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100000PSI - Chapter 83.3: Adept At Transferring Money (3)

It was barely dawn when Ji Fanyin was rudely awoken by an incoming call. That instantly put her in a bad mood.

I should have cleaned out my client group yesterday when I got back home. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone bypassing my ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. 

She fumbled around for the phone and checked the caller ID. She then closed her eyes and grumbled in annoyance, “Secretary Fan, this call better be about you transferring money to me.”

“I’ll get it done,” replied Secretary Fan politely. “I would like you to make a trip here. You’ll be paid based on your overtime rates.”

What a workaholic.

Ji Fanyin cracked her eyes open to check the current time—6.20 AM.

In a more sober tone, she asked, “What happened?”

“Mr. Li is in a bad state…” Secretary Fan quickly filled Ji Fanyin in on the details before ending off with an earnest plea, “The doctor prescribed him some placebos and painkillers but nothing seems to work. Could you make a trip here right now?”

Ji Fanyin lazily rolled over and laid on her side as she asked teasingly, “What about Ji Xinxin? Isn’t she there? You can get her to comfort Li Xiaoxing.”

“… Please don’t tease me. I didn’t hear the conversation between Mr. Li and you yesterday, but I can guess what happened from the contents of the diary divulged by Miss Cheng. You’re the only one who can help Mr. Li now,” replied Secretary Fan.

Ji Fanyin naturally knew the reason behind Li Xiaoxing’s pain. 

He found out that there was actually hope for his legs being cured, only to have the hope crushed right after. The notion of that gnawed in his mind, stifling his heart. The emotional anguish must have projected itself on his body, leading to the current situation. 

Ji Fanyin sat upward and laid against the headrest. “I’m sure you are familiar with my business rules.”

“I’ll transfer the fees to you right now as long as you’re willing to cooperate.”

“I won’t be going over. I have no desire to see Ji Xinxin.” Ji Fanyin let out a lazy yawn. “Transfer the money first. We’ll work for an hour. You can pass the phone over to Li Xiaoxing once you’re done.”

It took only two seconds of hesitation for Secretary Fan to accept the offer. “Please hold on.”

Secretary Fan seems to be getting more and more adept at transferring money. He’s always able to get it done efficiently. I wonder if it’s because Li Xiaoxing is a VIP of the bank or something?

An SMS from the bank soon arrived, notifying Ji Fanyin that she had just received a deposit of ten million dollars. Following that, Secretary Fan passed the phone over to Li Xiaoxing.

“… It’s a call from Ji Fanyin.” Secretary Fan could be heard saying on the other end of the call.

“I’ll have to ask the others to leave the room first to grant Mr. Li some privacy,” said Secretary Fan. 

That statement was intended for Ji Fanyin to hear. He knew that Ji Fanyin was unwilling to interact with Ji Xinxin even through the phone. 

That made Ji Fanyin chuckle. Through the phone, she heard the sound of shuffling feet, followed by the closing of a door. When all was quiet, she called out, “Mr.Li.”

What answered her was the sound of Li Xiaoxing’s rapid, shallow breathing. 

“Are you listening?” asked Ji Fanyin. “I shan’t waste my saliva talking if you aren’t.”

There was another series of wheezing before Li Xiaoxing croaked laboriously, “I’m listening.”

“What do you want to hear from me?” asked Ji Fanyin. 

Her casual attitude was the polar opposite of Li Xiaoxing’s, as if she was having a regular chat with a friend she coincidentally met on the street.

“… The past.” Li Xiaoxing wheezed out word by word, “I want you to talk about the past.”

“The past?” Ji Fanyin gave it some thought and clarified, “Do you mean before we met or after?”

There was no reply from Li Xiaoxing.

“I’ll hang up the phone if you don’t want to answer me,” coerced Ji Fanyin.

“… Both.”

Ji Fanyin laughed. “Sure. I’ll tell you the story of ‘Ji Fanyin’.”

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.