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100000PSI - Chapter 80.1: Ji Fanyin, Let’s Leave This Place (1)

Cheng Lin did not show a single ounce of respect for Li Xiaoxing. If it wasn’t for the two newlyweds stepping off-stage moments earlier, all eyes in the banquet hall would have been on them right now.

Nevertheless, there were still guests seated closer to the stage, who noticed that something was amiss and were quietly watching the situation play out.

Li Mingyue finally caught up to Cheng Lin and said, “Let’s not make a scene here and talk elsewhere. I’m begging you.”

Cheng Lin glared at her. “You should be begging them instead of me. That dimwit will just be fooled by that woman again if I walk away now!”

“Xiaoxing,” Li Mingyue spoke with a suppressed voice, “there are too many eyes here.”

Li Xiaoxing quietly motioned Secretary Fan to wheel him out of the banquet hall.

Ji Xinxin left alongside Li Xiaoxing with hurried footsteps. She couldn’t help but bite her lips. 

Cheng Lin swaggered ostentatiously behind them. She casually glanced in Ji Fanyin’s direction and was surprised to see Bai Zhou squatting next to her seat, whispering something into her ears. 

Bai Zhou, that indecisive brat. What is he up to now?

Cheng Lin frowned. She momentarily weighed her choices of interrupting their conversation or dragging Ji Xinxin into the mud, and eventually decided to go with the latter. 

Li Mingyue took the two copies of medical records from her assistant before instructing the latter to remain in the banquet hall to maintain order. After settling that, she quickly followed behind the group. 

“Let’s find a quiet room to talk.” Li Mingyue was glad they had booked the entire hotel for the engagement ceremony, allowing them much-needed privacy.

Secretary Fan swiftly found a nearby guest room for them. 

“Xinxin,” Li Xiaoxing called his fiancé in his deep voice, “I want to hear the truth from you.”

This was the first time Ji Xinxin thought that Li Xiaoxing’s emotionless face was terrifying, but she suppressed her nervousness and fear to squat down in front of him. “I don’t remember much about our past. You were always the one who shared details about our childhood days, don’t you remember?”

“You don’t remember?” Cheng Lin spat coldly. “Of course you don’t! No matter how rotten your head is, you can’t possibly remember memories that aren’t yours!”

“I really don’t remember anything at all! I don’t know anything about what she recited from that diary or something!” Ji Xinxin broke down into tears. “All I know is that I love you a lot. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But if you don’t love me anymore because I can’t prove that I am the girl from your memories, let’s annul our engagement right now.”

“Stop trying to change the topic!” Cheng Lin cut right in, leaving no room for others to speak. “You just told everyone about how you’ve known each other for five years. Haven’t the two of you ever reminisced about your childhood even once during these five years? How could someone who doesn’t remember at all, fondly reminisce about their childhood days? Your impromptu skills can beat even the best talk show hosts! Go on, spin your lies. I would love to see how you can turn the truth on its head today!”

After finishing her piece, Cheng Lin planted a chair right in front of the door and sat down there.

Li Mingyue: “...” 

She shot a glance at the pitifully sobbing Ji Xinxin before stepping forward to hand the medical records to Li Xiaoxing. 

As Li Xiaoxing reached for the records, Ji Xinxin’s eyes fell upon the words written at the corner of the document.

【Name: Ji Xinxin】

“I requested this document from Evergreen Nursing Home earlier on,” explained Li Mingyue quietly. “It contains detailed records of her medical conditions from her stay at the nursing home.”

Li Xiaoxing took the documents, but he didn’t browse through them right away. Instead, he began assessing Ji Xinxin, who was lying on his knees. His intent gaze induced shivers in Ji Xinxin. 

Left with no choice, she desperately grabbed Li Xiaoxing’s hands and exclaimed, “I had no choice! By the time I realized something was amiss, I was already deeply in love with you! I couldn’t… I simply couldn’t let you know that I’m not the girl from your memories! What if you didn’t love me anymore? What if you decided to court my older sister instead? What would I do then?!”

“Hah!” Cheng Lin raised her hands and applauded loudly. “Not bad at all. I’ll give you ten points out of a hundred for this excuse. To put it in other words, you took his feelings toward Ji Fanyin as your own so that you could score yourself a rich sugar daddy!” 

Li Mingyue coughed softly at that remark.

Cheng Lin retorted indignantly, “Did I say anything wrong?”

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