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ZL - Chapter 1095- Most important thing for girls

She naturally wouldn't run. She charged forwards and used a set of skills. She opened her hand and summoned Little White. Fortunately, this room was big enough and Little White was curled up in a corner. It raised its mouth to spit out flames and burn Lin Zhao.



Only then did the Boss know that this bunch wasn't easy to deal with. He summoned his mount and rode the fire red warhorse. I used Icy Wings to engage him, slashing out 9 slashes at once. 2 of them triggered Butterfly's four times damage effect. As for Gan Jiang, it dealt even more damage. Gan Jiang had a 70% chance to crit. Along with my Charm, there was at least an 85% chance. So many lethal hits really dealt a high amount of damage.

At this moment, I shared Lin Zhao's stats with the party channel. Three star god general, he wouldn't be that easy to get killed, we had to know what skills he had--

Fire Flag General Lin Zhao (3 Star God Boss)

Level: 206

Attack: 33000-41000

Defence: 30000

Health: 220000000

Skill: Triple Flame Strike, Flame Demon Wrap, Provoke Flag, Flame Abyss

Introduction: Flame Flag General Lin Zhao, was a general good at flame attacks. Lin Zhao was a genius of the fire element and after cultivating in the human world for many years, his physical body fell into hell. he cultivated for ten thousand years in hell before Azure found him and defeated him in three moves. At the same time, Lin Zhao kept his mortal body and his flame cultivation resulted in his inner flame being burnt. So he had to vent on girls around to maintain his cultivation. This was why he became a famous pervert.


Looking at the introduction, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were silent. Dancing Forest laughed, "What are the skills like..."

I was helpless, "Does Dancing Forest want to try?"

Darling Duck healed while saying, "Stop talking, someone is about to die..."

"Hold on!"

I said while helping Lin Wan Er block a few attacks. The Flame Flag General's weapon was the Flame Flag and the flag itself was a spear with a really high attack.

"Dang", sparks flew and Gan Jiang blocked the spear's attack. My equipment was really good and I was able to clash against three star god generals. After Lin Wan Er appeared, Lin Zhao was more interested in her than Dong Cheng. No wonder, Wan Er did look much better, guys...

But after I blocked his attacks many times, Lin Zhao was furious. He stuck a flag by his side that reduce the damage of targets around by 20%. Fortunately, it didn't reduce defence if not things would be tough. Lowering the attack would just mean that we would take longer to kill him.


Dancing Forest stood at the corner of the room and activated the skill of Bow of Huangzhong. The room wasn't too big and there was no chance to dodge and move about. I covered the room with Seven Stars Teleportation so I could teleport to any location to help. At the same time, I placed an Azure Dragon Crossbow at each corner to raise the damage. I also tossed Black Tortoise Realm in the room to reduce the Boss's movement speed.

The space was too small and the Boss couldn't do too much. Not long later, he hollered from embarrassment, "Die!"


Flames wrapped around me.

This was Flame Wrap, the flames turned into a demon that scorched me. Each second it dealt 70 thousand burn damage. My expression changed. While healing, I asked Darling Duck to heal me. At the same time, I used Wind Carrying Slash+ Strength of a Thousand Men. This was my strongest attack and I relied on the 20% lifesteal to heal me up.

Darling Duck also went all out, throwing Well of Healing onto the ground and providing me with a shield. She tried to ensure that I didn't lose any health for a second.

Fortunately, Flame Wrap lasted 12 seconds and I managed to survive. But my health was too low. I retreated and used Cleansing Rain, letting Lin Wan Er face the Boss alone.


The Boss hollered and pierced with his spear. Lin Wan Er moved about and slashed the Boss's mount with her dagger. After dealing damage, her passive was triggered and she was in stealth for 0.5 seconds. Lin Zhao hollered and swept but missed. Lin Wan Er appeared in the next second and used her combo. her body flashed and disappeared. Along with suitable movement, she dodged the attacks. For 7 seconds, the Boss didn't touch her at all!

I was stunned, her mechanics were just too strong?

