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ZL - Chapter 1100- World Tree Flower

Along the way, we had Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest clearing the path so there were no problems. The only problem was that fortress that spanned two mountain ranges. Lin Zhao was already killed by us and when we walked in, it was total chaos. Numerous Demon Hall Cavalry were panicking and heading towards the city lord manor.

 My dressing wasn't suitable to scout for news so I glanced at the side.

 Lin Wan Er turned into Lin Zhao and walked forwards, "Hi, that Demon Hall Cavalry, come over. What is going on in the city? Why are you all holding water buckets?"

 That Demon Hall Cavalry's face was grey as ash and he didn't even look at Lin Wan Er, "The city lord manor is in flames and Sir Lin Zhao might be dead. Everyone is busy putting out flames and you are asking me why?"

 He looked and his mouth was agape, "Lin... Sir Lin Zhao, you are fine?"

 Lin Wan Er smiled and said, "Of course I am fine, what are you fools doing here?"

 Wan Er looked at that cavalry's rank, four golden skulls, this quasi Boss Demon Hall Cavalry was actually a Lieutenant!

 I said in the party channel, "Wan Er, let this Demon Hall Cavalry send us out of the city."

 She smiled, "I had that idea."

 She said towards that cavalry, "Go, call a few helpers to send the few of us out."

 "Sir, you are heading out of the city?"

 "Is there a problem?" Her face turned cold, no it was the cold handsome guy whose face turned cold. 

 "No... No problem!"

 This Demon Hall Cavalry was terrified and immediately called dozens of Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen and Demon Hall Cavalry to guard us. One of them walked close towards me with his saw-like teeth. He sniffed Lanais, "Such a nice scent, kid you are carrying a woman right?"

 I smiled, "Why, what do you want to do?"

 "I want to touch, can I?" He smiled.

 Lin Wan Er turned around and said coldly, "If you don't want to die then behave yourself. How can you touch my friend?"

 That Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman trembled respectfully, "Yes... Yes Lord! I had no eyes, please forgive me!"

 Lin Wan Er didn't want to cause any trouble so she smiled and led us across the busy streets. Until we headed out did she order them to return. This ring was really useful, even Boss Hybrid Demons couldn't see through it. Who knew whether or not it could be used to cheat Lord tier Bosses. Forget it, let's not take that risk.


 After leaving Blood Mountain Range, we finally could fly. I used Icy Wings and carried Lanais on my back. I flew towards Dragon City. Lin Wan Er summoned Little White and brought the three girls back. They were prepared to get the quest rewards. This was a super quest so the rewards should be really good right?

 On my back, Lanais coughed. I could sense that her aura was getting weaker. Was this Hybrid Demon lord about to die?

 I felt even more nervous and sped up. When I raised my speed to the limit, Lin Wan Er's silver dragon couldn't keep up anymore. I said in the party channel, "Lanais is about to die,

I will fly back first!"

 Lin Wan Er, "En, be careful."

 I flashed across the sky like lightning. Not long later, the snowy region of Dragon City appeared in front of me. I charged into the ocean of snow and before I got close, the Crystal Dragon charged over. Qing Luo held her dragon spear and on it was a dragon crystal to raise damage against Hybrid Demons. She shouted, "Sir, who dares to enter Dragon City?"

 I flew close and said, "Qing Luo it's me!"

 "Ah, Dragon Rider sir, are you back?"

 "En, is Frost and Queen Zhi Shu back?"

 "They just returned, the one on your back..." Her expression changed, "Is she Lanais?"

 I nodded, "Yes, bring me to see Frost quick."


 Qing Luo rushed the Crystal Dragon to turn around. I followed. Four Dragon City warriors were standing guard in front of the hall and they bowed towards Qing Luo and I. I carried Lanais into the hall and from afar, Frost, Zishu and Odelia were discussing something. When I entered, they turned around to look towards me.

 "Save Lanais!" I said loudly.

 I ran over with Lanais. Frost's table was huge and Zishu placed a red carpet on it. I placed Lanais on it. Her breathing had stopped and her face turned ashen white.

 Frost placed her hand on her forehead and frowned, "She is having a fever and her power is disappearing quick. Zishu, use the dragon god essence to give her some energy!"


 Zishu placed her hand on Lanais's chest and starlight scattered down.

 Frost said, "Qing Luo, head to the dragon tomb and bring a giant dragon skull back."

 Qing Luo didn't ask and just headed over.

 I didn't understand and asked, "What is the skull for?"

 Frost held Lanais's hand and used god power to maintain her life, "Lanais is a dead body and her life energy is death. The giant dragons have strong death energy in them after death and most of it is stored in the skull. Maybe one can save Lanais's life?"

 I wanted to laugh, "Aren't we insulting the dragons?"

 Frost smiled, "It is better than seeing Azure wipe out Dragon City right?"

 "En, the times have changed, that should be the case."


 The beautiful teacher nodded her head.


 Very quickly, Qing Luo returned with a giant skull. Behind was Lin Wan Er and the three girls. They were finally back. We didn't mention the quest and looked at how Frost saved Lanais.


 The giant skull was placed on the ground and it was the size of a human. Frost placed one hand on it and the skull started to shake. Red light was sucked out from the skull. That was probably death power. Frost injected it into Lanais and that added color to Lanais's skin.

 Frost ordered, "Qing Luo, get a flower from storage."


 Qing Luo asked once more, "Lady, those... Those flowers are precious, why are we taking them?"

 "No need to ask, go."


 After Qing Luo left, Frost looked at me and knew that I was confused, "During this half a year, I went to each corner of the continent and finally found the world tree. The heavens graced me and the tree gave me some seeds. I planted them in Dragon City and those seeds have grown into flowers, flowers that contain the power of the world tree."

 I was shocked, "Lanais is an undead being, what is the need for these flowers?"

 Frost smiled, "Lanais is an undead but her power was mostly absorbed by Azure. Lanais is really weak and the part of her body that can contain power is empty. If we don't give her power, her body would shrivel up. So, I am planning to use the world tree flower's power to fill that 70% of strength. Then, Lanais wouldn't be totally an undead. At least 70% of her body would be alive and her strength wouldn't reduce by too much. She would even get stronger."

 I said, "Is the world tree really so magical? I want to see it too..."

 "All of these depends on luck."


 Frost rejected me but I wouldn't get angry. She had her reasons and she wouldn't harm me. That was something that didn't need to be proven.


 Not long later, Qing Luo walked in with a silver flower. The flower from its stem was smaller than a palm. Frost held it in her palm before closing it. In the next moment, the flower turned into white light that seeped into Lanais's body. It nourished the wounds on her body and her skin was recovering at fast speeds. Her face turned red too.

 In just a short time, Lanais sighed. She opened her eyes and looked at Frost and I, "Frost, you saved me once more."

 Frost smiled at her, "Are you going to leave this time?"

 Lanais muttered, "Leave... Where can I go to this time?"

 "From today on, Dragon City will be your home."

 "Thank you."

 "No worries."


 Frost finally remembered that we were waiting for our rewards. She stood up and looked at us, "Thank you for saving Lanais from the hands of the demons. Come, I shall use Dragon City's honor to give you the rewards you deserve!"


 System notification: Congratulations, you have completed super quest Blood Mountain Range Disaster, obtained rewards: Level +1, Charm+ 80, gold +200 thousand, obtained quest item: Cold Iron Sword (Four star god artifact)!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.