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100000PSI - Chapter 79.4: Look Closely, Stupid! (4)

Bai Zhou then turned to Li Mingyue and said, “In any case, I’m aware of the situation now. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do anymore. You can’t stop me from talking about it.”

Song Shiyu chirped in, “I understand your frustrations. There’s only one thing I’d like to say in response to that. Don’t you think Ji Fanyin already knows about the imposter situation?”


Song Shiyu further pushed his point, “If Ji Fanyin herself isn’t bothered by the situation, don’t you think you’re overstepping your bounds by revealing the truth?”

Bai Zhou’s determination began to waver.

Now that he thought about it, Ji Fanyin was oddly unbothered by the situation compared to the rest of them.

He was painfully aware that Ji Fanyin drew a clear boundary between work and personal life. Considering how she had taken Li Xiaoxing in as one of her clients, it was highly improbable that she was interested in becoming his ‘white moonlight.

“... So what!” Cheng Lin had a totally different reaction. “I’ll do what I think is right! All I know is that someone has done something wrong. I’ll expose her as a liar and hypocrite, even if it’s none of my business! If Ji Fanyin has a problem with that, she can take it up with me any time she wants!”

After saying her piece, she stomped back into the banquet hall.

Li Mingyue hurriedly snatched the documents back from Song Shiyu’s hands and handed them to her assistant before chasing Cheng Lin into the banquet hall.

I can’t allow her to barge in and tell Li Xiaoxing the truth now! This is the worst setting and timing to do so!

The two newlyweds had just finished exchanging their engagement rings. The emcee cued the audience to applaud as the newlyweds headed off to change their clothes.

Cheng Lin ran straight over to intercept the two of them, only to be surrounded by a group of bodyguards the next instant.

“Cheng Lin?” exclaimed Ji Xinxin in surprise. “Is something the matter? … You don’t have to be so vigilant around her. She’s an acquaintance of mine.”

Cheng Lin looked at Ji Xinxin with eyes filled with disdain and sneered, “Ji Xinxin, I have had enough of you and your innocent white lotus act. If Li Xiaoxing is that important to you, why don’t you share how you encouraged him back then?”

Ji Xinxin looked a little indignant at being suddenly shouted at. “I don’t remember much of what happened back then. I only recall seeing an unhappily big brother lying in the neighboring ward, so I tried my best to cheer him on.”

“Is that so? It just so happens that I remember the incident very clearly.” Cheng Lin whipped out her phone and spent a while rummaging through its contents before reading aloud, “… I once said to someone, “Even if your spine was damaged beyond repair, I’ll study hard to find a way to help you stand up again”. I wonder how that person is faring now.

Ji Xinxin didn’t have time to react before Cheng Lin shoved the phone into Li Xiaoxing’s face. “Look closely, you dimwit! I’m reading this from Ji Fanyin’s diary, not Ji Xinxin’s! Has it never fucking occurred to you how Ji Xinxin was able to visit you every day and care for you despite being critically ill?”

“Cheng Lin, who put you up to this?” Panic and frustration were evident on Ji Xinxin’s face. “How can you fabricate such lies on such an important day for me…”

“... Is that the only evidence you have?” asked Li Xiaoxing deeply.

Cheng Lin rolled her eyes. “Of course not. I have an entire cloud worth of evidence! Why don’t you give me your company email address? I’ll forward it to you.”

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