disclose that information without Mr. Li’s permission.”

Ji Xinxin quietly gnashed her teeth. 

She returned to making breakfast, but in the midst of it, she secretly called Song Shiyu. It took a while before the call connected.

Song Shiyu’s warm and soothing voice sounded hoarse and fatigued, reminiscent of someone who hadn’t slept at all. “What is it?”

Ji Xinxin had already revealed her true colors to Song Shiyu, so she didn’t bother with the pleasantries and cut right to the chase, asking, “Everyone has been saying that Ji Fanyin is in dire need of money. Just how much did she earn from you as my stand-in?”


“Cen Xiangyang told me that her rates were 100,000 dollars per hour, but I heard that she increased her prices afterward.” Ji Xinxin spoke in a forceful manner, determined to get to the bottom of the matter. “Tell me how much she charged you.” 

“Depends. Sometimes a few hundred thousand, sometimes a million. I’m willing to pay any price as long as she’s willing to accept my money,” replied Song Shiyu coldly. “You might as well ask Bai Zhou instead. I reckon he spent much more than me.”

“… Bai Zhou?”

Song Shiyu sneered disdainfully, “He must have spent at least a few hundred million to keep Ji Fanyin with him.”

Ji Xinxin was consumed by a sense of vertigo. 

This bunch of people all claimed that they love me; they gave me branded goods and limited edition items, but not once were they this generous to me before!

Was this how much their love is worth? 

Was their love all about spending money on another woman?!

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.