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ZL - Chapter 1084- Heading to Wuhan

I slept for a full 24 hours and finally rested up. The game progressed normally. After Fan Shu City and Tian Ling City refreshed, the resources weren't much less than before. The only loss was NPC troops. Dragon’s Den army in Fan Shu City was all lost and although the system gave compensation but it was still unable to compare with before. We needed a period of rest before we can welcome the next country war.

Next was to arrange post-war business. Apart from Tian Ling City, Flaming Cloud City and Moon City also had a bunch of players enter to ensure that each city had a certain city protection ability. Even Green Rock City, Frost Flame City and Fish City had some guilds in. Of course, all of this was arranged by Fang Ge Que and Rumor. To a certain extent, their execution ability was far above mine.

Afternoon, I casually ate afternoon tea with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue.

"Do you have plans in the afternoon?" I drank the tea and asked.

"Yes!" Lin Wan Er placed the notebook down and said, "The core management of the guild is heading to the Flame Ridge map beside Ten Thousand Blade Abyss, it is an SSS Grade map and the monsters are around level 190-200. These are data after the second country war. If you don't go then our chances will drop by a little. After all, it is hard to find 370 thousand health, 30 thousand basic defence tanks. We need you to kill two star and above lvl 190 bosses."

I drank a large mouth of tea and smiled, "Okay, I will listen to orders!"

I stretched and said, "It has been a long time. I also want to know how strong my damage is after equipping myself with Butterfly and Gan Jiang. Right, how are the new Zhan Long Hall members?"

Lin Wan Er nodded, "It is done, take a look!"

She passed the notebook to me and on it was Zhan Long Hall's page. There were two more people that I had previously decided on---

9. For Love, reason: Little Demon, top of Pulse Breaking Style, CBN Battlenet 3rd, top close combat player in the world

10. Death God's Elegy, reason: Third division guild leader, died 5 times in the second country war, achievement points ranked 11th in the guild.


Mocha's reason for entering Zhan Long Hall was really simple but they held weight. Death God's Elegy's one was far weaker but it was suitable for the 10th spot. Moreover, he had given so much for Zhan Long and he did need to be rewarded. The core Zhan Long players didn't need money. We gained enough from getting equipment and salary. What we lacked was recognition. Those who entered Zhan Long Hall really felt honored.

I saw Mocha's ranking. En, next was me having to welcome her back. Her strength was really important for us. Once her level catches up, we shall give her super first rate equipment and then I won't need to attack strong enemies myself. At the least, when we meet Sky Rose, I wouldn't need to attack, I shall leave her to Mocha.

If equipment and level were equal, Mocha had more than 60% chance of winning Sky Rose. Little Demon's title of war queen wasn't gained by doing nothing.


Dong Cheng Yue teased Wan Er while Wan Er tugged Dong Cheng's thigh. When the two of them were fooling around in front of me, my phone rang and it was from Shen Bing.

My heart shook, was there a mission?

I accepted the call and Shen Bing's voice spread over, "Xiao Yao, do you have time?"

"Yes!" I was shocked, "Did something happen?"

Normally, if it wasn't a huge matter, Shen Bing wouldn't call me. As long as it could be solved by them, she wouldn't call me at all.

Shen Bing said, "Our informants got the latest news that the mission location is at Wuhan's Metro International, the timing is around 4 pm. I shall give you 20 minutes, come to the base with your weapon!"


When I hung up, Dong Cheng Yue looked at me in disappointment, "You can't head to Flame Ridge with us?"

"En, there is a mission."

"Be careful, take care of yourself." Wan Er was concerned and her eyes were filled with worry. She knew that my missions were filled with unknown dangers.

I smiled and hugged her shoulder, "Don't worry, don't you know your boyfriend's strength? Truthfully, as long as I didn't find trouble, not many can hurt me."

"I know, come back soon!"



I returned to the room and took off my expensive clothing and changed into a simple T-shirt and black custom-made pants. I tied the leg protectors and stuck two military-grade knives near my thighs. I touched the ice cold guns. It has been a long time since I have touched it. I prepared the nano bullets and filled up three magazines. I wrapped Electric Arc Sword and grabbed Butterfly that was wrapped in black cloth. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue sent me out. The two of them looked towards me like I was a porcupine.

I drove the A4 towards the base and along the way, I ignored all red lights. I raised my speed and drove quickly through the city that was said to be the most congested in the world. It took me 20 minutes to arrive.

I headed deep in and Shen Bing received me. She helped me to change into a black uniform that could block explosions. Apart from me, there were dozens of others. Xing Lie smiled, "Boss, you look energetic today!"

I faked seriousness, "Be serious, we are doing a mission!"

Shen Bing was a flower in this Hangzhou Base and her dressing was really alluring. Black shirt and a short dress that wrapped her long legs. She slapped my shoulder, "Be serious, the mission today is really important and is one between 7 combined groups."

I frowned, "What happened?"

"The situation isn't calm recently."

Shen Bing looked at how confused we were and said, "Our country is progressing too quickly such that many others don't want to allow us to overtake them. They are creating economic and military problems. Based on intel, at 4:17pm, a killing will occur at Wuhan's Metro Square targeting civilians. Artificials are involved!"

"Artificials again?" I frowned.

Shen Bing nodded, "We have not found the source of the technology. But we can be sure that their A grade Artificials have a 10% chance of surviving!"

I was tongue tied, "10%? So at least 9 of the 10 people in the experiment will die?"

"En, so what?" Shen Bing smiled, "Life is so tough, how many people are willing to use their lives in exchange for prosperity? Even if there is a bit of chance, they won't let it go. So because of Artificials, there might be A grade ones so 7 teams are involved. You are all wearing explosion proof uniforms. This time, we are working with Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenyang etc six bases, don't throw our face!"

I nodded, "Don't worry, we won't disappoint you."

Beside Xing Lie was a retired special forces troop with two scars across his face. He was Axe and he was a new addition. He had initial Energy Controlling Realm strength and his body was in great shape. He smiled, "Damn, those grandsons only know how to attack civilians, such animals. If they have balls why not attack us or the military. These bastards with no mothers, only bastards will attack civilians."

I agreed to myself.

Shen Bing nodded, "Our troops are too strong so they don't dare. Moreover, the various special forces have prepared the newest technology and bullets. We even have really strong cannons, scoff, if they dare to attack the military, they would really have balls."

"When are we moving. Where is Captain Wang?"

"He has arrived there in the morning. Okay, let's stop talking. Gather and head to the tarmac!"


There were 15 of us including me. On the tarmac were two helicopters that brought us towards the airport. Everyone thought that Suzhou didn't have an airport, we did, although it was really small.

When the helicopter landed, a black military transport plane was waiting there. It felt like a black hawk. After some turbulence, we had charged into the sky. Xing Lie and the others were excited, after all, we had not had a mission recently. Because of us, the Artificials in Hangzhou had disappeared for a long time. However, now there were people causing trouble in Wuhan.


At 3pm, we arrived in Wuhan and a military vehicle drove us to the city center.

When we arrived, Wang Xin was at the command center. We were in charge of the north region of the shopping mall.

There were a lot of people in the afternoon strolling the malls.

I held an assault rifle and looked as Xing Lie and Axe walked into the crowd. We were no different from the explosives squads in the police. There were such arrangements in each city center so we didn't stand out.

But, there were still many guys and girls looking towards us. A red skirt girl smiled, "Wow, the two policemen at the front and to the right are so handsome..."

She was probably talking about Xing Lie and I?

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Xing Lie smiled, this fellow really was hopeless!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.