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100000PSI - Chapter 78.2: I Love You Too (2)

After Ji Fanyin and Cheng Lin’s departure, Li Mingyue was left standing on the spot. She tapped her foot as she mused over the information she had just gathered. 

Things aren’t as simple as they seem.

If Cheng Lin is a paparazzi who has caught wind of juicy gossip, Ji Fanyin would be a capitalist who is determined to suppress the news. 

She spent half a minute organizing the information she had just gathered before returning to the registration corner. 

Despite Ji Fanyin’s interference, Cheng Lin had already leaked the crux of the matter. It wasn’t that difficult to figure out the rest of the story. All that was left to do was to sound out Father Ji and Mother Ji to verify her deduction. 

She entrusted her duties at the reception area to her assistant before heading over to Father Ji and Mother Ji. With an amicable smile, she struck up a conversation with them, “I was surprised by how identical my sister-in-law and her older sister are.”

Father Ji let out a dry laugh while Mother Ji awkwardly answered, “They are twins after all.”

Li Mingyue nodded understandingly. “I heard my sister-in-law had to be admitted to a nursing home many years ago?”

“Yeah… Xinxin had a frail body as a child. Once, she got so critically ill that we thought that she wouldn’t make it… Ah! Let’s not talk about inauspicious stuff on a joyous day like this!” Mother Ji lightly slapped her mouth in a gesture of touchwood. “Thank god she was able to grow up into a healthy adult. With Mr. Li’s companionship, I’m sure that they’ll both be able to sail through any difficulties that come their way.”

Li Mingyue slightly lowered her head to dissect what she had just heard.

When Li Xiaoxing returned from Japan a month ago, he brought Ji Xinxin back to the Li Family with him, saying that he had proposed to her and she had accepted him. He adamantly insisted that he would marry no one other than this woman. 

Left with no choice, the Li Family could only approve their marriage. 

During that meeting, Li Xiaoxing shared how he ended up giving his heart away to a woman who was almost ten years younger than him. 

When the Li Family realized that Ji Xinxin was the little girl who had helped Li Xiaoxing regain his confidence when he was at his lowest point, their opinion of her was raised by a notch. If not for her encouragement then, Li Xiaoxing might have been bed bound for his entire life. 

Ji Xinxin had also received their thanks at that time, albeit shyly.

But thinking about it now, Ji Xinxin was merely in the third grade when the incident happened. If she was severely ill during that period of time, would she really have the strength to visit Li Xiaoxing’s ward that frequently?

Li Mingyue had an impression of that little girl too. Her memories of that little girl were fuzzy, but she was certain that the girl was in the pink of health.

“Was my sister-in-law’s condition that bad?” Li Mingyue asked with a worried look. “Does she undergo regular health checkups? It would be awful if she suffered a relapse. Why don’t I get someone to arrange a checkup for her before the wedding?”

Mother Ji was flustered by the suggestion. She quickly waved her hands to turn down the offer, saying, “That’s a thing of the past. She has never been in a coma ever since. She was also given a clean bill of health during our annual health checks.” 

“... Coma?”

“I can’t remember what exactly the doctor said back then, but I think he mentioned something along the line of vegetative state?” Mother Ji’s brows furrowed as she tried to remember the details. “She simply wouldn’t wake up no matter what we did, so the doctor admitted her into the nursing home for observation. It took an entire month before she finally regained consciousness… But I can assure you that Xinxin is in great health now. There’s no need to worry about that. She’ll have no problem giving birth and taking care of kids!”

“That’s good to hear.” Li Mingyue’s lips curled into a smile, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. “I was just worried that my brother might go mad with worry if something happens to sister-in-law.” 

After saying her piece, she ended the small talk and returned to the Li Family’s side of the reception. Barely after taking two steps, she suddenly remembered something and turned around to look at Mother Ji. 

“Has my sister-in-law shared the story of how she and my brother met?” 

“I’m afraid not.” Mother Ji shook her head in confusion, before adding in a loving manner, “But it must have been romantic.”

Li Mingyue casually replied to that with another smile. 

At that moment, Li Mingyue’s assistant had just finished registering a male guest.

Li Mingyue approached her and whispered, “Make a trip to Evergreen Nursing Home and bring me both Ji Xinxin and my brother’s medical records.”

The assistant acknowledged the instructions with a nod and took her leave. Soon, another assistant came in to fill the gap.

Li Mingyue continued to welcome her brother’s guests, but she couldn’t help checking the time on her watch every now and then with a slight frown.

The nursing home isn’t too far away, and its president is one of our close acquaintances. It shouldn’t take too long for my assistant to return with the medical records. He might just be able to make it in time before the commencement of the engagement ceremony…

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