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ZL - Chapter 1099- God Domain Corsage

"Hua la la..."

Luo Ming's body exploded and a bunch of equipment was dropped. I saw the special set equipment glow so I was filled with anticipation. What could this four-star god tier Boss give us?


Golden light covered my body as I leveled up to level 195. I stepped forwards and came to Luo Ming's side. I checked the equipment he dropped and there were three items. A leggings, a golden ring and also a red piece of leather armor. The three of them were really colorful and should all be god tier.

I held the ring and instantly the stats of the ring appeared in the night sky--

Heaven Domain Ring (3 Star God Tier)

Magic Attack: +500

Stamina: +492

Agility: +490

Strength: +440

Bonus: Raise user's Magic Attack by 120%

Bonus: Raise magic penetration by 25%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 17000

Effect: Spirit Fountain, when using a spell, recover 40% of the mana used

Required level: 192

Required Charm: 1000


This was a really explosive Mage ring. Apart from the 120% Magic Attack, there was actually 25% magic penetration. This meant that 1/4 of the opponent's magic resistance was removed. The damage was much different. In our party, Dong Cheng Yue's magic attack was already the top few in the country. Along with this three star god artifact, she would get even stronger.

I held Heaven Domain Ring in my hands and said, "Dong Cheng, you are the only mage so this ring is yours."

Dong Cheng Yue giggled as she equipped it.

Next was the red leather armor. This leather armor could only cover 30% of the upper body, it just covered the waist and the chest. Moreover, over 50% of it was red metal so its defence wouldn't be low. More importantly, this was a female leather armor--

God Domain Corage (4 star god artifact)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 4200

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Agility: +520

Stamina: +515

Strength: +520

Magic Attack: +510

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 100% and Magical Resistance by 150%

Bonus: Raise Armor penetration effect by 30%

Bonus: Raise user's close combat attack by 70%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 30000

Effect: Iron wall, raise defence by 70%, 30% chance to immune 50% of the damage taken.

Skill: God Shield, provide a huge shield for allies within 200 yards, increase defence by 100% and health by 50%. Last for 10 minutes and consumes 120 rage value. Cooldown of 6 hours.

Required level: 192

Required Charm: 1000

Required gender: Female


I looked at Wan Er,

she looked at me and sent me a message, "Roll!"

It seemed like she didn't plan to take this corsage and didn't want to rely on relationships. She wanted to use luck to decide where this valuable four star god artifact ended up.

I said, "Dancing Forest and Wan Er can both use it, let's roll."

Who knew that Dancing Forest would give up and said, "I already got the other one, moreover, this corsage adds 70% close combat attack so it is a waste if I get it. Give it to Wan Er, I am not a greedy person."

I passed it to Lin Wan Er, "Look, she is lazy to compete with you for this."

Lin Wan Er hesitated and picked up the corsage. She knew that in terms of value, this was definitely 50% more than the other one. After all, this had a group skill. God Shield could increase defence and health of partners. This was an overpowered skill in group battles. Everyone was strong so the benefits were obvious for all to see.

In the next moment, the God Domain Corsage appeared on my girlfriend. What a perfect match, the design was a noble and elegant one. Lin Wan Er was the little princess of Tian Jin Corporation and her aura made her even more beautiful. Moreover, with this new corsage, she could provide the party with a super strong protective skill and it also helped increase her resistance and attack.

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The final one was one that I cared most about. I held the black leggings in my hands. This was the fifth item of the Overlord set and I was one away!


Overlord Leggings (Deity Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defence: 5050

Strength: +520

Stamina: +515

Agility: +512

Magic Attack: +500

Bonus: Raise user's Magical Resistance by 135% and Defence by 70%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 32000

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 40% and basic attack by 2000.