Finally, I was able to witness what Wan Er relied on to get the champion in the Allstar Competition. She relied on her focus and her unique game talent.

Like Little Demon, Cang Tong didn't rely on looks to get famous. Although looks played a part, but her strength was the main part.


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When I charged towards the boss, I threw skills to gain aggro once more. Lin Zhao hollered and struck me but I used Blade Rush to dodge. Lin Zhao was annoyed. Players had played with him for such a long time so how could a Boss like him handle such humiliation?

Unfortunately, since the game progressed until now, Wan Er and I were both covered in god equipment. The gap between us and god tier bosses wasn't so huge. We could kill them head on!

Lin Zhao's health bar started to drop. This poor three star god general, lord of this castle, to enjoy Dong Cheng, he sent away all his men. Now he didn't even have a single helper. He deserved it, a pervert would really die to a blade.

Lin Wan Er and I covered one another and faced no danger at all. If I fought him head on, I might end up in low health, then Wan Er would go into stealth to block the Boss. She didn't disappoint me and every movement of hers would dodge the Boss's attack. There was no danger at all.

We had to wait for the final skill once the Boss's health dropped to the final step!


We weren't disappointed. When the Boss had 10% health left, Flame Abyss was activated. The flames surge towards the ceiling but it didn't manage to kill us. When the boss was left with 1%, I stopped and said, "Let Wan Er kill him, only then can she disguise into him and bring us out safely. if not the army outside wouldn't let us go."


The few girls stopped. Darling Duck healed and I used Binding Chains to bind the Boss. I removed the few Azure Dragon Crossbow and saw Lin Wan Er slashed the Boss.


Lin Zhao cried out and I rose to level 194.


Lin Zhao died but still no Hybrid Demons charged in. We heaved a sigh of relief as we had finally dealt with this demon. moreover, Dong Cheng Yue didn't lose her body so this was a complete victory.

Lin Wan Er was creating Lin Zhao's screenshot while I looked at the equipment he dropped. There was a total of 3, a silver staff, a flame wrapped ring and a flame wrapped chestplate. The staff's stats were quite decent, moreover, it was a healing type staff, what a huge win--

Night Wish (2 star god weapon)

Magic Attack: 11000-14500

Magic: +470

Stamina: +465

Strength: +440

Agility: +435

Bonus: Raise user's healing by 145%

Bonus: Raise user's shield effect by 20% and healing speed by 40%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 20000

Skill: Wish, each heal increases healing effect by 7500

Required charm: 400

Required level: 190


I tossed Night Wish to Darling Duck and smiled, "How does this staff compare to the one you are using now?"

Darling Duck held Night Wish and said, "There is no comparison at all, my original healing increase was 115% and it didn't add health. Night Wish allows my healing amount to increase by 10 thousand each time..."

"Wa, fantastic..."


Continue, look at the second piece of equipment. This was a Divine Tier ring but it had 9% lifesteal and could be sold for a few hundred. I tossed it into my bag and continued to look at the third piece of equipment. This was an exquisite leather shirt and it felt warm. When I saw its stats, Dancing Forest smiled brightly--

Flame Goddess Shirt (3 star god artifact)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 3700

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Agility: +510

Strength: +500


Magic Attack: +480

Bonus: Raise user's defence and magical resistance by 70%

Bonus: Raise user's ranged attack damage by 120%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 40000

Effect: Flame Shield, when health is below 30%, provide a flame shield

Effect: Unpenetrable, 30% chance to dodge all damage

Required level: 190

Required charm: 700


Three star god artifact's stats were really high. One chestplate actually provided 120% Attack. Who would believe that?

When Dancing Forest took it from me, she was smiling so much that her mouth couldn't close.

When she wore it, Lin Wan Er had completed her disguise and her voice was the same as Lin Zhao. She smiled at us and said in a clear guy voice, "Quick, am I handsome?"

I nodded, "Still okay, you have no more chest..."

She lowered her head and coughed, "once I head out of the city I want to transform back!"

It seemed like girls cared about the size of their chests. Those who didn't were probably the flat ones that have given up.

Actually, chest size wasn't important, what was important to a girl was... Money!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.