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IGK - Chapter 61.1 Raccoon for a Prince (1/2)

At the Great Qing Palace!

She Tianba was disallowed from joining the Nether Demon Assembly, but he could not relent. He didn’t want to reveal his identity as a demon so soon, so he could only obey She Miejue and wait patiently.

No palace guard would dare interrupt the demons because of Zhu Yan’s orders. The demons were already occupying the Great Qing Palace.

The demons were intently looking toward the palace where Princess Youyue was kept, so much so that She Tianba couldn't even get close; he could only loiter around. At the same time, he got to know the truth about how he had “fainted.”

“I tried to kill Zhu Yan while staking my life? Wang Ke is a demonic sect disciple?” She Tianba cried out in shock.

“Yeah, he will be attending the Nether Demon Assembly. You can ask him personally if you don’t believe us!” a demon said.

She Tianba glowered.

Liar!Wang Ke is a big fat liar!Isn’t he a disciple of the Heavenly Wolf Sect?Why would he claim to be a demonic sect disciple?I never tried to die together with Zhu Yan!It was all because of Wang Ke.

Should I tell the truth now?

No way. No one will believe me now.I need to find Zhu Yan and then report Wang Ke. We were both in deep trouble because of him… How can he still come to the Nether Demon Assembly?He must have fled a long time ago. I must get the demons to kill Wang Ke, the lying bastard.

And so, She Tianba went around to find Zhu Yan.

He finally saw the latter sneaking back to the royal study during the evening time. The emperor also drove away all the guards and maidservants.

Hmm? The Nether Demon Assembly is about to begin. Why did he go back to the royal study instead of heading to the assembly? She Tianba followed the emperor out of curiosity.

He called Zhu Yan’s name outside the study, but there was no response. So, he pushed open the door silently.

He found a tunnel after searching for a while; Zhu Yan was in such a hurry that he forgot to close it up.

“An underground tunnel? Zhu Yan went in? What is he going to do?” She Tianba muttered to himself, intrigued.

He waited for a good while before he steeled himself to go and explore the tunnel. He went in quietly, soon realizing that there was a dungeon underneath.

Numerous dried corpses lay on the floor, all of them having hideous looks. She Tianba narrowed his eyes at the sight of this.

Zhu Yan’s secret dungeon is being used for cultivating a demonic energy technique? She Tianba took a deep breath.

He turned around and continued looking around the dungeon with a frown. “I understand now. This dungeon is linked to the Empress' Residence. No wonder Zhu Yan requested for the princess to be locked up in this place. This way he can get to her first!” he muttered to himself.

She Tianba walked along the dungeon’s path toward the Empress' Residence.


In the Empress' Residence—

Although Zhu Yan was shocked by Wang Ke’s sudden appearance, he was not afraid of him. Do you think I’ll stay quiet just because you covered my mouth with your hand?I’m going to......!

“^%[email protected]!#&^^%*@!#^!”

Zhu Yan’s eyes widened like saucers, and his body shook unstoppably. Thunder clapped in his mind. What sh*t did Wang Ke stuff in my mouth?What is this!No~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

He convulsed before he fainted, foam coming out of his mouth.

“Zhu Yan, don’t blame me! You brought this upon yourself!” Wang Ke sighed with a “guilty” look.

The chain restraining Princess Youyue had already been loosened by then. She immediately fell since she was unconscious.

Wang Ke caught the sleeping princess with one arm while the other propped Zhu Yan up. Even though the latter was out like a light, his hand was still holding the chain with the pair of golden-silk gloves.


Wang Ke tapped his foot lightly, and the nearby stone slab was opened once again. A group of Wang Clan members came out from the hole.

“Clan Lord? How did you rescue Princess Youyue?” All the clan members were amazed.

“Little cousin sister, quick, catch Princess Youyue and retreat immediately. As fast as you can!” Wang Ke instructed.

“Will do!” the little cousin-sister responded.

She quickly took hold of the princess and was the first to go back into the tunnel for a quick retreat. The Nether Demon Assembly had already begun at that moment. Every second wasted would be life-threatening.

“Clan Lord, what about you…?” The third grand-uncle was worried about Wang Ke.

“This chain is indeed an enchanted artifact. I figured it out. Zhu Yan was able to escape detection only because of the golden-silk gloves. Once we leave, there will be no one to wear the gloves and hold the chain, then we’ll be exposed!” Wang Ke explained with a serious look.

While Wang Ke held Zhu Yan up, he was also pressing down, keeping Zhu Yan’s hands firmly on the chain so that no one on the outside would be alarmed.

“What should we do then?” the third grand-uncle asked anxiously.

“All of you retreat. I will tie Zhu Yan up first, and then I’ll join you. Quick!” Wang Ke ordered.

“Yes, Clan Lord!” The Wang Clan members quickly retreated into the tunnel and continued on route to exit the vicinity.

In the meantime, Wang Ke tied Zhu Yan up against a pillar and placed the gloves on his own hands. He tied one round after another carefully, in case the demons outside might notice him.

Outside the palace, She Miejue seemed to be saying something out of deep feeling, but Wang Ke wasn’t focused on listening.

Wang Ke had finally tied Zhu Yan carefully, and he was currently feeling extremely restless. While still holding the chain in with his gloved hand, he was about to take the last step.


Wang Ke released his hand.


The chain was about to set off a huge alarm since it was no longer subject to the gloves’ suppression. But then it suddenly sensed that someone was being constrained by it, so it quietened down again.

“Phew. That was so dangerous. Hahaha, nice!” Wang Ke was exhilarated.

Is it done? I managed to exchange the princess with Zhu Yan?We’ll be safe now!

Without further delay, Wang Ke jumped into the tunnel dug by his clan members. He carefully covered the tunnel up and sneaked out without anyone noticing.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.