Effect: No level restriction

Effect: Rage increase, raise user's rage value upper limit by 100

Effect: Copy, can copy the stats of a gear of similar tier

Effect: Overlord, Courage of the Gods, raise user's Strength by 3000

Set equipment: Overlord Set Leggings

Introduction: During the ancient era, a king swept the continent and his courage was unparalleled. Many people followed him and tens of thousands of years later, god blacksmiths collected his soul and melted it into a top treasure. These were the Overlord equipment and legend had it that people who completed the set could command the world. Obtain one part and there is a chance that other parts drop when killing high grade monsters, unique set

Required level: 200

Required Charm: 1000


When they saw the stats, the few girls were in awe. Dong Cheng Yue said, "How is the defence and added stats even like a Deity Tier Artifact? It is comparable to a five star god artifact right?"

I touched my nose in embarrassment, "It is still a little away from five star, it might be four star. It is much stronger than those Deity Tier ones. This might be because of the set effect?"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "So you have a total of 200 rage value now right?"

"En, I can basically use all skills."

"Along with the wine, you can become a Wine Sword Style warrior right?"

I laughed and held Gan Jiang and Butterfly confidently, "Truthfully, I think I am the closest to that style in China."

Dong Cheng Yue stared at me, "You have 20% lifesteal and 30000 Defence, aren't you Battle Reflux Style? You also learned Pulse Breaking Style from Mocha. Apart from her, who else is more familiar in that style?"

When she said that, I felt a little guilty. Right, I learned many different styles!

Darling Duck giggled, "Guild Leader is so good, he consolidates all styles on his body."

I raised my thumb, "The beautiful Darling Duck knows how to speak!"

Lin Wan Er said, "That... Your Overlord Leggings has a replicate effect, which stats or skills are you planning to copy. Are you going to copy Death God's Dance?"

I nodded, "En, Death God's Dance greatly increases damage and it is okay if I replicate it."

Lin Wan Er frowned, "Honey but I think your damage is enough, why not just keep it. Replicate it when you find a suitable one. I will help you search in the guild."


I felt so too, I had too many crowd killing skills. Trampling Thunder, Sword Tempest, Seven Star Fragment Slash, Thundering Heavens etc. I shall leave that slot to find an even more overpowered recovery or crowd control skill.


I equipped the leggings and instantly the set interface shone. The 4th stat appeared. Although the addition was hidden but its effects should be obvious in battle--

5 piece: Special effect: All in, the more health lost, hidden Attack would increase, when health is as low as 10%, Attack would increase to 500%


In the guild channel, Lin Wan Er sent a message, "searching for leggings with god skills, the skill must be strong and the stats don't matter. Buying for high price, please help me spread the message!"

Li Xiao Yao laughed, "Seems like Xiao Yao got his Overlord Leggings."

Lin Wan Er giggled, "Right, help me to push it."

"Of course!"

We were talking but a weak voice spread from the side, "If... If you are done, can you help to let me down?"


I actually forgot that Lanais was hanging above the blood pond. Her power was still being sucked away. It was probably given to Azure. I flew up with Icy Wings and slashed those vines with Gan Jiang and Butterfly. When I sliced the last one, Lanais fell and I caught her.

I hugged this weak-looking Hybrid Demon Lord and was filled with thoughts. Lanais was one of the top beauties in Hybrid Demon Territory but she was actually in such a state. Azure really didn't care about beauty.

"Let's go, it is time for us to return." I said softly, "Head back the same way. "

"En." Lin Wan Er glanced at Lanais, "What about her?"

I summoned God Dragon Horse and said, "I will bring Lanais. Who has an excess cape, give me one, I will help her wear it."

"I have." Lin Wan Er took out the equipment in her bag. We obtained it along the way, it was a leather corsage, leggings, boots and a large cape. Lanais was a boss and didn't care about equipment restrictions and she could wear everything.


She closed her eyes and allowed me to help wear her clothes for her. Fortunately, that cape was large enough to cover her old body. I pulled the hoodie down so no one would know who she was.

I jumped up onto the horse and Dancing Forest helped Lanais up. She didn't even have the energy to hug me. I could only take out the Dragon Hook to tie her onto my back.

"Head out!"

We walked along the mountain range and headed back towards where we came from.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.